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Are Outdoor Water Features Good for Your Backyard?

outdoor water featuresMany homeowners choose to add outdoor water features to their backyard for purely aesthetic reasons. However, did you know there are other benefits to adding a fountain, backyard pond, waterfall, or other water feature? Our team here at Landscape Solutions & Design Inc. has experience installing a variety of different types of water features. Let’s take a look at some reasons why you may want to install one in your backyard.


Attract Wildlife to Your Backyard

Birds, frogs, dragonflies, rabbits, butterflies, squirrels, and a number of other animals love water sources. Depending on where you live, a water feature might even attract lesser-seen animals like deer and fox. If you choose to add a pond, you can even add koi fish or other types of fish.

Imagine sitting on your deck or sunroom and watching birds taking a bath in your fountain or a squirrel enjoying a drink from your pond. Backyard animals are typically great for the environment, and can help control pests.

Birds especially love backyard water features. Many species eat a variety of bugs and other pests. Here are some more tips if you want to attract more birds to your garden.

Add Water-Loving Plants to Your Garden

Here in North Carolina, we typically get enough rain to satisfy most plants you might want in your yard. That said, every backyard is different. If your yard gets a lot of sun or the grading drains the water away, you might want a water feature to add some extra water to your yard.

When installed properly, water features can actually be very water-efficient. They recycle the water and require few chemicals, if any, to maintain water quality. Unlike a pool or hot tub, you don’t have to constantly check the chemical levels. Backyard ponds and stream-like fountains are especially good for plants. Once we install your water feature, you can plant water-loving plants around it. We can also help with the landscape design if you don’t enjoy gardening.

Keep in mind that if your backyard is dry, we can also install irrigation. We can install a drop irrigation system, sprinklers, soaker hose systems, and more. Additionally, we can grade your backyard if needed and build any necessary retaining walls in order to ensure water is draining properly.

Create a Relaxing Atmosphere for your Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor water features don’t just look pretty. They can also create a relaxing atmosphere. The sound of trickling water can help reduce stress and boost positive emotions. Other natural sounds, such as birds singing and the sound of rain, can also have mental health benefits.

If you’re interested in the sound, we recommend a waterfall, fountain, or other feature that includes running water, rather than a pond. Underwater pumps are actually relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain. Setting up a new pump is the hardest part. We’ll install the pump so it helps the water flow perfectly. Then, it is simply a matter of keeping the intake area free from leaves and other debris.

We can help with leaf clean-up and other landscape maintenance if this is a chore you don’t enjoy. Our team of landscape professionals has experience with lawn maintenance during all seasons. Click here to learn more about our landscape maintenance services.

FAQs About Outdoor Water Features

We would love to speak with you about installing an outdoor fountain, backyard pond, water wall, or other type of outdoor water feature. We can also help with other landscape projects such as outdoor kitchens, paver patios, and other hardscapes. If you have questions about any of our services, we’d love to answer them. Here are a few of the most common queries we hear about outdoor water features.

What types of outdoor water fountains should I consider?

Water fountains are one of the most common types of features we install. We have installed classic water fountains like you’d see at most parks. However, we also install more modern water fountains that blend into the natural environment. These look similar to streams, even if your property doesn’t have a natural water source. Additionally, we can install a modern water wall, which is a great option if you don’t have much space or have concerns about small children near a larger fountain.

Is it expensive to install a water feature?

We work with all budgets. During our consultation, we’ll speak about your expenses and expectations. Our water feature recommendations and designs will fit within your budget, and we always ensure we stick to our quote. You won’t get a surprise bill at the end of the project.

How do I know that I’ll like the look of my new water feature?

It can be hard to visualize how a water feature will look in your backyard, even with our detailed design drawings. So, we have the latest in 3D design software, which allows you to look at your new backyard as though it already exists. Our software will show you lighting, flowing water, realistic plants, and even birds, pets, and people. This allows us to be completely sure that we’re on the same page about your landscape. It’s much easier to make changes during the design phase than it is to make changes after construction has already started.

Are you ready to see what kind of water feature we can install in your backyard? Contact us today for a no-obligation initial meeting where we can discuss your ideas and talk about the possibilities and give you a free quote.