Monthly Maintenanance Schedule

1 Year Maintenance Schedule (Weather Permitting)

***NOTICE: ALL MAINTENANCE CONTRACT CUSTOMERS***Please note that Landscape Solutions & Design makes every attempt possible to maintain timely completion of the contracted services. However, weather can delay services and their completion time. Landscape Solutions & Design will complete all tasks under your contract as quickly as possible following any weather delays.


Turf Pre-Emergence

Fertilize/Weed/Deadhead Flowers (As Needed) Pine Straw Applications

Post-Emergence Weed Control Turf & Beds


Winter – January/February

Soil Test & Pelletized Dolomitic Limestone

This application adjusts the soil pH levels in order to promote optimum conditions for grass growth and development.



Turf Fertilization of Fescue Turf Pre-Emergence Herbicides

Weed/Deadhead Flowers (As Needed) Final Deep Pruning

Pine Straw Applications (As Requested) Mulch Applications (As Requested)


Spring I – February/March

17-0-6 30% SCU Pre-Emergent Stonewall (Barricade)

This application provides crabgrass prevention and a balanced fertilizer for a beautiful green lawn as well as controlling broadleaf weeds.



Bed Pre-Emergence Herbicides Tree & Shrub Fertilization Begin Turf Mowing

Spring Start Up of Irrigation System (Where Applicable)



Turf Fertilizer (High Nitrogen, Slow Release) Turf Post-Emergence Herbicides

Shrub Pruning (As Needed)

Start Spring Flower Installation (As Requested) Begin Full Scale Turf Mowing & Trimming


Spring II – April/May

13-2-5 30% Pre-Emergent Dimension

This application provides crabgrass prevention and a balanced fertilizer for a beautiful green lawn as well as controlling broadleaf weeds.



Turf Mowing

Fertilize/Weed/Deadhead Flowers (As Needed) Turf Edging

Turf Post-Emergence Weed Control (As Needed) Turf and Bed Trimming

Fertilize Any Turf Exhibiting Poor “Green Up” (Ironite)



Turf Fertilization (Slow Release) Turf Mowing

Turf Post-Emergence Weed Control (As Needed) Turf Edging

Bed Trimming


Summer – June/July

15-3-7 30% SCU 50% Organic 1.5% Iron or 5-0-20 10% Iron

This application is primarily for irrigated turf or other turf that is not under stress. The iron in this application will green up the grass and will help with Summer stress.



Turf Mowing Turf Edging

Bed Trimming and Weeding



Turf Fertilization (Light) Turf Mowing

Bed Edging and Weeding Turf Edging

Trim Shrubs

Remove Tree Suckers (Water Spouts) Check Trees and Shrubs for Insects



Turf Mowing

Turf Edging and Trimming

Turf Post-Emergence Weed Control (Spot Treatments) Bed Edging

Lime Turf

Aerate/Overseed Fescue Areas (As Needed) Wheat Straw Thin Areas

Fertilize All Turf with High Potassium Fertilizer


Fall I – September/October

18-24-12 Seed Starter Fertility

This application is timed to coincide with Fall Aeration and Seeding. It will provide nutrients to help grass recover from the Summer months in addition to promoting seed germination.



Begin Leaf Removal

Fall Annual Flowers Planted (As Requested) Turf Mowing

Turf Edging

Finish Fall Turf High Potassium Fertilization

Shut Down Irrigation System (Where Applicable) Install Winter Flowers (As Requested)



Spot Mowing Leaf Removal Turf Edging

Apply Winter Fertilizer Trim Trees

Crape Myrtle Pruning Fertilize the Winter Flowers Raise Tree Canopies


Fall II – November 1 to December 31

20-1-5 25% SCU 50% Organic 1.5% Iron or 28-0-3

This application provides the turf with a full # of nitrogen going into Winter to help the turf maintain its color and to green up quicker in the Spring.



Completion of Leaf Removal Clean Gutters

Turf Edging

Blowing of All Paved Areas and Debris Removal (Total Clean-up) Tree Sucker Removal (Water Spouts)

Liriope Cut Back

Pampas Grass and Cat Tails Trimming Rose Bush Pruning

Remove Dead Limbs from Small Trees