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Do Paver Firepit Ideas Work With A Small Backyard?

backyard firepit ideasYou’ll find plenty of paver firepit ideas online to create a unique and inviting outdoor space. When looking for a contractor to turn your ideas into reality, choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.

Outdoor Rooms Are Trending

In the past few years, more and more homeowners have looked out their back window and thought, “I want more.” Additionally, as consumers have improved their yards, the lines between indoor and outdoor have blurred. A new term – backyarding – describes this new trend of taking our indoor life outside.

While this is a great concept in warmer months, the colder months have most people holed up in their homes. However, by installing a fire pit, you can enjoy your outdoors even on chillier nights. Plus, a fire pit is a natural gathering space when entertaining. People love to group near a fire for warmth and ambiance.


You’ll Find Many Great Paver Firepit Ideas Online

Some homeowners may think a fire feature is out of the question because of the size of their backyard. However, you can also find many small backyard firepit ideas:

1. Build One With A Dual Purpose

When you have limited space, consider a dual-purpose design. For example, you can install a cooking grate to prepare meals. Or combine a table with your fire feature for outdoor dining.

2. Incorporate Built-In Seating

Including built-in seating in your overall design allows you to fit a large number of people around your feature. Toss on some pillows for comfort and personalization.

3. Consider A Gas Fire Pit

Typically, gas fire pits are more stable and predictable than wood-burning structures. Thus, your municipality may allow you to install a gas fire pit closer to your home.

Before You Build A Fire Feature, Do Research

Pavers are very versatile and are a great choice for many outdoor projects. With a range of colors, textures, and styles available, you can create an infinite variety of designs. However, pavers come in different materials and not all are safe for fires.

If you choose a material that isn’t fire-resistant, you’ll also need to install a liner. Typically made from steel, a fire pit insert will prolong the life of your fire pit. Moreover, without a liner, some materials can explode when exposed to high heat.

Another important consideration is the foundation and the surrounding area. Without a stable base, your structure can shift and topple over. A buildup of water can also prove troublesome. Using a paver base will provide your structure with drainage. Moreover, adding a layer of sand over the base creates an additional layer of heat protection.

Finally, the area immediately surrounding your fire pit should be fire-resistant. Sparks and embers can fly out of a wood-burning fire pit and potentially start a fire. Building a paver fire pit patio will keep the area safe and looking beautiful.

Some Advice About Buying A Fire Pit Pavers Kit

Many big box home improvement stores and online retailers sell DIY solutions offering to save you money. Before you invest in a fire pit pavers kit, let’s look at some of the problems you may experience.

Often, some of these kits use lower-quality components that require you to replace them every few years. Also, you’ll need particular tools for building this structure. If you don’t have them, you’ll need to purchase or rent them adding to your cost.

Furthermore, most homeowners fail to fully consider the placement of their fire pit. While many understand the need to locate the feature away from other structures, most don’t consider wind direction. Yet, placing your fire pit in the wrong place can allow smoke to hinder your enjoyment. Finally, if you want a gas-burning fire feature, you’ll still need to hire a professional to install a gas line.

Paver Firepit Ideas – FAQs

When you’re looking for unique paver firepit ideas, Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. is the contractor for you! Since 2005, we’ve been transforming both commercial and residential properties. Below, we answer a few commonly asked questions.

What’s The Best Size For A Firepit?

When building a firepit, you need to consider the size of the structure and surrounding area for seating. For safety, many experts advise a distance of 7 feet from the edge of the fire pit to the seats.

Furthermore, minimum and maximum rules exist as to the dimensions of your fire feature. However, the size and height of your element largely depend on how you plan to use it.

For example, do you plan on cooking over the fire or just sitting around it? Will you be hosting intimate gatherings or hosting larger parties? When you hire Landscape Solutions, we’ll discuss your needs and examine your yard. Then, we’ll design a unique feature that meets your specifications.

What Kind Of Wood Can I Burn In My Fire Pit?

Choosing the right wood for your fire pit can affect the enjoyment of your fire. For example, hardwoods burn hotter and create less smoke than softwoods. Furthermore, never burn treated or construction wood, furniture, or driftwood. All these can release dangerous chemicals or toxins when burned.

Can You Design A Sunken Fire Pit?

Absolutely! Located below ground level, a sunken fire pit creates a cozy backyard retreat and intimate space. A recessed fire feature also helps to delineate space without obstructing any views.

If you’re ready to build a fire feature in your yard, call Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. at 336-442-0160. We offer a free no-obligation consultation for all our services from designing to installing and maintaining any softscape and hardscape. Moreover, if you’re also looking for paver patio landscaping ideas, we have years of professional experience with that as well!

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