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How To Make A Firepit To Turn Your Backyard Into A Retreat

how to make a firepitOften, the backyard is one of the most underutilized areas of the home. Fortunately, homeowners are discovering the value of adding elements to turn their backyard into a private resort. Adding a fire feature is one of the most popular additions. However, you need to consider many safety features when building this structure. A landscaper who knows how to make a firepit safely and beautifully is Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.

Locating Your Firepit In The Perfect Spot

Choosing the perfect spot to locate your firepit is much harder than considering the view. For your greatest safety and enjoyment, pick your location very carefully.

Most towns have ordinances restricting the placement of a firepit too close to any buildings or property lines. Additionally, you’ll want a patch of level ground in a wide-open space free from any trees or other flammable material.

Usually, a sloped yard won’t prevent you from installing a firepit. However, you will have to consider some additional landscaping ideas. For example, incorporating a retaining wall will give you the flat surface you need.

Admittedly, most DIYers neglect to consider the wind factor when choosing their spot. Placing your firepit in the wrong spot may result in smoke blowing into your home. Unfortunately, wind can be hard to predict and change by season. A professional landscaper can help make use of windbreaks for your ultimate enjoyment.

Finally, call 811 before you start to dig. Many utility companies bury their lines underground. When you call, North Carolina 811 will notify member utility companies of your excavation needs. The utility companies will then mark lines on your property so you can dig safely.

Types Of Building Material

Often, a firepit is the focal point of your backyard. Brick, stone, and concrete are all popular choices. Notably, your choice of material involves more than just aesthetics. Certain materials aren’t heat safe and can spark and explode when your fire reaches a particular temperature.

Sometimes too, homeowners only think of the visible parts of the firepit. Yet, the bottom of your structure is perhaps the most important feature of lighting a successful fire.

As you burn wood, you generate intense heat. Thus, the bottom material must be heat resistant. Woodburning fires also produce ash. While an inch or two can assist with the combustion process, too much can prevent a good fire.

Plus, too much ash is a safety issue. When combined with water, wood ash is highly acidic. Not only can you get a chemical burn, but this acid can destroy your masonry.

While dirt and sand are cheap options, both create a mess when mixed with ash and water. Fire glass and lava rocks offer easier ash cleanup.

Other Fire Safety Considerations When Building Your Firepit

One of the reasons homeowners build a firepit is to create an area for relaxing and entertaining. Using materials that enhance or make a bold statement adds aesthetic beauty to your space.

Yet, not just any material is suitable for the construction of your fire feature. The inside of your structure must be able to withstand intense heat. For example, many people love concrete pavers. However, when exposed to flames, concrete can explode. Installing a metal pit liner will prevent this from happening.

FAQs About How To Make A Firepit

Below, we’ve answered a few commonly asked questions about constructing a firepit. If you have any others, feel free to call us at 336-442-0160 and we’ll be happy to answer them.

Can I DIY A Firepit?

Browse the internet and you can find kits at big box home improvement stores that have everything you need. Additionally, you’re sure to see at least one blog claiming you can build a firepit in 4 easy steps.

However, if you’ve ever undertaken a home improvement project, you know they’re not as easy as they seem. Moreover, using a kit gives you the same “ho-hum” design that so many other homeowners have.

Instead, use Landscape Solutions. We can build you a unique firepit perfectly suited to your landscape and needs.

What Are The Best Dimensions?

Sometimes, homeowners don’t give enough consideration to the size of their firepit. If you entertain large groups, you’ll want a bigger structure. Too small and your guests will need to crowd around the fire.

The height of your firepit is equally important. Build the walls too high and it will be harder to roast marshmallows and cook over. Moreover, a firepit with walls higher than 20 inches may hold heat in.

When you meet with us, we’ll talk about your needs and budget. Then, we’ll design a safe and beautiful fire feature meeting your specifications.

Can I Get A Gas Burning Fire Feature?

Firepits are available in both gas and wood-burning. Each has advantages and drawbacks that need consideration. Gas gives you all the benefits of a beautiful fire at the flip of a switch. Plus, there’s no ash to clean up with a gas-burning firepit.

Yet, you won’t get the smoky scent of wood. Plus, you can cook over a wood-burning fire but not gas.

Not sure which one is right for you? Landscape Solutions can review all the pros and cons of each to help you find the best solution.

Can You Build A Fireplace Instead?

Yes! Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. is a full-service landscaping company. In addition to knowing how to make a firepit, we can build and install many other outdoor features.

  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Custom outdoor kitchens
  • Landscape lighting
  • Paver patios
  • Pergolas
  • Cabanas
  • Retaining walls
  • Sod installation
  • Water features
  • Drainage systems
  • Grading
  • Lawn care
  • And more!

Ready to create a beautiful focal point in your backyard? Call us at 336-442-0160 to set up an appointment for your free consultation. We’ll help you add features you love, turning your backyard into a place to entertain, relax, and reconnect.