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Pergolas & Cabanas

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Shaded Structures


As you look at different outdoor hardscapes, consider including a shade-producing structure for relief from the sun. Pergolas and cabanas are popular choices for all sorts of backyard activities. Both define your outdoor living space while creating visual interest.

So, which one should you build? It all depends on your budget, needs, and location of your outdoor entertainment area. The more enclosed structure of a cabana provides better protection, but a pergola is less expensive. Whichever you decide upon, remember the objective is to make your outdoor area a fun, comfortable place to socialize.


The bold look of an open, airy pergola transforms your patio or deck into a luxurious area. And because they’re so airy, they also provide the perfect cover for a fire pit. A pergola is completely open without any walls and topped with a flat, latticed roof. Easy to install and generally the least expensive choice, pergolas can be free-standing or attached to your home.

A few additional benefits of a pergola include:

  • Extends living space
  • Vertical and open slats great for growing climbing plants
  • Blocks unsightly views if strategically placed
  • Protects furniture from sun
  • Easy to decorate

Not only are pergolas easy to decorate, they’re fun to enhance. Creative string lighting, fun relaxing options such as hammocks and built-in shelving for plants are just a few of the imaginative ideas to implement. Likewise, add climbing plants that bloom at different parts of the day. Plant morning glories that bloom in early hours while you enjoy a cup of coffee or hot tea. Similarly, plant moonflowers for magical evenings under the stars.

No matter how you plan to decorate it, we look forward to building it!


Cabanas are typically smaller, semi-enclosed structures. Not just for the poolside any longer, cabanas can supply much-needed shade for your outdoor area. With a solid roof and 2-3 walls, you’re protected from the sun, wind, and rain. Have a party planned but the forecast calls for rain? Your guests will stay dry socializing in your cabana.

Additional benefits of a cabana include:

  • Added privacy
  • Stunning focal point
  • Extra storage space
  • Increases property value in many cases

As mentioned, cabanas aren’t just for pools anymore. Our clients use their cabanas in a variety of ways. For instance, cabanas provide excellent coverage for an outdoor kitchen. Likewise, they are perfect for an outdoor living room area: place a comfy couch, big screen TV and even a fireplace underneath.

No matter how you plan to use your backyard cabana, we can help.

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