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5 Landscaping Ideas for May

Landscape-Maintenance-Plans-Keep-Your-Property-Picture-Perfect-Year-RoundSummer has not quite arrived yet, but it’s a great time to give your lawn or patio a great landscaping makeover for the upcoming months of sunny weather. Even if you can’t spend a lot, there’s still plenty of affordable methods to liven up your surroundings. Here are a few ideas you can try.


Rock Garden. Not only is this an excellent way to exploit any rocky slopes you might have on your property, but it also adds a very “natural” feel to any flat or barren landscape. Flowers, shrubs, or other plants (even small trees) can be used amongst the rocks to create a rock garden with a natural feel that is both easy on the eyes and simple to create.


Garden Fountain, Pond or Waterfall. Water features attract a lot of attention and provide a very soothing atmosphere. The ambient sound of moving water is known for it’s relaxing properties, and a fountain or waterfall would nicely accent any flower bed, pond, or garden.


Potted Plants. This a very simple way to bring life to your deck or patio. Whether hanging them from hooks or setting them on top of tables or railings, they make a lovely addition that will definitely be appreciated. Potted plants normally require very little maintenance and regular watering. You can even pick up the fake kind and not deal with any maintenance at all, however, real potted plants will both look and smell a great deal nicer.


Landscape Lighting. Walkway and landscape lighting can bring new life to your home. Some lighting systems can be expensive but there are some less costly alternatives available. Not only will your walkways and landscaped areas look fantastic, but it can also help with visibility at night time, and provides a relaxing atmosphere for enjoying an outdoor barbecue or gathering.


Flower Bed. Even a simple bed of flowers can breathe life into a plain-looking lawn. Flower beds are also excellent for areas around your house and patios, as well as for walkways. Despite the fairly moderate upkeep, they are relatively cheap to implement and add to your property’s appeal immensely. Flowers are a very important element to any landscape project, and there are virtually no limits to the color combinations and variations you can achieve.