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Looking For Reliable Outdoor Fireplace Installers Near Me?

outdoor fireplace installationHomeowners continue to remodel their backyards to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Installing an outdoor fireplace has many great benefits helping to create this harmonious passage. When searching for outdoor fireplace installers near me, call Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.

Some Of The Many Benefits Of An Outdoor Fireplace

While the pandemic is a distant memory, it has changed the way homeowners view their yards. Today’s homeowners no longer only want to be outside during the warmer months. They want to make use of their outdoor space all year long. Moreover, people don’t just want a plot of grass. Instead, homeowners want beautiful, functional, and relaxing outdoor living spaces.

One of the best ways to extend your time outdoors is to install an outdoor fireplace. This feature provides warmth and light so you can be outside all year long. Plus, sitting in front of a fire has health benefits. One study found significant decreases in blood pressure when enjoying the ambiance of a fire.

Moreover, adding an outdoor fireplace can add value to your home. Many home buyers seek houses with beautiful outdoor spaces. Furthermore, a fireplace usually tops the list of the most desired features. However, the exact value this structure adds to your home will depend on your individual market.

Finally, a custom design can add a dramatic focal point upgrading your backyard to a resort-like atmosphere. Add it to your patio to create the perfect place to entertain. Or put one next to your pool for warmth after an evening swim. Wherever you choose to place it, it’ll become the perfect gathering space.

Types Of Fuels

Once you’ve decided on adding a fireplace to your backyard, you’ll have to decide between 3 different fuel types:

1. Electric

Around since 1912, electric fireplaces haven’t been too popular. One of the main complaints with electricity is the unrealistic looking flames. However, new technologies using LED lights and mirrors create a fire that looks more like the real thing. Plus, many models have heating elements so you can experience a warm, relaxing glow.

Typically, these fireplaces are the quickest and easiest to install as well as the most affordable solution. For example, without burning, you eliminate the need for venting giving you flexibility in your placement.

However, you also can’t experience the enticing smell or crackling sounds of burning wood. Additionally, you need to place an electric fireplace in a covered area. Even an outdoor-rated fireplace cannot withstand repeated exposure to weather elements.

2. Gas

This fuel type is a popular choice due to its ease of use and lower maintenance. With a flick of a switch, you can have a roaring fire. Moreover, burning gas doesn’t produce smoke, soot, or ash. Thus, you’ll spend less time cleaning your structure.

However, a gas fireplace requires installing a gas line driving up the cost. Like electric, you also can’t experience the sounds and smells of a wood burning fire. Finally, you can’t cook over a gas fireplace.

3. Wood

Many people prefer wood as the fuel of choice for the sound, smell, and heat output of a fire. Typically, seasoned wood burns hotter than the other choices and produces longer-lasting flames. Wood is also easy to obtain and relatively cheap. Plus, you can cook over a wood burning fire.

However, a wood fireplace requires more maintenance than the other choices. Whenever ash builds up higher than 1 inch, you’ll need to remove the excess. Additionally, you’ll need a place to store your wood.

Outdoor Fireplace Installers Near Me – FAQs

Choosing from among the best outdoor fireplace installers near me is easier than you think! When you pick Landscape Solutions, we can help you decide which type is best for your needs and budget. We can also create the perfect design for your backyard. Below we answer a few commonly asked questions about outdoor fireplaces.

Where Is The Best Place To Put An Outdoor Fireplace?

Often, the placement of your outdoor fireplace can impact your use and enjoyment. For instance, if it’s too far from your house, you’ll probably rarely use it.

However, many towns have restrictions regarding the placement. Usually, you’ll need to locate it a certain number of feet from any buildings. Furthermore, constructing it under a roof will require a particular chimney height for proper ventilation.

Can I DIY An Outdoor Fireplace?

Although you’ll find fireplace kits on sale, we don’t recommend a DIY solution. Building an outdoor fireplace is a complicated procedure. Any mistake can affect the longevity and enjoyment of your structure. Alternatively, a professional can build you a durable, stunning focal point unique to your yard.

Do You Offer Other Types Of Landscaping Services?

We’re a full-service landscaping company with landscaping and pesticide licenses as well as several industry certifications. Our team can design and build any type of hardscape:

Additionally, we can design and help you maintain your softscape areas:

  • Lawncare
  • Mulching
  • Tree trimming/removal
  • Grading
  • Sod installation

Over the years, we’ve gained a reputation for our innovative design and meticulous attention to detail to create the beautiful space you’re imagining. It all begins with a free consultation with our owner, Kostas Menegakis. After discussing your ideas and budget, we’ll create a design unique to your property and wishes. Using 3D technology, we can even show you what your outdoor space will look like before we begin.

Stop searching through the many outdoor fireplace installers near me! Call Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. at 336-442-0160 today to begin your outdoor project.