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Add Charm and Functionality to Your Yard with Paver Patios

Paver patios go a long way in beautifying your outdoor living space. After all, we can all use a little extra beauty and space in our world. A backyard patio is an enticing way to gain some additional square footage. Better yet, paver patios that are properly installed can add this extra area  and years of enjoyment to your outdoor space. They should also blend in with your landscaping. To fully enjoy the combination of charm and functionality that paver installation offers, it’s critical to find a contractor skilled in installing paver patios. Professional patio design ensures that the flow between land and structure is seamless. Therefore, you can get full enjoyment of each square foot of paving stone while complementing your home in tandem. Our team at Landscape Solutions & Design is ready to rise to that task and more!

Whether you just need a small patio, sidewalk or an entirely new driveway, we are the company that you can rely on. We have years of experience in designing paver patios. From flagstone and stone pavers to interlocking concrete pavers and stamped concrete, we build patios out of just about any material you could wish for. Likewise, we create paver patios in nearly any shape, size or length you can imagine. If you have steep terrain you are trying to cover, we also skillfully add steps to go along your patio or sidewalk. Or, we can build a natural stone path with interlocking pavers that match your other hardscape areas. Therefore, paver walkways blend into your overall landscaping as well.


If you’re considering building a new patio, our patio design team at Landscape Solutions & Designs is a fantastic place to start. We will meet with you and review your outdoor space and your desires. After assessing your needs, we will present you with multiple patio design ideas.

The true beauty of a custom paver patio is that it can be nearly anything you wish for it to be. Colors and shapes abound for your outdoor patio. Choose the look of natural stone, flagstone, brick paver patio designs, squares or even circles. Select from earthy colors or opt for a bit brighter hue and perk up a unique yard. Moreover, you can create your patio area to be any design you wish. Let it flow with the lay of the land or form eye-catching shapes. Likewise, incorporate patterns within the design itself.

Finally, consider other ways to use concrete pavers in your backyard or other outdoor living areas. When people landscape their lawn, they often overlook walkways. Many homeowners concern themselves with plants, pools and patios but neglect finding a way to connect all of the aspects of their lawn. Pathways help guide people through your backyard and they can also create a pleasing, connective atmosphere for your landscape. Landscape Solutions and Design can help you along the way when designing all of your patio space. A natural stone path or even a driveway are pleasing additions to match your patio paver design. Adding a fire pit, a water garden walkway or even a built-in sand area for the kids are all fun options to consider. Ultimately, we ARE your path to the best patio!

Paver Walkways Add Function and Interest

One of the primary purposes of hardscapes is function. Hardscapes have a certain task to perform. Walkways serve to guide guests to a particular spot in your yard or to your front entrance. A  pathway guides guests to your entryway or a focal point in your yard.

Walkways direct the flow of pedestrian traffic, offering access to the entryway of your home. Pathways split up parts of your yard while directing guests to focal points such as a garden.

Although many walkways and pathways are straight, curved lines add visual interest as do textures and colors. Flagstone, a popular paver, is available in pink, red, blue, gold, orange, brown, gray, and white. Keep in mind, design and materials should complement the surrounding landscape and your home’s architecture.

Your choice of material for these structures can be concrete, gravel, or pavers. Concrete is a popular choices due to its cost effectiveness. However, if you’re striving for a truly unique look, pavers are the way to go. Available in a large variety of colors, styles, and patterns, pavers offer more customization options.

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Raised and Lowered Patios


Level patios are quickly becoming a thing of the past. They are lovely but many of our clients are looking for something a little more unique. Currently, raised and lowered patios are fulfilling that desire. At Landscape Solutions and Design, we offer both raised and lowered patios to fit any taste.

Typically, raised patios are 6 inches to a foot off the ground with steps leading up to them on two to three sides. Made from stone, brick or concrete, raised patios serve multiple functions. Lift up seating space to match flow of the land and improve views of focal points. Light up a fire pit on one level to break up monotonous sightlines. Snip herbs from a raised garden bed. Or, gaze from your gazebo in a raised seating area.

Lowered patios, on the other hand, are typically 6 inches to a foot below ground level. They have steps leading down to them on two or three sides. Similar to a raised patio, stone, brick and concrete are popular materials. Take advantage of the recessed look with a sunken hot tub. Step down into your outdoor kitchen and cook up a feast. Gather vegetables from your planter box built on your lowered patio. Or, relax near the earth among soothing water features such as fountains, waterfalls or even a little koi pond.

No matter how you wish to enjoy your outdoor space, Landscape Solutions and Design can build your perfect dream patio to fit your lifestyle and your landscape. Custom patio design is one of many our many skills. Call us today for your patio design or other outdoor living space needs. We look forward to creating a hardscape to provide more areas in which you may enjoy your property!

Simple Living

Sometimes you just want to kick back with friends and family outdoors.  One of these simple living layouts works perfectly.  Whether near your home or in some quiet area of your property this is a real winning design.

Have the seat wall built in sections, all the way around, or with a taller back wall to add cushions too.  The firepits are always a great focal point.  Just enjoy the ambiance or let the kids have some fun and roast marshmallows.  These living areas add a perfect outdoor getaway space to any home.

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