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Retaining Wall Installation Charlotte NC Residents Trust

retaining wall installation charlotte ncFor people seeking scenic beauty, rolling hills are pretty. However, dealing with a slope in your yard can be challenging and troublesome. Slopes can be difficult to walk on and mow. Plus, you have to worry about soil erosion and water runoff issues. A well-built retaining wall can solve all your problems and add level space. When searching for a company performing retaining wall installation Charlotte NC residents trust, choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.


Benefits Of A Quality Retaining Wall Construction

Generally, the slope’s steepness can affect the stability of the earth. According to the law of physics, the steeper the slope, the greater the gravitational force upon the earth. Moreover, during a rainstorm, the soil will absorb water adding to its mass. Often this combination of wet soil with steepness will trigger a mudslide. Typically, most experts will recommend building a retaining wall for any slope that is 35 degrees or more.

However, this structure can help any type of hilly yard. Usually, mowing a hilly yard poses risks. By installing this hardscape, you can carve out functional space.

Plus, a retaining wall can direct water flow to prevent soil erosion. Instead of water flowing towards your foundation, you can direct water safely away from your home. Finally, installing this hardscape can add beauty and interest to your yard. All these benefits add up to an increased value of your property.

Critical Components Of Quality Retaining Wall Installation Charlotte NC Residents Expect

While a retaining wall can be a useful and beautiful structure, a failure to install it correctly can present problems. Your contractor must consider four critical components for a quality installation:

1. Drainage

All soil has varying water-holding capacities. For example, clay soils retain moisture very well. The extra moisture adds additional weight to the soil. As the soil increases in weight, so does the pressure against your structure. Usually, a failure to consider drainage is the primary cause of retaining wall collapse.

2. Foundation

The foundation is the base upon which this hardscape structure sits. A correctly built foundation ensures your wall is level. It’ll also protect your structure against settling and movement from frost heave.

Sometimes you’ll need to use a gravel base while other times you’ll need a concrete footing. Walls constructed of pavers can use a compacted gravel foundation. However, solid masonry walls like brick or concrete will need a concrete footing.

3. Anchors/Step Back

The pressure of the earth behind the wall can be tremendous. To compensate or push back against the soil, landscapers will step back components of the wall into the hillside. This increases the wall’s strength and durability.

Sometimes, you’ll need additional support in the form of anchors. Anchors can be steel rebar or tie-backs extending into the soil behind the wall. These reinforcements give the wall extra stability.

4. Material Options

Of course, your material choice will affect the cost of your retaining wall. Additionally, materials have varying strengths and drawbacks:

  • Poured concrete
  • Brick
  • Wood
  • Concrete pavers
  • Natural stone
  • Gabion

Typically, the height of your wall can help determine your best option choice. For example, you can only use concrete pavers on walls less than 4 feet tall.

FAQs About Retaining Wall Installation Charlotte NC Residents Ask

Want to know more about retaining wall construction? Below, we answer a few commonly asked questions about this hardscape installation.

How Deep Should I Bury The First Layer Of My Wall?

Usually, experts recommend digging below the frost line to begin the base. In addition to excavating for the wall’s foundation, you’ll also need to bury a portion of your wall for stability. Most experts advise at least one-eighth of the height of the entire wall.

Can You Create A Curved Retaining Wall?

We can design and install any type of retaining wall you want. Generally, using curves in landscaping elements softens linear boundaries, while creating movement and visual interest. However, it’s only one type of design element we can incorporate into your hardscape.

Whether your home is rustic, modern, or classic, we can design the perfect hardscape to complement it. Plus, we can combine other landscaping elements to add beauty and function. For example, we can include a waterfall, built-in seating, or landscape lighting.

How Much Will It Cost?

All of our designs are unique to your property, budget, and needs. Thus, we never quote generalized prices. Instead, we offer a free no-obligation consultation to view your property and discuss your requirements.

What Other Hardscapes Can You Install?

We’re a full-spectrum landscape company offering many services:

  • Stamped concrete
  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Pergolas
  • Retaining walls
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Fire pits/fireplaces
  • Landscape lighting
  • Water features
  • Tree removal
  • Irrigation
  • Lawn care
  • Artificial turf installation
  • And more!

Landscape Solutions & Design Customer Reviews

Since 2005, we’ve been improving both commercial and residential properties. Here’s what a few of our customers say about our service:

A big shout out to Kostas and his team for transforming our under deck and sloped yard into an area we just don’t want to leave anymore! From the retaining wall to the fireplace to the lighting and landscaping…all top notch! The guys who did the work were courteous, friendly, and hard working. Just a complete pleasure since the first time we met with Kostas to the final detail. – Barry N Maria Kesten

Outstanding contractor. You will be happy! Very detail oriented – Kenneth Armistead

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