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Outdoor Living for Business Solutions

Living in North Carolina provides an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors more than in many other parts of the country. For our businesses, this is great for utilizing the space outside your business as a wonderful first impression. For restaurants, it means your patrons can enjoy dining in a beautifully crafted outdoor space.

Landscape Solutions & Design has the expertise to work with any budget and any ideas that you have for an outdoor space. Utilizing your outdoor areas will improve the functionality, appearance and value of your business. It will transform the outdoor area of your business into a space customers will enjoy and want to visit again. Call us at 336-442-0160 today to request a free quote for a stunning outdoor space at your business.

Below are some of the outdoor elements that you may want to consider adding to your business, so that you can stand apart from your competition!

commercial outdoor living

Fire Pits

commercial Fire Pit

Fire pits are great for outdoor patio areas. They transform the space with warmth and light throughout the year, no matter the season. If your business hosts parties or events, then people can enjoy the space even when it gets chilly outside. For restaurants, it allows you to serve guests outside while they stay nice and warm.

The experts here at Landscape Solutions & Design have the skills to create a fire pit area that your guests will adore. We can recommend the appropriate materials that will complement the style and colors of your business. Before the project begins, we can show you what the finished product will look like, using our state-of-the-art software. This allows you to see what it will look like before construction even happens!


An outdoor fireplace adds a whole different level of ambiance than a fire pit. It often serves as a focal point in an outdoor patio or space for a business. Guests will stay warm with its roasting fire no matter what season it is in NC.

If you are a restaurant owner, then another option with an outdoor fireplace is adding a pizza oven within the fireplace structure. This allows the fireplace to be beautiful and extremely useful.

Similar to fireplaces in our houses, another aspect it serves is an entertainment area. Restaurant owners – envision guests watching the latest game on the TV mounted above the fireplace while enjoying your handmade, crafted cocktails. This outdoor element is the perfect way to put your business over the top of your competition.

Our experts can work with you to design the appropriate size and the perfect materials to complement the rest of your business. There is a wide range of finishes that you can use to add texture to your space and enhance the look of your outdoor area. Brick and stone are the more popular choices, but our experts can show you a variety of options available.

When working with our designers, you will be guided through the selection process, so that the size, materials and location of your fireplace will be precisely what you envision.

Beautiful Covered Patio Outside New Luxury Home

Water Features

EVA MENEGAKIS - Water Features

In central NC, water features are becoming one of the most popular focal points to add to any property – both commercial and residential. Based on the size and topography of your space, there are many options available. From a pondless waterfall or koi pond to a stream or fountain, these elements are aesthetically pleasing and naturally relaxing. Throughout time, water has served to support life and to provide endless hours of relaxation.

Guests will love hearing the sound of water and seeing its rippling effects. It will bring them a sense of peace and relaxation. They can enjoy a meal listening to a pondless waterfall at a restaurant or enjoy a glass of wine while watching a koi pond at a winery. There are limitless options available for businesses when it comes to water features.

Work with our designers to create exactly the right water feature for your business. Perhaps you have enough room for both a pond and a waterfall, or a fountain and a stream. Any combination is possible…dream it and we will create it.

Outdoor Grills

If your business hosts events, such as mixers or networking gatherings then an outdoor grill is a great way to ‘spice’ it up. Whether you bring in caterers to fire up the grill or everyone brings their own favorite meat, it is guaranteed to make for a memorable time for guests.

Best of all, there is a huge selection of grills available with all the bells and whistles. Some of those include:

  • Flat-top cooking surface
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Easy-clean surfaces
  • Storage space built-in

The sky really is the limit when it comes to grill features!

We look forward to working with you to create an outdoor space where you can impress your guests and potential customers!

Outdoor Kitchens

Revolutionize your restaurant with an outdoor kitchen. Everyone loves when they see chefs prepare food in front of them. Why not create an outdoor space that does that as well?

In today’s outdoor living world, a restaurant can have a full-equipped kitchen outside. Some popular elements of an outdoor kitchen include:

  • Sinks
  • Grills
  • Refrigerators
  • Pizza ovens
  • Smokers
  • Kegerators
  • Bars
  • Seating areas

Seriously, any appliance or amenity that you have indoors (and some that you don’t!) can be included in an outdoor kitchen. Ovens, gas stoves, refrigerators, sinks, warming drawers and storage space can all be incorporated into a full-service outdoor kitchen with its own decor!

Outdoor kitchens are the perfect solution to extending your cooking and dining areas at your restaurant. It also elevates the enjoyment level for the chef and patrons.

Our Landscape Solutions designers will create, along with you, the perfect outdoor kitchen to suit your business. We partner closely with our commercial clients to ensure they have an outdoor space that will bring in more customers!

Ponds/Pondless Waterfalls

Pondless waterfalls are exactly what the name implies…a re-circulating waterfall that doesn’t have a pond at the base. Instead, they are created with an in-ground reservoir of water that is pumped up into the waterfall path. The water then flows back down into the reservoir.

Adding a pond or a pondless waterfall to your outdoor space or anywhere on your property adds tremendous ambiance to your business. They can serve as the focal point for your outdoor area to provide a unique aesthetic appeal to your landscape design.

Not only are these water features visually pleasing, they are stress relievers, as well! There is nothing like relaxing with a cocktail while outdoors listening to the sound of falling water or gazing at a lovely pond. Perhaps you would even include some fish or lilies to further enhance the scene.

While you’re at it, why not add another feature to your backyard and include a gazebo?

Landscape Solutions has experts in designing the perfect outdoor living elements and creating water features is one of our many quality services.


Raised & Lowered Patios

Patios and outdoor living areas are becoming an important part of any property’s functionality. Outdoor living design is becoming a national pastime. We’ve discussed outdoor kitchens, but a patio can be considered your outdoor living room.

At Landscape Solutions & Design, we offer both raised and lowered patio designs for businesses. Working with our experts, you can see which option best suits your property and your aesthetic.

Patios can be enhanced with little cost by adding a planter or a seating area. This will add additional space for your guests to enjoy your business and it’s services. Our experts will show you the many options available to add this outdoor area to your business.

Raised patios are generally between 6 and 12 inches above ground level. We can design them with steps on one or more sides.

Lowered patios are usually 6 to 12 inches below ground level. These also have steps leading down to the patio on one or more sides.

These updated patio designs provide a bit more dimension, separation and visual appeal to your outdoor space than the ground-level versions. All patios can be made with a wide variety of materials, including concrete, pavers, bricks and stone. Our designers will be happy to work with you to create a structure that will enhance your property and provide additional outdoor living space for your guests.

Why Choose Landscape Solutions & Design Inc.?

Landscape Solutions and Design

Landscaping covers a broad range of lawn and garden services and we have extended our skill set to include the design and construction of hardscapes and water features. We perform maintenance throughout the year to keep your business’ property in top shape, to provide the ultimate first and lasting impression on your guests

Working with our design staff allows you to see completed projects before a shovel hits the ground. Our state-of-the-art software shows a finished product in the design phase, so that changes can be made without adding cost to the project. As you can see, outdoor rooms are becoming the normal way to extend a business’ square footage!

We work closely with our clients throughout the process and respect their time and their budgets. Give us a call at 336-442-0160 to discuss your ideas or upcoming outdoor design projects.

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