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Create Destination Backyard with Our Paver Landscaping Ideas

At Landscape Solutions & Design Inc., we love to help our clients create outdoor living spaces that are destinations. This summer, you can feel like you are on vacation every weekend in your own backyard. Our paver landscaping ideas will help you build a beautiful patio that perfectly matches your home’s style and your family’s needs.




Benefits of Building a Backyard Living Space

According to Better Homes and Gardens, a 2022 Zillow report showed a 13% increase in homes listing patios as a feature. This report suggested that a backyard living space is the number one feature buyers want in a property. However, even if you aren’t planning to sell anytime soon, there are a number of benefits to building a beautiful backyard paver patio:

  • You’ll have an outdoor space for entertaining.
  • Your family can enjoy time at home instead of expensive vacations, trips to restaurants and bars, etc.
  • A gorgeous outdoor living space will increase your property value.
  • You can enjoy a part of your home (the landscape) that you may currently be ignoring.
  • Patios can be used all year long with the use of outdoor heaters or fire pits and shade.

Keep in mind that you don’t need a huge backyard to build a patio. We have experience with patios of all sizes and can create the perfect design for your backyard.

Paver Patios versus Concrete Patios

We install both paver and poured concrete patios, including stamped concrete. So what is the difference and, more importantly, which is better for your backyard?

First, let’s talk about cost. Upfront, pavers are more expensive than concrete in most cases, though it does depend on the specific options you choose. However, many homeowners find that concrete is more expensive over time. Concrete requires more maintenance and is harder to repair. Also, keep in mind that adding colors and stamping can increase the price of concrete. That said, the cost of landscaping pavers can very greatly too. If cost is a concern, let us know and we’ll make recommendations for your patio that fit well into your budget.

Maintenance is, of course, another concern. As mentioned, concrete typically requires more maintenance. When you step on pavers, they have a bit of give, so they are less prone to cracking. Both concrete and paver patios need occasional maintenance, however. So, you’ll need to be prepared to clean and seal your patio, regardless of the material you choose.

Often, the choice will come down to the look you want. Both concrete and pavers can give your patio a gorgeous look. We’d be happy to show you several examples, so you can see what your future patio will look like. We even have innovative 3D design software to give you a realistic view of the new patio we design for you.

Other Paver Landscaping Ideas

Pavers aren’t just for patios. Maybe you already have a deck or patio, for example. If you love the look of pavers, we have several other paver hardscaping ideas you can incorporate into your backyard.

  • Paver walkways – Pavers work really well for all kinds of hardscapes, including walkways. A paver walkway makes your backyard much easier to navigate, especially when it rains. If needed, we can also install drainage or irrigation to make your yard and plants thrive.
  • Retaining walls – If your yard needs a retaining wall, don’t worry. They don’t have to be ugly! We can use pavers to make your new retaining wall look beautiful. Likewise, we have innovative ideas for a sloped backyard.
  • Edging – If you already have a patio or other features such as flower beds, we can install pavers as an edge to add color and pattern to your backyard.
  • Parking area – Do you need extra room to park a boat, camper, additional vehicles, etc.? We can create a parking area using pavers.
  • Fire pits – Pavers work great for fire pits, since you can use a fire-resistant material and create a seating area.
  • Outdoor kitchens – Pavers are also perfect for grilling and cooking areas.

Like with patios, we can design any of the above features for your landscape and then show you 3D visuals so you can get a strong sense of what your project will look like once finished.

FAQs About Working with Patio Contractors

We’d love to meet with you to talk about your new patio project, or any paver landscaping ideas you may have for your backyard. Our team can answer any questions you have, but here are a few frequently asked questions as a start:

How do you construct a long-lasting patio using pavers?

To ensure your patio lasts, it’s important to work with a team of professional patio contractors with experience using pavers. Under your pavers, we create a bed of gravel and sand to provide proper drainage and prevent paver damage. We use high-quality pavers and seal your new patio so it lasts as long as possible. Our patios stand the test of time.

What are the most popular paver colors and patterns?

There are several popular paver color combinations, including shades of gray, brown/tan/cream, and red/terracotta. The best paver color is going to be the one that fits your personal style. The same goes for paver patterns. Although some of the most popular paver patterns include basket weave, running bond, and herringbone, we’d be happy to create a custom pattern for your backyard.

How do I pick the best patio contractors?

With so many contractor options, how can you be sure we’re the best choice? Here are just a few things our clients are saying about us:

“I’m a repeat customer with Kostas and the team. I did a fairly simple paver patio with landscaping at our last house which turned out exactly as I had hoped. The Belgard regional rep even commented on the excellent install job that Red and the team did. So when we moved and needed another patio it was an easy choice. This time we added an outdoor kitchen, irrigation, and a fence to go with our landscaping and patio. Kostas was a one stop shop for the entire yard. He and his team worked with us on every step of the way to ensure it turned out exactly how we wanted it. As others have commented the wait list is long but it was worth the wait both times.” – Paul Benjamin

“I would like to thank Kostas, Daniel and the other crew for doing such a great job on giving my backyard a COMPLETE makeover. It is exactly what I had envisioned. I have no complaint on the work that was done. They took their time and it is perfect.” – Kayla Justice

You can read more reviews here and when you’re ready to get started on your paver project, fill at the form at the top of the page to contact us for a free consultation.