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Who is the Best Patio Installer Near Me in North Carolina

patio installer near meInstalling a patio in North Carolina doesn’t have to be a headache. Whether you’re a business owner looking to add a beautiful outdoor space to your commercial property or a homeowner searching for a patio installer near me for your backyard, we can help. At Landscape Solutions & Design Inc., our team has experience building many different types of patios, as well as adding special features such as outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, and water falls/fountains. We’d love to design the perfect patio for you.

Types of Patios We Build

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for hardscapes such as patios. When we initially meet with you, we’ll look at your available space and talk about how you plan to use the patio. We will also walk you through a number of decisions, including what type of material you want for your patio. They each have their pros and cons. Your options include:

You can also mix materials. For example, stone is beautiful but the surface can be slippery when wet. So, you might want a concrete patio with stone around the edge.

Ultimately, the best material for your patio depends on three factors:

  1. Your budget
  2. The aesthetic you want
  3. How you plan to use the patio

We can help you decide which materials will be best for your specific patio design. With our innovative 3D design software, you can get a true sense of how your patio will look when finished, so you can make the best decision possible about the material. We don’t start construction until you are completely comfortable with the design and confident in your new patio material choice.

How to Choose the Best Patio Installer Near Me

We recognize that we aren’t the only option when it comes to hiring a patio contractor. In our humble opinion, we are the best! While our opinion might be biased, here are a few reviews from real customers:

“I’m a repeat customer with Kostas and the team. I did a fairly simple paver patio with landscaping at our last house which turned out exactly as I had hoped. The Belgard regional rep even commented on the excellent install job that Red and the team did. So when we moved and needed another patio it was an easy choice. This time we added an outdoor kitchen, irrigation, and a fence to go with our landscaping and patio. Kostas was a one stop shop for the entire yard. He and his team worked with us on every step of the way to ensure it turned out exactly how we wanted it.” – Paul Benjamin

“We needed a retaining wall and patio to fix a mud pit in our back yard. Kostas was recommended by a friend that does engineering plans for retaining walls. We are extremely pleased with the results and are enjoying the new space on the patio.” – Jeff Cameron

Don’t just rely on reviews when choosing the best patio builders for you. Here are a few other tips for choosing the top option:

  • Ask to see pictures of recent work, like you can view in our online gallery.
  • Make sure the patio contractor you hired is licensed and insured. Otherwise, you could be putting yourself at risk.
  • Get a firm quote before you start any project. Your patio shouldn’t inflate in price during the build.
  • Work with a company that can also do the grading and landscaping like our team! You want your entire property to look gorgeous.

Make Your Patio Special with Extra Features

We’re more than just a patio installer near me. When you work with Landscape Solutions & Design, you get the benefit of our decades of landscaping experience. We can work on any patio project, big or small. However, we thrive working on projects that have special design touches and features. Our team can give you a unique patio that perfectly suits your needs. Here are just a few ways we can make your outdoor space extra special:

  • Installing an outdoor kitchen, including more complicated equipment such as pizza ovens
  • Stamping your concrete and adding coloring to create designs that mimic other materials or give you a mosaic-like effect for a unique patio look
  • Adding a retaining wall or even creating a multi-level patio to deal with challenging property grading
  • Creating a water feature alongside your patio, such as an eye-catching waterfall connected to a pond

Do you have an interesting idea for your new patio? We’d love to discuss what is possible with you!

FAQs About Your New Patio

Our team would love to answer any questions you have about building a new patio. Here are a few frequently asked questions we hear to get you started:

How big should my patio be?

It depends on the size of your property, how you intend to use the space, and your budget. We can help you determine the right size for your home or business.

Is a patio better than a deck?

Patios and decks each have their pros and cons. Although they both give you a hard surface outside, decks are usually raised and made with wood or composite. Patios usually sit directly on the ground and the materials are more resistant to rot. We build decks as well and would be happy to go over the advantages of each.

Will a patio increase my home value?

Home buyers are increasingly looking for an outdoor living space. Patios have more than a 100% return on investment according to one recent study, so they are a great investment.

How do I get started?

We’d love to meet with you for a no-obligation consultation to talk about what you want in a patio. Contact us today to schedule a free meeting with our team