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Seeking Professional Stamped Concrete Contractors Near Me?

stamped concrete contractors near meAs you view your home from the outside, does it seem drab and boring? Even if you have a nicely manicured lawn and neat planting beds, your landscaping may appear unappealing. Adding a stamped concrete walkway, driveway, or patio can create visual interest without breaking the bank. When looking for stamped concrete contractors near me, choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.

Using Stamped Concrete Has Considerable Rewards

Generally, this decorative material offers the strength of concrete and the beauty of other more extravagant materials. Its many advantages make it a top choice among homeowners:

  • Cost-effective
  • Adds value to your home
  • Versatile
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Low maintenance
  • Slip-resistant options available

Notably, stamped concrete allows you to add a sense of luxury to your home while staying within budget. Typically, the only cheaper material than concrete is pea gravel. However, gravel presents drawbacks such as spreading, shifting, and upkeep.

Not only does concrete require much less maintenance than other materials, but it’s also durable and long-lasting. Generally, a concrete hardscape will last about 20 years.

Plus, stamped concrete is extremely versatile making your design possibilities virtually endless. Stamped concrete can mimic other more expensive materials. Combined with texturing and advanced coloring techniques, you can create a hardscape that’s perfectly suited for your yard.

  • Wood: reclaimed, boardwalk, or plank
  • Slate: seamless, Roman, or Italian
  • Natural stone: Flagstone, fieldstone, cobblestone
  • Brick

Moreover, adding a stamped concrete project will increase your overall property value. Some real estate experts estimate as much as an additional 15%. Of course, the exact percentage depends on your market and the type of hardscape.

Design Ideas Using Stamped Concrete

Sadly, many homeowners consider hardscapes for their function and not aesthetic beauty. Granted, the primary purpose of hardscapes is its usage. For example, a walkway guides pedestrians along to a destination. However, hardscape elements can also create texture, depth, and visual interest.

Instead of a boring, gray slab, stamping concrete allows you to use patterns, textures, and colors for eye-catching appeal. Furthermore, by choosing options that complement your home, you create a unifying element between nature and structure.

Whatever the style of your house, Landscape Solutions can construct hardscape elements to increase the curb appeal of your home:

Whether you have a cottage, woodland, or contemporary garden, we can help you pick the perfect design. From simple to elaborate, we can add harmony and beauty with a stamped concrete project.

Stamped Concrete Contractors Near Me – FAQs

Creating a stunning stamped concrete hardscape requires a contractor with experience and the right tools. While pouring your concrete can be a DIY project, you need an expert contractor for a stamped concrete project. To assist in finding the right contractor, we’ve answered a few commonly asked questions as you search for stamped concrete contractors near me.

How Do I Find A Qualified Contractor?

Stamping concrete is a precise method requiring a specific skill set, specialized tools, and artistry. Even a small mistake can ruin the entire look. Inexperienced contractors may line up the pattern poorly, incorrectly mix the color, or improperly seal your project.

Occasionally, some projects require more than one batch of concrete. Sometimes, an inexperienced contractor may end up with an extreme color variation between pours. This can happen even by following the same concrete mix design.

Usually, the culprit is simply due to a difference in the weather conditions. And, unfortunately, we can’t control the weather. However, experienced technicians know how to apply stains, dyes, or color hardeners to avoid mismatched colors.

Thus, for a beautiful final product, you should take the time to research possible contractors. Before choosing one, ask to view recent concrete stamped projects to check the quality of their work. Of course, check any potential candidates for licensing, insurance, and bond coverage.

Can I Put Stamped Concrete Over Existing Concrete?

In some instances, yes, you can. The possibility of overlaying on existing concrete depends upon the condition of the present material. If you have large cracks or surface deterioration, you may need to remove the old concrete first. An experienced professional like Landscape Solutions can determine which is the best course of action for your project.

How Expensive Is A Stamped Concrete Project?

Generally, a stamped concrete project is more expensive than poured concrete. This is due to the extra labor involved in the stamping process. However, poured concrete adds very little aesthetic value when compared to stamped concrete.

Usually, the size of your project and the complexity of the design have a direct impact on the cost. At Landscape Solutions, we provide a free no-obligation estimate for all of our projects. We’ll give you a very detailed quote, so you’ll know the exact cost of your landscaping element.

Why Should I Choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.?

Since so much can go wrong with stamping concrete, it’s best to have a professional handle your project. Moreover, when searching for stamped concrete contractors near me, choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. We have over 45 years of combined experience in landscaping design and construction.

In addition to offering stamped concrete, we offer many other commercial and residential landscaping services throughout the Triad:

Moreover, we want you to have the backyard of your dreams. That’s why we offer financing options like deferred interest or affordable budget-minded options through Greensky®. Plus, the application process is quick and paperless.

Looking for landscaping design ideas to transform your backyard? We’re always posting pictures of our projects on Facebook and Instagram. Follow us to see our artistry at work.