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​Landscaping Greensboro NC – Get Your Business in Shape

Endless-Options-for-Your-Landscape-LightingWith the cold weather mostly gone for the season, it is time to get ready for spring. This means that your business has to think about your landscaping. Soon, customers will really start to take notice of your grass, trees, and other elements. Instead of waiting for things to get overgrown, you should begin planning now. Hiring a quality landscaping Greensboro NC business can ensure that your business property looks welcoming and well-cared-for.

Landscape Solutions & Design can provide you with expert landscaping Greensboro NC services

At Landscape Solutions & Design, we offer a variety of services. If you need someone to mow your grass and take care of trimming or pruning, we can do that. But we also can do a lot more, including:


Whether your existing hardscapes need some repair or you want to install a new feature, we can help. We have a staff of experts designing and creating walkways and paths, sidewalks, retaining walls, and more. Hardscapes can add attention-grabbing components to your property and attract new customers.


New and improved lighting is an excellent way to showcase your building, signs, or landscaping. This is especially important if your business remains open after the sun goes down.


Nobody wants to see brown or yellow patches on your lawn. This is something you will never have to worry about with a good irrigation system. Even in the heart of summer, we will make sure your landscaping stays beautifully green.

Water features

Want to put in something special customers will love? Think about a water feature. This could include a fountain, stream, or even a waterfall. This will provide a relaxing and scenic spot for both customers and employees.

Start now to improve your landscaping

Now is the time to really think about getting your landscaping in order. The pros at Landscape Solutions & Design have been helping North Carolina businesses improve their landscaping for years. In fact, we do the landscaping for every Arby’s in the state. When you need a landscaping Greensboro NC company you can count on, get in touch with us. Attractive landscaping can portray your business’ image before customers even walk in the door.