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Hardscapes Are Important Elements In Your Landscaping Design

Your outdoor space is an extension of the interior of your home. A beautiful landscape provides you with a peaceful, comfortable place to sit and relax or to entertain guests. Plus, a beautiful yard adds value and curb appeal to your home. When landscaping your yard, don’t forget to incorporate hardscapes into your design for visual interest and balance.

Hardscapes are those non-living elements including all types of practical and decorative structures. They create a sense of permanence as they remain unchanged over the years. A driveway, sidewalk, patio, outdoor kitchen, and retaining wall are all examples of hardscapes. It’s a critical part of landscape design providing structure and form. Together with plants and landscape lighting, hardscape elements help delineate and define your yard.

When considering which hardscape feature would best enhance your property and your lifestyle, think of your needs as well as the size and layout of your yard. Perhaps you want a water feature like a fountain or pond. Or maybe a fire feature like an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Whichever hardscaping elements you decide upon, remember to keep them balanced with a focal point. Work with colors and textures already incorporated in your home for a fluid transition from house to yard.

Choose materials that complement your home for a unifying look. Wood, brick, stone, or pavers are all suitable materials to use for hardscape elements. Your budget, architectural style of your home, and durability of the hardscape material can help you choose. Keep in mind too, within each category there are different ways to add style and personality. Consider concrete, which many people think is plain and drab. Yet, you can stain concrete for added color. For added visual interest, you can also stamp concrete to replicate other materials such as flagstone or brick.

Retaining Walls Can Level Your Yard

retaining walls can level your yard

You may have a beautiful house that sits on an uneven plot of land. While the sloping land may look appealing, hillsides and inclines may cause flooding into your home. Additionally, eroding soil can bring mudslides. Sloping yards also detract from useable land and are just plain hard to mow.

Installing a retaining wall can manage erosion and water runoff. You can have more level and usable land, while adding interest and contour to your property. Steep slopes can become beautifully-terraced areas as you carve out additional functional outdoor living space.

Best of all, retaining walls are fully customizable. We can construct your retaining wall from timbers, concrete, or stones to integrate with your home. Paver walls, too, are becoming very popular. And you can match retaining wall pavers to those used in your walkway or patio.

However, retaining walls like other hardscape design elements need professional installation. Poor installation can lead to a worse problem than your original one. Building a retaining wall is a complex process involving creating a solid foundation and proper drainage. Your wall must be strong to withstand immense pressure. We understand the challenges of building a retaining wall.

Retaining walls are one of the most critical elements that you may need to construct on your property, since they have such an important function. Usually, they are protecting your home and the rest of your property from erosion and flooding. Therefore, choosing a professional landscaper that has the appropriate equipment and experienced crew to ensure a successful outcome should be a priority. Of course, experts will ensure that the design and appeal of the solution is second only to its functionality.

Consider Paver Installation for Durability and Beauty

But you can’t use all pavers for every project. Some pavers are better suited to a certain hardscape element. When choosing your paver, consider the hardscape project. Are you thinking of building a fire pit or outdoor fireplace? Then you need kiln-fired pavers that can withstand the heat of the fire. A pool deck can get extremely slippery, so you need to consider safety when choosing materials for that area. Using travertine pavers, with its slip-resistant surface, is a perfect choice.

Virtually any type of paver is suitable for building walkways. You can create a simple path or an elaborate formal walkway. An extremely popular pathway with homeowners today is a walkway of pavers and pebbles.

Other hardscape projects require different types of pavers. Driveway pavers must withstand the weight of vehicles. Yet, you want something beautiful that will boost curb appeal. Concrete pavers make a good durable driveway with little maintenance. Additionally, if you use permeable pavers, you’ll reduce standing water and help lessen contaminants entering the groundwater.

Perhaps you’re considering adding a patio in your backyard. Should you choose a concrete patio or paver patio? Pavers are a great option if you want to add to your patio later on. You can enlarge your patio using the same style pavers with no visual difference. Plus, pavers are 4 times stronger than concrete and last twice as long. With the seemingly endless choices of colors, textures, and patterns, pavers are visually more appealing.

Why Choose Landscape Solutions & Design?

Landscape Solutions & Design is a premier landscape design, construction, and installation company located in Greensboro, NC.  Client satisfaction is our number one goal. We work with our clients and respect their time and their budgets. Building relationships with each customer is essential to us, we listen to every customer’s needs in creating their personalized outdoor dream.  We are the licensed professionals that you can count on when it comes to landscaping and hardscaping. Known for our high-quality work, paying close attention to details, and a perfectionist mindset on everything we do. Our landscaping team has over 50 years’ combined experience in the industry.

We believe in taking great care to use environmentally-friendly fungicides and weed control products that are also safe for human contact.

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