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    Landscape Maintenance Plans Keep Your Property Picture-Perfect Year-Round

    Having an annual maintenance agreement for landscaping services is the best way to keep your property looking great all year long. This is especially important in the Carolinas, where your grass, trees and shrubs need attention during every season. There are tasks that must be performed during certain times of the year in order to keep your property attractive and inviting.

    Well-maintained grounds are not only important for the curb appeal they offer to your neighbors, passersby or clients, in the case of commercial property. You also need to be able to use your yard for family activities and entertaining. When your garden and grass are in excellent condition, you will be more likely to enjoy all of your property. The outside spaces will be more inviting and even provide a relaxing environment in which to just sit and take in the view.

    In central NC, we tend to use our outdoor areas most of the year to take advantage of our mild weather. That means family barbeques, reading on the deck, entertaining friends, swimming in a pool or relaxing in a hot tub. All of these activities are enhanced when your property is in great condition and is appealing to the eye.

    No one wants to relax outside if the yard contains dead plants, bare spots on the lawn, or overgrown shrubs. Turning those conditions into a beautiful, enjoyable area is where Landscape Solutions & Design comes in! Our landscaping maintenance plan ensures that you can relax and enjoy your well-groomed property.


    Annual Maintenance Agreements for Weekly Services

    Landscape Solutions Annual Maintenance Agreements for Weekly Services

    Many of us have good intentions. We are going to mow the lawn every week, plant some beautiful flowers, fertilize, aerate and seed and handle leaf removal at the appropriate times of the year. Then, reality steps in and there is a list of chores that must be done every time the lawn mower calls our name!

    The best solution is to leave it to the professionals! Landscape Solutions has the expertise and equipment to perform all of the tasks required to keep your property looking healthy and inviting. You will receive weekly services that will allow you to enjoy your free time.

    The average homeowner may not realize the extent of necessary chores involved just in lawn maintenance and the equipment they would need in order to properly care for their property.

    Some of the necessary tasks that we can handle with ease are:

    • Lawn mowing on a regular schedule
    • Fertilize at the appropriate time of the year
    • Aerate and seed once a year
    • Plant new shrubs or flower gardens according to the season
    • Use mulch or pine needles to keep soil moist during dry weather and to suppress weed growth
    • Check trees frequently for disease or storm damage
    • Trim any tree sections that are diseased or a danger to people or structures
    • Clean leaves from the lawn in the fall on a regular basis
    • Remove snow from landscape and driveway to keep surfaces safe for foot traffic
    • Repeat, repeat, repeat!

    Obviously, these projects are not conducive to a relaxing weekend! Let Landscape Solutions handle these time-consuming tasks, so that you can enjoy your free time or work on your “honey-do” list!

    Below we will describe some of the above projects in more depth, so that you will see the value in having a professional take on the responsibility.

    Pruning and Edging

    Pruning is a critical step in the care of your trees and shrubs and many flowering bushes. It takes knowledge of the correct methods to prune properly in order not to damage these plants, but to improve their health and appearance. One can’t just begin cutting off branches and stems without a plan. Proper tree care can greatly improve the appearance and health of trees on your property.

    Advantages of Pruning:

    • Avoid dead branches causing damage to people or structures
    • Improve tree or shrub health and growth
    • Create clearance for vehicles or structures
    • Enhance appearance
    • Manage flower, leaf or fruit yield
    • Save a diseased or damaged tree or shrub

    Edging is the finishing touch when mowing or other trimming has been completed. After mowing, your lawn needs to have an even border and not infringe upon a walkway or driveway. This can be accomplished by simply using an edging tool to provide a truly groomed look for your lawn.

    Another use for edging is to finish the appearance of a flower bed, shrub area or around a tree or walkway. Our technicians can create beautiful borders to add an outline, shape or trimmed appearance using materials that complement your home or the location. Using colorful stones, bricks, river rocks, pavers or wooden planks can add character and delineate the edges of a flower bed, herb garden or area around the base of a tree.


    Mowing and Trimming

    mowing and trimming

    These weekly chores may seem easy, but they require equipment, time spent out in the hot sun and a lot of energy. Let’s face it, you would rather be swimming or having friends over for a barbeque each week than spend precious time mowing the lawn!

    When your lawn is mowed and shrubs and plants are trimmed, your home is always inviting and ready for its close-up! It’s important to perform these home improvement tasks regularly. If they are neglected, your property soon deteriorates and it takes a lot of energy, time and expense to return it to the attractive state that you want for your home.

    Visitors and neighbors form their impressions about you as a homeowner, based on their perception of the care that you give your outdoor areas. Remember, people see the property surrounding your home before they see the interior, so it deserves the same care and maintenance that you give the rooms in your home.

    Flower Gardens

    Flower gardens, trees, shrubs and other plants are important elements in landscape design. When used as a component of your plan, they provide attractive foliage, flowers, fruit, and or bark, serve functional purposes and define space. Appropriately used flower gardens are one of the most significant landscape materials. Planting beds can define and organize your outdoor spaces for enjoyment by your family and guests.

    In these outdoor entertaining and quiet, relaxing areas, there is one common element that makes the spot even more enjoyable…the addition of flower gardens. They can be anything from a focal point of one type of flower in one color to add drama, an organized, planned pattern of flower varieties and colors, or a large tract of perennial wild flowers that add beauty throughout many seasons.

    These flower gardens will add a “decorating” element to your outdoor spaces, just as your artwork and furnishings decorate the interior of your home. They simply add to the ambiance of the area and create a relaxing mood for your guests.

    flower gardents

    Aeration and Seeding

    Airation and Seeding

    Soil condition is another important component in the general health of a lawn, with aeration and seeding activities being a big part of the process. Many lawns in the central area of North Carolina suffer from compacted soil. This compaction not only doesn’t permit the roots of the grass to grow freely, but it also constrains the movement of oxygen and water. Even with wet weather or irrigation, compacted soil will cause the roots and grass to remain dry, since the water will simply run off of the soil.

    In addition to the soil, the thatch layer is a key component to root health. The thatch is the area between the grass and soil and is made up of organic materials such as leaves, stems, grass clippings and other matter. Over time this layer begins to get thicker and thicker and will ultimately “choke” the lawn. Overgrown thatch can constrict the movement of evaporation, oxygen and water. This can cause a problem when the grass is attempting to create its food. Also, the moisture in this layer can contribute to diseases and fungi, which may damage the lawn. The most effective way to correct and prevent these problems is to have your lawn aerated no less than one time each year. Through lawn aeration, 2 to 3-inch-deep plugs are drawn from the soil and then left on top. The result is a broken-up thatch and topsoil layer. Water and oxygen are then able to move freely and the roots and grass are able to grow. After aeration, it is time to add seed to your lawn. Now that the aeration has broken up the lawn, this seed will be able to germinate. It is also wise to introduce new and/or enhanced variations of seed to your grass as it will help with the color, health and thickness, and may be resilient to many diseases and insects.

    If all of this lawn care sounds too overwhelming, just give us a call. The professionals at Landscape Solutions can handle these chores efficiently and enhance the health and appearance of your property.

    Mulch and Pine Needles

    In any residential setting, mulch and pine needles are very important to the health of your landscaping. Your plants need to establish strong roots; in order to do this, they need moisture. It is wise to use mulch and pine needles in your beds of trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals.

    Mulching is an essential practice to establish plantings and handle weed control. Mulch helps conserve the moisture in the root ball of new plants until they establish roots in the adjacent soil. Additionally, mulch helps discourage weeds, which may compete with new plantings for light, water and nutrients. Using pine needles has benefits as well. While it doesn’t help preserve moisture as much as bark, it does preserve some moisture by shading the soil. It is also very effective for deterring weeds. It contains terpenes, which have a retardant effect on the germination of weeds.

    Landscape Solutions Mulch and Pine Needles

    Tree Removal


    Trees are a beautiful part of many home landscapes, but they can become burdensome at times. For example, there are areas that become overcrowded with trees and no longer look aesthetically pleasing. Also, some trees can end up causing obstructions such as growing over the house, onto the roof, around the deck or on power lines. Furthermore, some trees become diseased or have dead branches. These no longer add to the appeal of your property. Tree removal services provide professional help in these cases.

    Landscape Solutions & Design can handle any tree removal project that you may have. Tree removal is best left to the professionals. It is not a task that is a do-it-yourself candidate! An expert can handle tree removal quickly and safely, with no damage to your property or home. It requires special equipment, tools and experience to avoid any problems.

    There are many things that could go wrong during the tree removal process, if a homeowner attempts it on his own. You must be sure that landscape professional that you hire to handle a tree removal has the experience, equipment and insurance that this job requires.

    Turf Fertilization

    We all want our lawns to look as nice as possible. In order to accomplish that, we must keep them as healthy as possible. Turf fertilization is essentially the most basic and vital element of a property management program. Fertilizing contributes greatly to turf uniformity, color, density and growth rate. Additionally, correctly-nourished turf is more able to compete with invasions of weeds and diseases. Other enemies of your lawn are environmental and biotic stresses, such as droughts or floods. A lawn that has had turf fertilization will be better able to recover from these dangers. Lawns not treated with fertilizer will not survive some of these problems and then you will be faced with a much more expensive project…replacing the lawn.

    The lawn surrounding your house becomes an extension of your living area. It must be well-maintained in order to survive not only the attacks mentioned above, but the day-to-day use of that space. Grass must be healthy and strong to stand up to children playing, family ball games and outdoor entertaining. The type of lawn care that you provide has a direct relationship to the appearance of your property. You want to be proud of the outdoor areas around your home, so that your family and friends can enjoy them.

    turf fertilization

    Pressure Washing

    Some of the home maintenance chores are just better left to the professionals. Pressure washing is one of them. Today’s equipment can be too powerful for a homeowner to regulate. We all know the power of water. When pressure is used to create a powerful stream, it can accomplish miracles for the appearance and improvement of a home’s exterior. But it can also do a lot of damage, if not handled properly.

    The professionals at Landscape Solutions & Design have the expertise to utilize the latest equipment to accomplish their goal of maintaining the exterior surfaces of your home. This includes not only your siding, but your deck, walkways, any hardscape such as a fountain or water feature, driveway and patio areas.

    Mold, mildew, grime and debris from surrounding plants and trees can all cling to those surfaces. Not only do they cause staining, a deteriorated appearance and eventually rotting or destruction of the area, but mold and mildew can create health and safety hazards for your family.

    If these areas are not maintained and kept clean and free from hazardous conditions, the result could be a very expensive replacement of siding or a deck. The experts at Landscape Solutions look forward to using our pressure-washing skills to improve the curb appeal and condition of your property.

    Need Fencing

    Define your property with a beautiful fence.  Fences can add distinctiveness in addition to providing security, and safety.

    Incorporating multiple materials like stone retaining walls and wrought iron for your fence can really set your property apart.

    Whether you are looking for a perimeter fence, a pool area fence, or just want to section off a piece of your property for pets or kids play area we can help.

    Call us today for a free estimate.


    Snow Removal

    Winters in North Carolina can be extremely unpredictable. As one of the most experienced landscaping companies in NC, we are your perfect resource for outdoor winter services. Landscape Solutions & Design is a service provider for all seasons! Your property needs maintenance during every month of the year. Just because we have long periods of mild weather in this part of NC, doesn’t mean that we never have to deal with bad winter weather!

    When snow does come, you can count on us to be there for you. Our professionals can handle a full array of winter services. We want to help you get through the snow and ice safely and with little property damage. Our equipment and operators will be there when you need us!

    Remember that the condition of your outdoor space not only enhances the appearance of your home, but adds to the value of your property. A well-maintained home, surrounded by attractive grounds, will provide you with a good return on your investment. Your neighbors will also appreciate that you are keeping up the standards of the neighborhood!

    Feel free to contact us at 336-442-0160 to discuss your maintenance requirements.

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