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Swimming Pool Builders Near Me Offering Total Customization

swimming pool builders near meRoutine swimming has many health benefits. However, slogging to the local pool or YMCA to share the water with strangers hinders many people. Imagine having your own backyard pool to exercise, entertain, or just relax. When you’re searching for qualified swimming pool builders near me, trust Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.

Best Time To Start Shopping For An Inground Pool

Often, people think about installing an inground pool during the summer when temperatures soar into the 90s. However, beginning a project at this time usually means your pool won’t be ready until the fall.

Usually, many homeowners fail to consider some of the time-consuming tasks associated with building a pool. First, many towns require a permit. Then, there’s the time it takes to excavate and install the plumbing and electrical lines. Finally, afterwards you’ll need landscaping of the surrounding area.

Sometimes, homeowners start planning in the spring. However, this season can be problematic due to an increased chance of rain. Additionally, soil in the Piedmont area is mostly clay, a soil that maintains water for longer periods after rainfall. Unfortunately, excavating can only take place in dry soils.

Generally, fall is a great time to install a pool. Usually, the ground is drier in NC and you’ll have plenty of time to finish it before the next summer. Moreover, fall is a good time to put plants in the ground to landscape around your pool.

Even winter can be a great time to put in a pool in our temperate climate. Excavating in the winter only becomes a problem when the ground freezes. Usually, the ground freezes when the ground temperature remains at 32 degrees F or lower. Although NC can experience several days of freezing temperatures, we also experience many milder winter days.

Some Luxury Inground Pool Options

Gone are the days of the simple, rectangular inground swimming pool. Although still available, today you have virtually any shape and can choose from several luxurious options that combine function and beauty. Plus, custom features can add a new dimension to your backyard pool:

1. Infinity

An aesthetically opulent feature, infinity pools create the illusion of the pool water flowing beyond the edge. Also known as rimless or zero edge pools, its sleek and modern design makes a stunning visual effect.

2. Beach Entry

This style has one or more sides that gradually slope from land to water. Generally, this makes entry into the pool easier for children as well as older people and those with disabilities.

3. Waterfall

The sound of falling water has calming effects and can muffle everyday distracting noises. Plus, a waterfall can oxygenate your swimming pool to reduce algae growth.

4. Swim Up Bar

For a resort-like setting, consider adding a swim-up bar. This feature has a counter located at the edge of the pool with submerged seating. Thus, your family and friends never have to leave the pool to eat or drink.

5. Sun Shelves

Also called tanning ledges, sun shelves are platforms that create very shallow areas of your pool. Some people like to place lounge chairs, umbrellas, or tables in this area to blend functionality and attractiveness.

6. Bubblers

Pool bubblers create small fountains in a pool’s shallow areas. These devices add a unique visual element especially when you include colorful LED lights.

Don’t forget peripherals either such as fire pits or fireplaces, cabanas and patios.

Types Of Swimming Pools

Aside from choosing features, you’ll have to pick from among 3 different types of pools:

  • Vinyl
  • Gunite
  • Fiberglass

Usually, choosing your material involves looking at your budget, needs, aesthetics, customization, and installation time frame. While some materials are less expensive, others are more durable. Furthermore, while certain materials cost more upfront, maintenance costs are lower.

Overall, we believe gunite pools are the best choice for durability, cost-effectiveness, and customization. However, we can design and build the other types as well. Ultimately, we want you to be happy with your choice. That’s why we offer a free no-obligation consultation to meet with you and discuss your needs and budget.

Swimming Pool Builders Near Me – FAQs

Investing in a swimming pool is a big decision so it’s important to choose a quality contractor. The expertise of your builder is crucial in the beauty, durability, and enjoyment of your backyard feature. Below we answer a few questions about choosing from many swimming pool builders near me.

Is A Pool A Worthy Investment?

Most likely, you’re building a pool for yourself and not a buyer. With a pool in your backyard, you won’t have to fight the crowd at your local recreational center. You’ll also have a beautiful entertainment space. Plus, you’ll increase your family time with a fun, shared space everyone can enjoy.

What Should I Look For In A Contractor?

Ultimately, the expertise of your pool builder plays a critical role in the result of your project. Referrals, online reviews, and length in business are some important criteria.

At Landscape Solutions, we’ve been transforming yards since 2005. Many of these satisfied customers have given us outstanding reviews. Moreover, we built our business mainly through referrals – people like you who loved how we transformed their yard.

Can You Landscape The Surrounding Area?

Definitely! We’re a full-service landscaping company servicing both commercial and residential properties. In addition to building your pool, we can construct other hardscapes such as a cabana, fire feature, patio, or pergola to complete your space. Plus, we can recommend and install beautiful plants to add to the aesthetic appeal.

When you’re looking for the best swimming pool builders near me, call Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. at 336-442-0160. We’ll have you never leaving your backyard.