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Types of Outdoor Water Features for Your Home

Water-FeaturesOne of the most common ways to enhance the outside of a home is with water features. The feature can be large or small depending on the size of the yard. Many people enjoy the inviting look and tranquil feel an outdoor water feature provides them and their guests.  A water feature not only boosts the curb appeal of the home, but also enhances its value. There are so many options available to include within custom water features. Small designs work for yards with limited space, while you can opt for more intricate features for larger yards. Here are the four basic types of outdoor water features available.


Ponds are great for backyard areas. The solitude and quiet of a pond may be created with a variety of shapes, sizes, and depths. They are often landscaped with different size rocks and various plants and flowers for a natural look. There are four basic types of ponds: water gardens, reflecting pools, ornamental pools, and fish ponds.

  • Water Gardens – Gardens are a nice addition to the décor of a yard. Many take the traditional garden a step further with water features. Water gardens showcase aquatic and exotic plant life inside and outside of the pond. The variety of bright colors and textures create a rich, natural setting right in your yard.
  • Reflecting Pools – Reflecting pools are designed to be a central decorative feature in a garden. They often are designed to match the aesthetic of the home with geometric shapes and walking surfaces around them. Locating these pools near colorful and decorative landscaping adds more beauty from the reflection in the water’s surface.
  • Ornamental Pools – Ornamental pools are generally located near a patio or deck. They are designed around an ornamental piece like a vertical fountain or a spouting statue.
  • Fish Ponds – Fish can be added to almost any type of water feature, particularly ponds. You do have to make sure the fish are cared for in the appropriate way. Koi and goldfish are commonly added to ponds for an accent of moving color.


Fountains are a popular water feature for residential properties. With the variety of shapes and sizes available, they are perfect for accenting the front or back yard. A fountain becomes a centerpiece with carefully designed landscaping surrounding the feature.


Waterfalls add vertical motion. Designed with rocks, stone, and other materials, they add a new dimension to flowing water. Waterfalls can add lights to pair with the tranquil water sounds for night enjoyment. The attention garnered from a waterfall allows for enjoyment up close or at a distance.


Streams are great for expansive yards. Pathways made of wood or rocks turn your landscape into a nature adventure. Streams can flow alongside walkways, patios, and pool decks. Streams act as natural filters while keeping the water circulating, often flowing into a pond or waterfall. This water movement prevents insects from swarming and slows algae growth.

Outdoor Water Features with Landscape Solutions and Design

When installed by professionals, outdoor water features such as fountains, waterfalls, streams, and ponds can bring the beauty and relaxing power of water to your home. The professionals at Landscape Solutions & Design can create and install outdoor water features that work best with your property and home. Call today for an estimate.