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Improve Your View with Landscape Design

For residential landscape design and installation, we offer full-service landscaping design experts to work with you to enhance your property. Our landscape architecture includes water landscapes, custom water features, grading, sod installation and drainage systems. After your landscaping is complete, Landscape Solutions & Design also offers property maintenance services to keep your grass, gardens, and trees looking their best all year-round!

Use landscape design to add the extra character to your yard that it deserves. The kind of character that not only turns heads but also increases the value of your property. Plan that garden you’ve always wanted, and highlight it with a fountain. Better yet, place an outdoor kitchen near your fresh vegetables and herbs. Level off hilly property with retaining walls and a cascading waterfall. Stop waiting for the grass to grow and make your open space green nearly immediately with fresh sod. Or, choose from a multitude of hardscape elements to create your dream landscape. In the evening, set your beautified outdoor space aglow with outdoor lighting solutions that give your home curb appeal any time.

No matter what your vision is for your property, we can design and install anything you can imagine. We provide customized landscape design and installation using world-class design software. Consequently, we can show you exactly what your landscape plan will look like before we even start the installation! This gives you the ability to tell us what you want and see what the end result will be!

If you can envision, we can build it.

In fact, you don’t even have to envision it. As a premier landscape designer, we pride ourselves on collaborating with our clients to develop unique landscaping design. If you prefer ideas and guidance for your landscape design, we readily provide both along with our landscape services.

Improve your view Landscape design


pondless waterfalls

Water landscapes are a fantastic way to bring pizzazz to your outdoor space. Having a water feature creates a soothing gathering space and becomes a lovely centerpiece for your landscape design. The sight and sound of water seems to carry us away from our everyday problems. We can sit silently and relax by its flow, or enjoy time with friends and family in a clear water landscape – picture perfect peace!

Water landscapes range from level streams and koi ponds to sloping streams and cascading gorgeous waterfalls. You can place these lovely water resources by a garden, in your front yard or entryway, or locate water landscapes throughout your backyard. Create a custom pond that complements your home. Or, be the envy of your neighborhood gardeners with a water garden meandering through your outdoor space. Better yet, soak up the soothing sound of flowing water with bubbling pots and waterfalls strategically placed. Anything is possible…your only limit is your imagination!

As you let your mind wander in this lush water landscape, keep decorative ideas in mind as well. Adding large, flat rocks can do double duty by edging your pond. Similarly, this is a useful landscaping technique, as it provides an informal path. We also suggest adding a landscape plant or two as well. Dwarf evergreens for year-round structures and brightly colored flowers such as black-eyed Susans and lilies are attractive additions. Water plants, such as water lilies, soften the hard edges of a pond’s rocky border. When designing your water landscape, be sure to keep these tips in mind to make your area more aesthetically pleasing. Likewise, you can use artistic landscape lighting to create an after-dark focal point that will provide entertainment for your family and guests.

Custom Water Features

From the beginning of time, water has enticed entire civilizations to its flowing banks and shores. Literally, this liquid gold gives life. As societies advanced and moved further from these flowing sources, the desire to have it near remains. With advancements in technology, we can bring flowing water and its tranquility right into your backyard with custom water features.

The landscape of options for your outdoor living area is nearly limitless. In fact, the only thing that really holds you back is your imagination. Fortunately, we have lots of imagination mixed with a creative passion to create custom water features for your outdoor area. Our expertise in water feature design includes additions such as a custom fountain, waterfall, water wall or nearly any other water feature you wish to add to your landscape.

Your water feature can be a focal point such as a free-standing waterfall or fountain. Or, we can incorporate a waterfall into a pond or stream. Likewise, free-standing bubblers and fountains are calming additions that blend into your landscape and provide comforting, bubbly sound. Use them to accent your garden, add coolness to a patio or deck or mingle them with plants for an exotic, tropical feel. Either way, as a professional landscape designer, we will help you determine the best way to complement the architectural style of your home.

Keep in mind, we like to use our imagination too! We love to collaborate on your vision and share our ideas. Plus, our experienced technicians will help you plan a project that will fit not only your vision, but your budget as well. Our sophisticated software will allow you to design any of these features and see what the finished product will look like before we begin the work.

EVA MENEGAKIS - Water Features

Drainage Systems


Even though water is invaluable to keep our lawn and plants in prime condition, excess water can wreak havoc. After all, water is a powerful force. Standing water on your lawn can ruin tree and grass root systems and lead to weak grass or even dead grass due to soil erosion. Surface water that won’t drain can damage flower beds or your favorite shrubs, which may lead to expensive landscaping revitalization. Worse, water pooling may find its way into your home. Especially, this is true with storm water. This surface drainage can ruin walls, carpet, your furniture and sometimes your entire basement. Your home and property are your biggest investment. You need to protect the landscape and buildings from excess water that could cause much more expensive repair projects in the future, if neglected. Finding a landscape professional to help is imperative.

To begin protecting your property, we provide a free estimate of the work that our experts determine needs to be done. This work includes drainage applications such as storm drains, trench drains, a perimeter drain, channel drain, catch basin and piping. Once we move to the installation phase, we must first grade the land. This first step is important, so that we can drive the water away from your home and off of your lawn. Not only will it control the water runoff and the potential of large puddles forming, but it will also prevent soil erosion. Soil erosion can actually affect the foundation of structures on your property so this is a crucial step. Then, we work create a yard drainage system that will keep future problems from arising.

Next time you see a lot of water buildup in your lawn, give us a call…you shouldn’t have to worry every time you see the first raindrop!


Whether you are developing a new lawn, creating a major hardscape, or planning a new home altogether, we can handle the necessary grading. We provide professional residential grading for new construction projects and in preparation for landscape architecture plans.

Grading is an important component of landscape design, building construction, aesthetic contouring of property and as a channel to direct drainage of storm water and irrigation runoff. Land grading includes reshaping the surface of the ground to match planned grades. When planning landscape grading, your grading contractor must consider many factors as they undertake excavation of your property. Superior techniques in land clearing, the consequences of land disturbance, ensuring proper drainage and lawn stability are just a few critical considerations. Our experienced engineers carefully evaluate and design yard grading to ensure the safety and success of your construction project.

There are some key benefits to residential grading before new construction, including providing more appropriate topography for homes, buildings, and other land uses. Grading also helps to regulate soil erosion, sedimentation and surface runoff. One of the main considerations of landscape grading is the drainage issue. Preventing water accumulation near the foundation of buildings or in an area you plan to cultivate is crucial. Standing water can cause expensive problems due to soil erosion and the destruction of root systems, which will kill plants and trees. You must also channel water away from any foundations to avoid seepage into the structure and eventual damage from flooding.

With large projects, you need to be sure that your grading contractor is reliable, insured and experienced. Landscape Solutions & Designs has operated in central North Carolina for many years. We pride ourselves on our high-quality standards and superior customer service. Our experienced engineers and graders will provide the highest quality results for your construction requirements.

Landscape Solutions Grading

Sod Installation

Sod installation

We have all heard the expression, “It’s like watching grass grow!”

Planting grass in your yard is a long process that’s dependent on so many factors. Sunlight direction, rainfall or irrigation, fertilizing, aeration, grass selection and soil preparation are just a few of the aspects you have to consider in creating a beautiful lawn. However, planting grass seed and literally watching grass grow doesn’t have to be your only choice.

Whether you are creating a new lawn or hoping to revitalize old grass where your existing lawn is not doing well, fresh sod is the fastest path to a lush, healthy, green carpet on your property.

Another advantage of sod is how it’s engineered. The sod lawn grower creates sod grass that is resistant to disease and insects. This technique saves you the worry that nature will undo all of your hard work.

Our experts can install sod on virtually any property. Years of experience allow us to customize the soil and grass type depending on the location, sunlight direction, rainfall, climate and the intended use for the area.

Ideally, sod should arrive within 24 hours of being cut. Sod installation should begin on the delivery day. Since there is a lot of manual labor involved in soil preparation, drainage facilitation, and possible grading, these tasks are best left to professionals. Our technicians know how to properly handle the preparation steps. From starter fertilizer to the follow-up maintenance, we help ensure that your investment produces the lush lawn that you expect.

We’re familiar with soil types, best variety of grasses and the drainage issues that we need to consider in order to create a great-looking, healthy lawn. Landscape Solutions and Design will ensure that you reap the benefits for many years to come, including the increase in your property value!

The Source for Quality Outdoor Elements

Landscape Solutions and Design serves a broad area of North Carolina with top-quality, licensed and insured experts. Our team has one focus – to provide our clients with exactly the outdoor elements and style that will give them years of enjoyment. Of course, there are the additional bonuses of improved curb appeal and increased property value!

If you are in the Winston-Salem, High Point, Greensboro, Charlotte or Lake Norman areas of North Carolina and are looking for a landscape architect, contact us for a free estimate. You will be the envy of your friends and neighbors when they see the new lay of your land!

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