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Your Guide To Finding Reliable Pool Companies Near Me

pool builderAfter dreaming about it, you’ve decided to have an inground pool installed in your backyard. While you’re looking forward to relaxing and entertaining poolside, you’re not sure how to find the best pool contractor. When sorting through pool companies near me, choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.

Tips To Finding Reputable Pool Companies Near Me

Finding a reliable pool company is critical for the longevity and enjoyment of your pool. Although plenty of reputable companies exist, a few bad ones can ruin the respectability of the industry. When searching for the best pool contractor, you need to check several important characteristics:

1. Licensed And Insured

In NC, a company can’t get insurance without having the proper license. Hiring a contractor with insurance offers the homeowner financial protection and avoids legal liability problems.

2. Ability To Work Within Your Budget

With any type of project, it’s easy to get carried away and run over budget. An experienced contractor can guide you toward making realistic goals and prioritizing your expenditures.

3. Install The Type Of Pool You Want

For inground pools, you can choose from 3 types: vinyl, gunite, and fiberglass. A good pool company can help you choose the best one for your needs. Moreover, choose a pool company that provides options for additional fun pool features.

4. Provides Financing

Building an inground pool is expensive and you may need financing to get the features you want. While many financing options exist, often the contractor can offer competitive rates with a super fast application process.

5. Can Work Within The Your Timeline

Of course, outdoor projects are always dependent upon the weather. However, your contractor should give you an estimated timeline of specific events and deadlines.

6. Has References And A Portfolio Of Work

Any reputable pool company should provide a portfolio of past work you can view and references. Additionally, you should check online reviews.

Choosing Your Pool Type

When comparing the base packages of pools, generally a vinyl pool is the least expensive to install. However, this would be for a rectangular pool in a standard size. Choosing a shape with curves or adding features can significantly increase your installation costs. Sometimes, the design and upgrades can raise the price to more than gunite and fiberglass.

Furthermore, you need to consider the maintenance costs. To keep your pool water sparkling clean and clear, you need to add chemicals. The surface of each pool type may inhibit or allow the growth of algae. Thus, some pools will require more chemicals than others to keep them clean. Typically, fiberglass pools inhibit algae growth while vinyl and gunite are more susceptible to this organism.

However, some materials are more durable than others. For example, gunite pools can last between 50-100 years with proper maintenance. This includes acid washing every 5-7 years for stain and algae removal. Additionally, you’ll probably need to replaster the surface about every 10 years.

Comparatively, the structure of a vinyl pool can last about 35 years. However, it’ll need a liner replacement in 7-10 years costing you several thousand dollars. With a typical lifespan of 20-50 years, a fiberglass pool can last longer than a vinyl pool. Yet, the gel coat can deteriorate requiring resurfacing every 10 years.

Finally, if uniqueness is important to you, only vinyl and gunite are completely customizable. Since manufacturers make fiberglass shells in a factory, you have limited depth, shape, and size choices.

FAQs About Pool Companies Near Me

Of course, investing in an inground pool is a big investment in money and space in your yard. To help you make good decisions, we’ve answered a few commonly asked questions about installing an inground pool.

Should I Choose A Company With The Cheapest Quote?

Usually, you should get at least 3 estimates from pool builders to compare prices. Each company should provide details as to equipment manufacturers, model numbers, and exact specifications of your pool. Be suspicious of a bid that is much lower than the others as the contractor may be compromising structural elements or craftsmanship.

Is Installing A Pool A Possible DIY Project?

With the possibility of saving thousands of dollars, some homeowners attempt to DIY an inground pool. Moreover, several companies offer all-inclusive kits making this undertaking extremely tempting. Yet, many reasons exist why a contractor is a better choice:

  • Requires special equipment
  • Contractor can do the work faster
  • A pool builder takes care of the permits
  • You don’t have to worry about hauling away the dirt
  • Mistakes in installation could end up costing you all the money you saved

A reputable contractor has the experience and knowledge to handle any unforeseen issues as they arise. Plus, a qualified pool builder can guide you through all the possibilities to choose the best options for your needs.

How Long Will It Take To Install An Inground Pool?

Depending on your material choice, your pool can be ready to swim in within 8-12 weeks. Generally, fiberglass pools are the quickest. Once the contractor finishes excavating, the pool builder can install the shell. However, both gunite and vinyl require time to build a framework to support the walls. Additionally, gunite requires time to allow the concrete to cure. Furthermore, obtaining the permits and weather can slow down the process.

Why Choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. To Install Your Pool?

Our team views you as more than just another job. We strive to build a personal relationship during our time working in your yard. From our first interaction to the end, we strive to give our customers the best possible experience. Combined with over 45 years of experience and our certifications, we can handle any backyard project.

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