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Expertly-Crafted Waterfall Designs for Your Landscaping

waterfall designsThere is something about the sound and sight of flowing water. Something about the agile way in which it moves among obstacles and creates a path. Despite the objects in its way, it conquers; it flows. Gracefully, it mingles with nature and pulls you into its peaceful journey. It’s simply mesmerizing. At Landscape Solutions & Design, we create expertly-crafted waterfall designs to include you in this soothing sight and sound. We strive to mesmerize you, your family and your guests as you each lounge in your backyard landscape.

Even if you don’t yet have a backyard waterfall to lead you towards these meditative moments, we’ve found a few of our favorite quotes to help get you there.

The Wondrous World of Waterfalls

Since nearly the beginning of time, humanity has wondered at the spectacular sight of a beautiful waterfall. Here are a few of their words of appreciation.

There’s no better place to find yourself than sitting by a waterfall and listening to its music.” Roland R Kemler

Just let go – and fall like a little waterfall.” Bob Ross

There is a waterfall in every dream. Cool and crystal clear, it falls gently on the sleeper, cleansing the mind and soothing the soul.” Virginia Alison

There’s hope at the bottom of the biggest waterfall.” Patrick Ness

How You Can Soothe Your World with Waterfall Designs

Now that you’re feeling the ebbing peace of waterfall methodology, let’s gently ease into waterfall designs and options that add soothing sound and mellow motion to your world and outdoor living space. Our design team takes its waterfall approach and relaxation techniques very seriously. Just a few of our outdoor living project ideas include:

Swimming Pool Waterfall

In itself, a pool is a delightful oasis swimming in the liquid gold that brings peace to our world. Adding the soothing sound of a pool waterfall brings delight to our ears and eases our eyes as well. Float in your oasis as water trickles or even rushes around you. At night, incorporate underwater lighting to make your pool dynamic for evening entertaining as well!

Reflective Wonders

Obviously, a fire feature is lovely on its own. Whether you have a fire pit of large boulders or a fireplace, the way the flames reflect and dance in the flow is mesmerizing. Create your outdoor fireplace with a water feature by its side. Or, design a firepit with flowing liquid nearby. Whether this is done with a backyard pond and a waterfall spillway, or with waterfall design incorporated into your area, it’s a lovely addition.

Perfect Your Patio

Sometimes, patio furniture alone isn’t enough to make your patio pop. However, a flowing pondless waterfall design will. Lounge in a lovely chaise by a cascade of beauty. Or, grill by the cool sounds of nature flowing right on your back lawn.

Delight Your Deck

You needn’t relegate a fabulous waterfall design to your own backyard. Therefore, think about the big picture and create a delightful dream deck with a waterfall flowing down its side. Our expert design team at Landscape Solutions & Design will help you find the perfect match with a stunning waterfall.

Awesome Outdoor Living Room

Similarly, an outdoor living room is the perfect seating area in which to add a little coolness and motion. Incorporating gently falling water within this outdoor living area encourages relaxation and adds a unique focal point to your outdoor décor. You can include a pond nearby or a pondless waterfall.

Killer Kitchens

Likewise, all outdoor rooms benefit. Clearly, it may be odd to add a waterfall feature to your indoor kitchen. Although, adding this water feature to your outdoor kitchen is kind of cool. Literally. Grill in pleasure while a cascading shower entertains, cools and relaxes you and your guests.

Gorgeous Garden Waterfall Design

Tropical plants and water together simply make sense. Whether you have a working garden with fruits and veggies, a Japanese garden with fabulous flowers or something in between, waterfalls make your yard a paradise. Even though your outdoor area is right out your back door, you’ll feel transported to a tropical wonderland with a garden waterfall.

Gather at the Gazebo

A gazebo makes a fantastic relaxing and entertaining area as well. Consider strolling by a pondless waterfall to get there. Or, place a cascading masterpiece nearby to admire and listen to while you lounge.

Perk Up Your Pergola

Since you’re providing a little coolness with shade and visual height with a pergola, continue the idea with a waterfall. Dark wood, such as teak, looks lovely and exotic when teamed with reflective, flowing water. Add some climbing flowers (moonflowers are lovely in the evening) and dramatic lighting for a restful area day and night.

Enhance Entryways

Truly, any area of your yard benefits from flowing water. Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your entranceway with front yard outdoor design. Small water features incorporated into natural areas or even larger flowing water built into a hardscape with large boulders and pebbles make for a dramatic entrance. Guests enjoy this curb appeal as much as a homeowner does.

Outdoor Décor that Complements Your Waterfall Wonderland

To help you truly envision entertaining and relaxing in your water wonderland, envision a few outdoor accessories to complement your liquid landscape. From furniture and outdoor rugs, to pillows and windchimes, peripherals complete your outdoor living design.

  • Outdoor furniture. Since you’ve created a place to rest and relax, do it expertly. A chaise lounge is the ultimate piece of furniture designed for relaxing. Place each lounge chair for optimal views. Additionally, consider snuggling a hammock into your outdoor living design.
  • Sounds. Since waterfalls are also a sensory experience, comingle other delightful sounds. Windchimes and craftily-placed speakers enhance your outdoor living space even further.
  • Materials. Think about materials that add to the tropical feel of your yard. Dark teak wood provides deep contrast. Free-formed shapes, stone and rock match the flowing theme.
  • Outdoor rugs and pillows. Maintain the water theme and choose outdoor rugs and pillows with colors of the sea or designs of a Japanese garden. Flowing shapes and tropical designs pull your décor together.

If this seems like a lot to consider for your outdoor space, don’t worry. Our team at Landscape Solutions and Design can help you with all of the above!

How Do You Make a Natural Waterfall?

Moreover, all of these fabulous ideas beg an intrinsic question: How do you make a natural waterfall? The development process of waterfall designs is critical. Gravity and agile methodology are key in our waterfall approach to liquid hardscapes. To re-create nature, we must mimic nature. We envision a boulder or natural stone not as obstacles but as conduits in our process of creating a natural waterfall. They don’t block the path; they are our path to creating a true backyard oasis.

Another question our homeowners ask: Does landscaping add value to your home? This answer is not as cut and dried. Generally, absolutely! Enhancing the landscape of your yard is pretty much always a wise idea. However, it has to be done right. Use an expert. Otherwise, you may end up with a discombobulated mess. Plus, you may be unintentionally creating safety hazards. Especially, this is true when heights and motion are involved.

Approaching landscape design with good intentions and a vision in your head is akin to finding a fun project on Pinterest and thinking one can replicate it. Obviously, if our clients have that particular talent to do that sort of thing on their own, we’re impressed. However, many of the rest of us take on a Pinterest project with motivation and excitement only to later discover that a little more expertise is needed. Ultimately, we may wish to claim that our kids created the final project! We all need a scapegoat, after all.

To ensure that your outdoor living design is visually pleasing AND safe, it’s imperative to use a professional.

Why Choose Landscape Solutions & Design?

We hope that you will consider Landscape Solutions & Design as your professional. Since 2005, we’ve faithfully served the Triad area of NC. Our landscaping design specialists in High Point have more than 15 years of experience. We excel in a full spectrum of high-end landscaping services. Plus, our fully-licensed and insured technicians have the creativity and capability to ensure that your project will surpass all expectations. Additionally, safety is our main focus – we want you and your family to enjoy your property for many years to come. And, when the time comes to sell, we want you to realize a nice profit on your investment.

Furthermore, Landscape Solutions and Design Inc. prides itself on a perfectionist mentality. Exceeding our customers’ expectations is key to every job, no matter how large or small. Carefully, we choose every member of our staff for their skill, work ethic, and attention to detail.

From the start, we take the time to get to know you, your property and your desires. Our founder, Kostas Menegakis, oversees every project and our team values the feedback that they receive from clients because it allows them to provide a very personalized experience. We discuss the requirements in detail with each client before presenting the options available. Then, we keep all elements on schedule to ensure timely completion of your project.

No matter what your vision is for your property, we can design and install anything you can imagine. We do customized landscape design and installation. Additionally, we use world-class design software to show you exactly what your vision will look like before we even start the installation! This gives you the ability to tell us what you want and see what the end result will be. Our highly-trained technicians and state-of-the-art equipment mean faster and more effective service for our customers.

At Landscape Solutions, anything you can dream for your outdoor spaces, we can create, no matter the size or scope of your project. We readily serve the High Point, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Charlotte and Lake Norman areas.

Our Customers Say It Best

In the end, it helps to hear from our clients. We take pride in the fact that our business has been built primarily on references from satisfied customers! Here are just a few of their kind words.

Never in a million years would we have EVER dreamed our backyard could look like this. Kostas listened to our needs and came up with what you see in the “after” photos. Kostas came by daily to ensure the project was going as planned and called to check in to see if we had questions. His crew was on time and worked hard. If you ever need anyone for your landscaping project, Landscape Solutions & Design is a must!”
– Sandra Henderson, NC

I’m not very good about picturing what something will look like. With the software that Landscape Solutions & Design has, you can clearly see what the end project will look like plus what it’s going to look like down the road. That’s awesome!”
– Arthur Jacobs, Summerfield, NC

Kostas and his crew are such a pleasure to work with. Not only did they work neatly but they also cleaned up after themselves daily during my project.”
– Joe Mansfield, High Point, NC

Here are a few more of our customer reviews. Additionally, check out our project gallery to see our work and spark some ideas. We take pride in the fact that we’ve built our business primarily on the solid foundation of references from satisfied customers.

Today, give us a call to find out how we can bring flowing water and more to your world! You can reach us at 336-442-0160.