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Inspiring Pool Cabana Ideas To Transform Your Backyard

Pool Cabana IdeasMany homeowners envision sitting around a pool sipping a cool drink. However, when the searing August sun beats down, these same people hide in the cool of their homes. Instead, install a backyard structure that offers shade allowing you to enjoy your pool. Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. can bring your pool cabana ideas to life.

A Few Pool Cabana Ideas For Your Home

The popularity of the cabana rose alongside the demand for pools. Hotels led the way by providing these small changing rooms located near the pool or on the beach. As more homeowners installed pools, the desire for cabanas increased. Moreover, the cabana’s main function changed from a simple changing area to a versatile outdoor space.

Additionally, with the rise of its popularity, the distinctions between the cabana and pool house have blurred. Traditionally, cabanas are 3 sided structures with one side open to the pool. Usually, pool houses are more sophisticated buildings with bathrooms and showers. However, over the years, homeowners have added amenities to their pool cabanas turning them into fabulous outdoor rooms.

One of the greatest attributes of a cabana is its versatility. From basic to luxurious, you can have a backyard structure that suits your needs. Plus, you don’t even have to have a pool to enjoy a cabana. Today, these structures can stand alone as a vital part of your backyard design. Below are just a few pool cabana ideas:

  • Roofed structure with adjustable curtain walls
  • Entertainment center with television and couches
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Bar with refrigerator and seating
  • Integrated ceiling lights for nighttime use
  • Canopied daybed
  • Dining area
  • Focal point with fireplace
  • Home office

Permanent Vs. Temporary

Some homeowners, when considering their outdoor space, choose a temporary cabana. While these are less expensive, they’re uninspiring, standard sizes and shapes. Moreover, manufacturers build temporary structures to be portable and as such, they’re not as durable as permanent cabanas.

However, if you love spending time or entertaining poolside, you need to invest in a permanent backyard structure. By building a cabana, you can customize your structure to meet your needs while adding aesthetic appeal. Plus, as permanent structures, they’re designed to stand up to the elements. Moreover, you don’t have to take them down and find a place to store them.

A Pool Cabana Offers Many Great Benefits

Beautiful yet functional outdoor spaces continue to grow in popularity. People want an inviting spot where they can relax while enjoying nature. Building a permanent hardscape structure, like a cabana, offers many great benefits:

1. Shade

When not swimming, you and your guests will enjoy protection from the sun.

2. Makes Entertaining Easier

Having guests tramp through your home with wet bathing suits can dirty your home. Instead, you can offer your guests a private place to change.

3. Storage Space

During the off-season, your cabana offers a great place to store all your pool toys and equipment.

4. UV Protection

You spend a lot of money on your outdoor furniture. Keeping it out of the sun in the protection of your cabana will prevent fading and other damage.

5. Increase Your Property Value

More often, buyers are looking for hardscaping elements that increase the enjoyment of their yard.

FAQs – Pool Cabana Ideas

Are you bursting with excitement over new possibilities for your backyard but have questions about building a cabana? Below, we answer a few questions our customers frequently ask us. If you have others, call us at 336-442-0160 and we’d be happy to answer them.

What Is The Best Size For A Pool Cabana?

When deciding on a pool cabana size, you need to ensure it’s big enough for its purpose. Yet, it also needs to be proportional to the surrounding area. Typically, the most common sizes are 8’ by 12’ and 10’ by 14’. At Landscape Solutions, we understand that everyone’s needs are not the same. Thus, we can design a size that fits your budget, yard, and requirements.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Backyard Cabana?

Generalized quotes can be so misleading. After all, it’s just a guess at how much someone thinks a job will cost. They can lead to disappointment and frustration when your project turns out to be more expensive.

That’s why we insist on a free consultation before we quote you a price. During our meeting, we examine your property to determine the best place to put your structure. We discuss your needs and budget while making suggestions based on your ideas. Only then will we give you a detailed estimate covering labor and materials for your hardscape.

Can You Build A Cabana For A Business?

Absolutely! In addition to remodeling residential backyards, we can also assist business owners with beautifying their property.

Why Should I Choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc Over Other Landscapers?

Since 2005, we’ve been transforming properties in the greater Triad area including the following towns:

  • Greensboro
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Moreover, we hold several industry certifications as well as landscaping and pesticide licenses. Our crews can tackle any hardscape or softscape landscaping project you need from unique hardscapes and water features to practical needs such as retaining walls for sloped backyards. Yet, it has been the individual attention we give to each project that has made us successful. It’s why our business has grown mainly through personal referrals.

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