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Build Outdoor Fireplace – Benefits For Homes And Businesses

outdoor fireplace installationFires are natural attractions, drawing people into their spheres of warmth. From the mesmerizing dancing flames to the earthy smell, it’s hard to resist the draw of a fire. Moreover, there’s never been a better time to build outdoor fireplace in your backyard! Furthermore, Landscape Solutions & Design Inc. can design the perfect hardscape structure for your backyard.

The Many Advantages Of An Outdoor Fireplace

Today’s homeowners want more than just a plot of grass. They want relaxing retreats, entertainment areas, and mini-resorts. Furthermore, installing a fire feature has become one of the most popular centerpieces. Plus, installing an outdoor fireplace in your backyard provides many great benefits:

1. Extend Your Outdoor Season

Cooler nights can send you inside scurrying for the warmth of your home. However, a fire can keep you toasty even when the temperature begins to lower.

2. Good For Your Health

Most people understand the relaxing benefit of sitting by fire, but did you know it’s also good for your health? One study showed significant reductions in blood pressure when participants viewed a naturalistic fire.

3. The Perfect Entertainment Area

People love gathering around a fire. The glow and toasty warmth are an irresistible combination and a perfect place to host your guests. If you want the ultimate hosting space with a resort vibe, combine a fireplace with an inground pool.

4. Outdoor Cooking

You can turn your wood burning outdoor fireplace into a cooking appliance. From grilling hamburgers to baking pizza, your fire feature can become indispensable for making meals.

5. Increase Your Home Value

An outdoor fireplace is one of the most sought-after backyard features. Home buyers want attractive outdoor living spaces and this feature is a popular choice.

Factors Affecting The Cost To Build Outdoor Fireplace

Designing and planning your backyard fireplace can be an exciting time. However, as you dream of the possibilities to create your perfect space, you need to keep your budget in mind. The cost of a fire feature depends on the following factors:

  • Size
  • Design
  • Building materials
  • Fuel type
  • Accessories
  • Accessibility to site/preparation

Typically, your material choice will also affect your design. Some materials present a sleek, modern look while others have a rustic, natural appearance. Generally, you can choose from 4 different heat-safe building materials:

  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Stucco
  • Brick

Next, you can choose from 4 different fuels for your feature: gas, propane, wood, and electric. Installation and fuel costs vary with each type. However, only wood can give you the smells and sounds of a crackling fire. Moreover, if you plan to cook over the fire, you’ll need a wood burning fireplace.

Plus, adding accessories can also increase the cost of your structure. For example, do you want a built-in place to store wood? Or perhaps you want a swing frame/plate for easier cooking.

Finally, there are a few other things you should know before building your outdoor fireplace. For instance, your landscaper’s accessibility and preparation of the site for your structure can affect your cost. For example, drainage issues will require landscaping work even before you start on the hardscape project.

Outdoor Fireplaces Add Uniqueness To Commercial Properties

Although many people associate beautiful outdoor spaces with residential properties, businesses can reap the benefits too. Often, people associate hospitality businesses with outdoor living spaces like restaurants, coffee shops, or hotels. However, many commercial properties can benefit from installing an outdoor fireplace.

  • Comfortable waiting area for customers
  • Meeting/conference space
  • Relaxing area for employees to de-stress

One of the best investments a business can make is to upgrade your property for your employees’ use. Work is stressful. By providing your employees with a beautiful outdoor space, you can help them de-stress. Many studies have shown the benefits of spending time outdoors such as boosting energy levels and improving mood.

Build Outdoor Fireplace – FAQs

Are you dreaming of an outdoor space you can use year-round, but still have questions about fire features? Below, we answer a few commonly asked ones.

Is An Outdoor Fireplace Warmer Than A Fire Pit?

Generally, fireplaces will produce more heat due to their structure. First, the opening of the fireplace channels the heat forward creating an intimate, cozy atmosphere. Additionally, a fireplace produces more radiant heat than a firepit.

Alternatively, a firepit’s flames are open offering a full circle of heat distribution. Although this is ideal for larger gatherings, a light wind can move the warmth out of the space. Your landscaper can help you decide which is best for your property and intended usage.

Where Is The Best Location For My Fire Feature?

Undoubtedly, choosing the perfect spot for your backyard fireplace can affect your use and enjoyment of this feature. However, towns will have rules and regulations restricting the placement for safety. Additionally, you’ll want to consider the wind direction to avoid downdrafts that force smoke out the front of your fireplace. You’ll also want to maximize any views while providing adequate seating. Ultimately, the best location will vary from yard to yard and your landscaper can help you choose a great spot. Often, patios are a great location for a fireplace.

Why Should I Choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. As My Landscaper?

Since 2005, the team at Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. has been transforming both commercial and residential properties. We can design and install any hardscaping project including outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and inground pools. Moreover, we can maintain your existing property with our lawn care, mulching, and trimming services.

When you’re ready to build outdoor fireplace in your backyard, trust the design experts at Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. Call us today at 336-442-0160 for a no-obligation consultation.