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Retaining Walls Beautify and Protect Your Property

Not all yards are created equally. Especially, this is true if your landscape has a bit of slope to it. While hilly land can be lovely, it isn’t always a practical way to use your yard and can even be damaging. For instance, steep slopes are difficult to utilize. Therefore, they become useless and sometimes an eyesore. Generally, you can’t place furniture on them. Likewise, using them for recreational space is a challenge. Furthermore, they’re often challenging to mow and weed which means nature runs a bit rampant upon them. Retaining walls are an excellent way to alleviate these issues. Not only do they add reinforcement, a retaining wall is a lovely addition that beautifies your landscape when properly installed.

Retaining Walls Beautify and Protect Your Property

Retaining Walls

You may wonder why retaining walls are important. Not only do they look lovely, they keep your yard and home safer. Soil and rocks on sloped areas often loosen due to gushing water. Then, gravity tends to bring what is at a higher height, down to the base. Additionally, all of this soil erosion can cause damage and drainage issues. This problem worsens over time and eventually can result in flooding inside a home. No one wants falling gravel rolling down from areas of height as they enjoy their outdoor space down below. Nor, do homeowners want water pouring into their carefully manicured landscaping or even their homes.

Fortunately, our team at Landscaping Solutions & Design can correct these issues and beautify your outdoor space at the same time with the construction of a retaining wall. An anchored retaining wall is a fantastic solution to resolve the issues uneven ground creates. A properly-designed wall system alleviates drainage issues. This will save on costly repairs later. With our expert design techniques, retaining walls are also an attractive addition to your overall landscaping!

retaining wall

Multi-Level Retaining Walls

multi-level retaining wall

When you need to hold back a large amount of soil or make a steep slope more useful, multi-level retaining walls are a fantastic way to do that. In fact, using multiple levels actually makes your retaining wall more stable. For instance, a retaining wall that is 15 feet long and 4 feet high may be holding back as much as 20 tons of soil. Imagine if you wanted that wall to be taller. That would be a tremendous amount of pressure on one wall. However, if you build retaining walls in multiple levels, you can break up that pressure.

Better yet, designing a multi-level retaining wall, gives you multiple options and an opportunity to use the lay of the land to your advantage. Often, our clients prefer a natural design that blends and flows with the land. Typically, this means using the natural height of the slope and basing the wall design on it. Similarly, the wall blocks or timber used in construction also merge with the look of the land. Just a few of the materials and techniques we use include stone, timber walls, mortared masonry and precast concrete.

To continue this submersion into the land, many of our clients also incorporate other features into their retaining wall. Plants add appeal and also help stave off soil erosion. A water feature is a magnificent means to add style while using the intrinsic height of retaining walls. For instance, a waterfall meandering down your stone wall is delightful! Moreover, it’s much better when you are controlling the water than when the water is controlling your property! Likewise, other functional features can be useful. Consider incorporating a seat wall into your design to provide an extra area in which to gather when entertaining. Or, add a planting area for herbs to send delightful aromas throughout your outdoor space and to add a little spice to your cooking!

To help you plan which material and design makes the most sense for you, our team will come to your home and analyze the layout of your land. We will also discuss your preferences and consider other hardscapes and landscaping already in place. Keeping all of this in mind, we then develop a strategy and finalize it using your input.

Seat Walls

Another fantastic way to fully reap the benefits of a concrete retaining wall, is by designing a seat wall. Seat walls add value to your outdoor space in several ways. Foremost, having extra seating within your hardscape is a practical design idea. When entertaining or just relaxing, we can all use extra spots to sit and enjoy carefully-crafted outdoor living space. To fashion more comfortable seating, you can later add cushions and pillows to cozy up your seating wall.

Moreover, the construction of seat walls adds a safety feature. If you have patios or areas raised above certain heights in your backyard, building codes may require safety railing. In some cases, you may be able to use a seating wall in lieu of these rails to form a safe barrier from the edge. The wall height that creates the back of the seating is high enough to keep people from walking off the edge.

Not only are seat walls practical, they are visually appealing and can add value to your concrete retaining wall. Often, retaining walls have planters and various foliage intermingled within them. Seat walls are attractive additions so you can lounge among your blooming natural areas. Plus, it’s easier to sit and maintain areas when needed.

No matter your reason for wanting a seat wall, we can help you design a lovely addition to your outdoor living space!


Outdoor Lighting for Retaining Walls

As you think about wall design and materials, it’s likely you’re only imagining your wall during the day. However, outdoor lighting for retainer walls provides a fantastic opportunity for it to look lovely at night as well. Curb appeal isn’t just important when the sun is shining. Additionally, wall lighting enhances your outdoor living and increases safety features for your yard. Step lights and path lights make your stone wall safer to navigate. They also shine throughout your property to add an extra layer of visibility and security.

When determining what wall lighting fits your outdoor living space the best, it often comes down to preference. Options include lighting embedded in the ground, shadow lighting or string lighting. You can set embedded lighting to simply glow in its space or you can adjust it as up lighting. As the name suggests, up lighting casts the glow upwards illuminating objects at a height. The result of its illumination on trees, shrubs or water features is stunning and dramatic.

No matter what lighting or materials you desire for a wall project on your property, we can build it for you. Landscape Solutions & Design provides a full range of landscaping and hardscaping services to homes and commercial properties in Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem and the Lake Norman areas of NC. Call us at 336-442.0160  for a consultation today.

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