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​Custom Pondless Waterfall Designs by the Pros who Know

Dull landscape got you down? Need a new focal point in your yard or on your business property? Look no further than Landscape Solutions and Design from North Carolina. They have several landscaping and waterscape options to help create the atmosphere you are imagining for your home or business. Custom pondless waterfall designs are some of their most popular specialties. Their design pros will create a water element that is both aesthetically pleasing and safe for all.

Valuable Addition to Landscapes

When you are designing a new landscape feature, a waterfall may sound perfect! However, you may not think you have the space. Typically, we think of a waterfall pouring into a pool of water, whether a pond or a pool. If you have a small space for a waterfall, Landscape Solutions and Design can make it work for you. Pondless waterfall designs require much less space, but still create the desired soothing effect.

These designs are also cost-effective! Since you are not drastically changing your landscape, it cuts down on much of the labor. This means lower cost for you! Landscape Solutions and Design can create your waterscape for a fraction of the cost of most landscaping ventures!

Pondless Designs Eliminate Safety Concerns

With pools of water come safety concerns! First, kids could easily fall into these pools. Depending on the age of the children, this could be a drowning hazard. By incorporating a pondless design, you remove that danger (and the worry from your mind).

Also, pools of water can be the breeding ground for insects, especially mosquitoes. They are such a nuisance and can cause great trouble for those with allergies. By creating an environment with little standing water, those pesky insects will have to find a new home!

Variety of Pondless Waterfall Designs

If you can only imagine one design, never fear! The design pros at Landscape Solutions and Design have several options. These options range from a disappearing waterfall to a flowing stream bed. Some of these can even include a bridge, if you so desire. They have a couple of these featured in their gallery.

Of course, if you have another creative idea, the designers are always open to new ideas. They will be glad to come out and do a survey of a land you are looking to enhance. Since they can create a virtual 3-D plan; you will be able to see it before the work begins. This gives you the chance to make changes before construction.

Enhance the Land You’re In!

We can’t always choose the land, but we can choose how it looks! Landscape Solutions and Design is the perfect company to take your landscape from drab to fab with a pondless waterfall enhancement. Their design pros know how to create an aesthetically pleasing environment for your home or business. Contact them today (336-442-0160) to schedule a consultation.