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Stone vs. Stamped Concrete: Patio Builders in Greensboro NC

Patio Builders in Greensboro NCIf you’re looking for the best patio builders in Greensboro NC, it helps to know what kind of patio you want. This allows you to hire the best patio contractors for the job. Here at Landscape Solutions & Design Inc., we have experience building many different types of patios. However, the two our customers most often try to decide between are stone pavers and stamped concrete. Let’s take a look at which material you might like better for your new patio design.

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Stone Paver Patios

Patio pavers are kind of like outdoor tiles. Stone is one of the most common materials, and you can get different looks depending on the type of stone you choose. Some popular stone options for pavers include:

  • bluestone
  • limestone
  • travertine
  • granite

You might also hear patio contractors talk about “flagstone” and “fieldstone.” These are both irregular pieces of stone, and if cut flat, they can create natural-looking patio pavers. Flagstone comes in slabs from a quarry while fieldstone typically refers to stones found on the surface. Both give you a unique landscape look, but flagstone is slightly easier for most patios, since it has a flatter profile.

Patio pavers, stone or otherwise, have a few advantages over poured concrete patios. First, they are four times stronger than concrete, and in general, a paver patio will last twice as long. If you do have a paver that cracks, it’s easy to replace just that single paver. Poured concrete is harder to seamlessly repair. Speaking of seamless, pavers also make it easy to expand your patio if you want to make it bigger someday.

Stamped Concrete Patios

Concrete is a beautiful option for building a patio, and it is generally less expensive than a similarly-sized patio made with stone pavers. Concrete isn’t as durable as pavers, but this is a bigger problem when we’re talking about high-traffic areas such as a driveway which is prone to cracking. For a patio, concrete has enough durability to look great for decades, especially if you maintain it properly.

Stamping the concrete adds another layer of visual interest. We can stamp and color the concrete to mimic the look of stone, brick, or even wood. Our color and pattern selections give you the option to mimic a natural look or to have a more fanciful, stylized patio design. Ultimately, our team of patio builders in Greensboro NC aim to help you find the best surface to enjoy!

Are Concrete Pavers the Best of Both Worlds?

Along with stone pavers and poured concrete, we also offer concrete pavers as a patio option. Concrete pavers give you the durability of stone pavers with the budget conscious price of poured concrete. Here are a few things to consider about concrete pavers before jumping to the conclusion that they are the best patio material option:

  • All material weathers over time. Stone pavers weather more naturally, and many stones get more beautiful with age. Concrete, however, is more prone to fading and staining versus naturally aging beautifully. Therefore, they can mean more maintenance work than stone pavers.
  • Concrete pavers may not be as versatile as poured concrete, depending on the size and shape you want for your patio. Pavers come as-is, so we can’t stamp them, though they are available in a wide range of styles.
  • With a concrete paver, you have more control over the color. Each piece of natural stone can look very different, and you get what you get. While may homeowners embrace this randomized look, if you want an exact shade for your patio, concrete is the way to go.

Whether you choose concrete pavers, stone pavers, or poured concrete, we can help you design a patio that perfectly fits your backyard to create a true oasis. We have experience with everything from basic designs to more advanced looks that even include features such as firepits, retaining walls, and water features. If you’re looking for highly experienced patio builders in Greensboro, NC or the surrounding areas, look no further than Landscape Solutions & Design.

What About Brick?

Although most homeowners decide between stone and concrete, we do have another patio option you can consider: brick. This clay material has a more traditional look. They aren’t super customizable, and there are few color options, so you do have to like the overall look brick gives you. It’s a very distinct, timeless style, though not for everyone.

Bricks are similar to pavers in that they give you maximum durability, and you can easily replace bricks that have damage over time. They work really well for patios that are low and prone to flooding or excess moisture. In terms of price, they fall somewhere between stone and concrete, though ultimately the price does depend on your patio size and the complexity of the design.

FAQs About Hiring Patio Builders in Greensboro NC

Our team of patio builders would love to help you decide between poured concrete, stone pavers, and other patio materials. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about building a patio and hiring patio builders in Greensboro NC and the surrounding area. We serve homeowners in Summerfield, Oakridge, Irvin Park, Grandover, Buena Vista, Brookberry, and throughout the Triad. Here are a few common questions we get about patios:

How do you build your patios?

It depends on the materials you choose. We use high-quality industry standard techniques to grade the ground so it is level and make sure your patio is secure, safe, functional, and beautiful.

What is the best size for a patio?

We believe in a nice balance between hardscapes like patios and the natural landscape. However, one of our first questions to you will be, “How do you use your yard?” Some families thrive with a large yard and small patio. Others like less green space and a bigger patio or even a deck. We want to accommodate your personal needs and style. After all, you’re the one who is going to use the new patio!

Do you build commercial patios too?

Yes. Patios are a great addition for many kinds of businesses, including restaurants and bars. If you’d like to discuss a patio project, give us a call today or click here to contact us. We’d love to discuss your new residential or commercial patio and any other landscaping needs you may have.