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Prepare for Cozy, Warm Nights With Firepit Near Me Ideas

firepit near meThe trend of converting outdoor spaces into extensions of the inside of the home has never been hotter. As homeowners spend more time in their backyards, they want space that is functional as well as beautiful. One popular element that homeowners are installing is a fire feature. When you need a contractor to install a firepit near me, choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.

Fire Features Offer Many Advantages

Fire draws people with the warm, cozy atmosphere it provides. Mesmerizing flames dance, captivating and calming, washing worries away. Easily, one of the best ways to safely enjoy the benefits of fire is by installing a firepit.

These structures offer homeowners a multi-seasonal space. You can still enjoy the outside on chillier nights with the warmth of a fire. Plus, the bright light of fire will light up dark summer nights while keeping the bugs away.

Moreover, you’ll increase the value of your home by installing a firepit. As a stunning focal point in your backyard, you’ll increase aesthetic value. Accordingly, many home buyers are actively looking for yards with this feature.

Choosing The Best Options For Your Firepit

One of the first things you’ll need to decide is your choice of fuel. You can opt for wood or gas, and either natural or propane. Each has distinct advantages:


  • Convenience
  • Fewer fire hazards
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easier to maintain


  • Provides greater warmth
  • More affordable
  • Greater sensory appeal
  • Allows for cooking

Often, deciding between one or the other is a matter of personal choice. Think about how you plan to use your fire feature and what’s most important to you. Then, discuss your concerns and preference with a professional contractor.

Function Is Just As Important As Beauty

Sometimes when designing a firepit, a homeowner will focus on aesthetics alone. They concentrate on picking materials that coordinate with the style and colors of the surrounding area and house. Certainly, beauty is important. However, some homeowners neglect to consider other factors affecting function.

For example, when choosing a location, it’s extremely important to think about wind patterns. You’ll quickly abandon your place next to the fire when the wind blows smoke in your face. Moreover, while smoke is an annoyance, blowing cinders can be dangerous.

Additionally, the size is an important consideration. Of course, you’ll want a feature in proportion to the rest of your yard. Nevertheless, you also need to consider your intended use as well. Will you use the space for entertaining large groups or intimate gatherings? Either will require enough room between the seating and firepit to move comfortably around.

Finally, your material choice is crucial. Fires produce intense heat. Certain materials like rock or gravel can explode when exposed to high heat. Hiring an experienced landscaper will ensure your element is as functional as it is beautiful.

Don’t Forget To Provide For Drainage!

Water that remains in the bottom of your firepit can become a breeding ground for bugs, especially mosquitoes. Plus, ash and water make a sludgy mess that’s difficult to clean. Not to mention, it’s awfully hard to start a fire in a soggy pit.

Certainly, placing your hardscape in a low-lying area where water will accumulate is a definite no-no. When it rains, water will naturally flow to the sunken area. However, even slightly elevated firepits can collect water from precipitation.

Typically, installing a drain underneath will remove all unwanted water. Of course, all material including the pipe and liner material must be heat safe.

FAQs About Finding A Contractor Who Can Build A Firepit Near Me

When you’re looking for contractors to build a firepit near me, Landscape Solutions can help you. Since 2005, we’ve been servicing both commercial and residential properties in the greater Triad area. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about your landscaping needs. Below, we’ve answered a few commonly asked ones.

How Much Will A Firepit Cost?

Generalized prices don’t take into consideration the design, size, and material choice. That’s why we offer a free consultation for all of our projects. We’ll come out to your property to review the site and discuss your project.

Afterward, we’ll prepare a detailed project estimate. This way you’ll know exactly how much your firepit will cost. Moreover, to help you pay for your landscaping element, we offer financing through Greensky®.

What Can I Burn In My Firepit?

Basically, all types of trees fall into either the hardwood or softwood category. Typically, hardwoods make for the best fires for your pit.

Generally, hardwood trees are denser and burn longer and hotter than softwoods. Some examples of hardwood trees are oak, hickory, ash, birch, and dogwood.

On the other hand, softwoods burn faster producing more smoke and ash. Pine, cedar, redwood, spruce, and Douglas fir are a few types of softwoods.

Regardless of your wood choice, pick seasoned wood. These are logs you’ve exposed to the elements to dry out. Moreover, refrain from burning pallets, painted wood, or driftwood as these can release harmful chemicals when burned.

Can You Build An Outdoor Kitchen?

Absolutely! Landscaping Solutions & Design can tackle any outdoor project. We can design and install hardscapes, outdoor lighting, water, and fire features. Plus, we can help with all types of outdoor maintenance like lawn care, pruning, and tree removal. Basically, there’s no landscaping problem we can’t solve.

Stop dreaming about how you want to transform your backyard. Give us a call at 336-442-0160 and let’s start working together to turn your backyard into your slice of heaven.