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Unique Pondless Waterfall Ideas Can Upgrade Your Backyard

Backyard Waterfall DesignsRecent studies have shown spending time near water can lower stress and anxiety. While you can’t always get to the beach, you can install a water feature in your backyard. If you’ve been sorting through some pondless waterfall ideas, call Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. Since 2005, our team has been remodeling uninspiring backyards into resort-like staycations.

Some Pondless Waterfall Ideas

Waterfall landscape features are an extremely customizable feature. Even if you don’t have a large backyard, you can enjoy this water feature hardscape. From small single waterfalls to larger multiple cascades, you can construct many different configurations to match your home and garden.

1. Natural

Many people love a water feature hardscape that looks natural, blending in with the surroundings. Using large stones, rocks, and native plants creates a backyard waterfall that looks native.

2. Modern

Some homes may have a modern architectural style with clean lines. Your landscape contractor can create a sleek, contemporary look with the use of paving stones.

3. Waterwall/Water Curtain

Another modern version of this water feature is the water wall. This type of waterfall has a very steep descent from a wall. The wall can be part of another hardscape feature or freestanding.

4. Waterfall And Fire Feature Combined

Combining the trickling sounds of a backyard waterfall with the flickering flames of a fire pit offers a unique ambiance.

Benefits Of A Pondless Waterfall

Of course, any type of water feature creates a beautiful focal point and attracts wildlife. For example, you can choose a fountain, stream, or pond. The difference with a pondless waterfall is that it recirculates water from an underground basin to the spillway. Without a pond and ecosystem to balance, the system is almost maintenance-free. Furthermore, this waterfall landscape feature offers these unique advantages:

  • Less installation labor and materials
  • Fewer maintenance requirements
  • Safer for children and pets
  • No standing water to breed mosquitoes
  • Suitable for small yards
  • Combines with other hardscape ideas

Compared to a waterfall with a pond, a pondless one requires less labor and materials for installation. Plus, you’ll have fewer maintenance tasks without a pond’s ecosystem to manage. For instance, you won’t have to worry about attending to the fish or water plants. Of course, you’ll need to remove any debris but without any surface water, it’ll be easier.

A pondless waterfall is also safer for children and pets. Without a pond, you don’t have to worry about children or pets falling in and drowning.  Plus, with the water constantly moving, there’s no standing water for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Additionally, you can fit this water feature hardscape into any size yard.

Finally, you can combine a pondless water feature with many other hardscaping ideas to create a unique outdoor space. Popular combinations include fire pits and retaining walls. Yet, you can also fuse a waterfall with a patio, outdoor kitchen, or pool. Add some landscaping lighting and you’ll have a magical outdoor space.

FAQs About Pondless Waterfalls

Have you been looking at pondless waterfall ideas to incorporate into your backyard? Call Landscape Solutions at 336-442-0160 for a free, no-obligation consultation. Below, we answer a few commonly asked questions about this water feature.

What Size Reservoir Do I Need For A Pondless Waterfall?

Usually, calculating the reservoir size for a waterfall landscape feature involves some complicated math and science. First, you need to compute your feature’s water volume. Thus, you’ll need to measure its length, width, and depth. Typically, the reservoir needs to be 2.5 times the amount of water in your feature.

However, you also need to take into account the amount of water displaced by the gravel in the basin.  Generally, rounded gravel can take up 66% of the space of the reservoir. Of course, using jagged rocks will yield different results due to the compaction rate.

Do Pondless Waterfalls Need Filters?

Generally, you don’t need a filter with a pondless waterfall. Typically, the gravel placed in the basin will filter out large pieces of debris.  Furthermore, you don’t need the same biological filtration systems that a fish pond requires to stay clean.

Nevertheless, wherever there’s water, algae can bloom. A plant-like organism, algae will grow with sunlight, water, and the proper nutrients.  Unlike ponds with fish, you can use a chemical treatment to remove it.

Do Pond Pumps Use a Lot of Electricity?

Usually, the ongoing cost of running a backyard waterfall is a concern to many homeowners. Thankfully, with technological advancements, pond pumps don’t use as much electricity as years ago. However, the type of pump, your electricity cost, and the size of your hardscape will affect your electrical costs. Generally, electricity costs can range from an additional $2 to $40 per month.

Sometimes, homeowners consider turning the pump off at night to conserve power. While this may save you some money in electricity, it could end up costing you more. Running water discourages algae growth so running your pump continuously keeps your water cleaner and clearer. Moreover, in the winter, running water is less likely to freeze and cause ice dams.

Looking For A Reliable Landscape Contractor For A Waterfall Installation?

We can make those pondless waterfall ideas you’ve seen online look great in your yard. From hardscapes to softscapes, Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. can turn your backyard design ideas into a beautiful outdoor space:

  • Patios
  • Retaining walls
  • Driveways/walkways
  • Landscape lighting
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Pergolas
  • Cabanas
  • Fire pit/outdoor fireplace
  • Inground pools
  • Lawncare
  • Tree removal
  • And more!

Don’t let another season pass before you upgrade your backyard. Call us today at 336-442-0160 for your free consultation.