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Backyard Garden Fountain Ideas You Need to Know About!

backyard garden fountain ideasFountains have long served as a focal point for outdoor spaces. Historians and archeologists date fountains back to 3,000 B.C. during Mesopotamia times. Greeks and Romans also utilized them heavily in their outdoor architecture. Since then, the popularity of fountains has only grown. Today, many homeowners and business owners utilize them in their backyards or commercial spaces. If you are interested in finding out some backyard garden fountain ideas, then this Landscape Solutions and Design blog is for you!

We will talk about all the ways someone can utilize a backyard fountain and answer some questions you might have. Still have questions or ready for your very own backyard garden fountain? Call us today at 336-442-0160 and we are ready to assist. You can also complete our simple contact form to request a free quote.

Backyard Garden Fountain Ideas Galore!

First, you should consider why you want to add a garden fountain to your outdoor oasis.

Benefits of a Garden Fountain

There are numerous benefits to adding a fountain to your backyard. A few include:

  • Health benefits of seeing and hearing water
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Potential home for fish
  • Unique outdoor living feature
  • Spruces up and compliments your other landscaping features
  • Relaxing addition for a true outdoor oasis

Now, that you’ve learned some of the benefits a fountain provides, we want to discuss the different types of garden fountain options.

Type of Water Flow

When you choose water elements for your landscaping, you have five different options for water flow. Those are:

  1. Cascading – this is commonly what is thought of when it comes to imagining water in fountains. It cascades down from a higher level or tier.
  2. Pouring – this consists of a larger flow of water within your fountain. Similar to cascading it drops down from a higher level or tier, sometimes multiple levels/tiers.
  3. Raining – this effect is created by dropping water down higher from a structure, like a tower of sorts. As the name suggests it sounds like rain.
  4. Bubbling – this is a smaller flow of water coming out of the fountain and tends to be quieter.
  5. Running smooth – this effect is created by letting water flow down an object, such as an urn. It creates more of a trickle noise instead of some of the louder fountains.

Once you decide what type of water flow you want, there are two more decisions to make – design and location.

Garden Fountain Design

The type of water flow will begin to point you in the right direction of what design you want for your garden fountain. However, there are a few other design items to consider, such as:

  • Materials
  • Adding stones
  • Area surrounding the fountain

Each of these elements listed above play a crucial role in the design of your backyard fountain.


Finally, you need to decide where to place the garden fountain in your backyard. There are three ways to view where to place the fountain.

  1. Centerpiece – will the fountain be the focal point of your backyard oasis?
  2. Accent – will the fountain be along the sidelines and an accent point in your landscaping?
  3. Destination – will you be creating a pathway that leads to the fountain as its own landscaping element to visit?

Frequently Asked Questions on Backyard Fountains

While we discussed numerous aspects of backyard fountains in our blog above, we understand you might still have questions. Therefore, we put together a quick FAQ section on some commonly asked questions pertaining to garden fountains. Ready for a quote or need further assistance? Simply, call us at 336-442-0160 and we will prepare a free, no-obligation quote for your unique landscaping needs.

Are garden fountains hard to maintain?

The biggest maintenance need of fountains is ensuring they have proper water supply. If you select a skilled landscape designer and installer, like Landscape Solutions and Design, we will take that into account. We want to ensure your garden fountain is beautiful, but not extremely hard to maintain. Some ways we do this is helping you select a fountain that fits your needs and ensuring it has easy access to the necessary water supply.

How do you make a garden waterfall?

Backyard garden waterfalls and fountains are complex landscaping design elements. Therefore, while DIY might sound tempting, we highly recommend you consider hiring a professional. They ensure it is designed and installed properly. There are many complexities to water landscaping features, such as these components or needs:

  • PVC conduit
  • Pump access
  • Electrical access
  • Pumps & valves

Our team at Landscape Design Solutions ensures all these complexities are managed properly for smooth installation and use.

What is the cost to design and install a backyard garden fountain?

As with most of our landscaping services, there is no one-set cost for any landscaping element we provide. This holds true to backyard garden fountains. Some factors that impact pricing include:

  • Materials
  • Design complexity
  • Type of fountain
  • Electrical and water access
  • Other landscaping components desired

Once you call us or request a quote online, we will create a custom quote just for your unique needs. We service the entire Piedmont Triad as well as Lake Norman and Charlotte areas.

Landscape Solutions & Design Will Create Your Perfect Backyard Garden Fountain!

Now that you’ve learned so many backyard garden fountain ideas in our latest blog, are you ready to create your dream fountain? We are ready to help you make that dream a reality. Call Landscape Solutions and Design today at 336-442-0160 to request a free, no-obligation quote. Let us help you create a beautiful water feature for your backyard!

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