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Commercial Landscaping

For commercial landscaping design and installation, we offer custom water features, grading and new construction, sod installation as well as drainage. We have the capability to build anything for your commercial needs to enhance the look and feel of your business. Sometimes these types of changes are exactly what your commercial property needs to turn heads and stand apart.

All of our work is custom, and our licensed professionals use advanced software to design commercial landscapes. This allows you to see the what it will look like before we even begin to touch the property. This enables us to help you bring your vision into reality and get it right the first time.


Commercial Grading / New Construction

Chick-Filet Landscaping

Our company offers professional commercial grading for new business construction. We have the experience to develop a detailed plan on our highly advanced software, which allows you to view the project before we even start to dig. Our software can even predict what  the finished result will look like up to 5 years out, giving you a full idea of what to expect.

We can then match the grades to our plan with our carefully planned survey, evaluation, and layout. Grading before new construction provides several key benefits, such as providing a more suitable topography for your business. Also, it prevents erosion during and after construction by creating proper runoff gradients. The last thing you want is an unexpected delay mid-project, and our careful planning ensures the smoothest progression possible for all landscaping projects.

Whether you are simply adding a sidewalk around your building, putting up a parking lot, or building a new commercial property altogether, we have the expertise to help you with a project of any magnitude.

Commercial Drainage Systems

Water has the potential to cause great damage to your commercial property. It can enter the building and ruin office furniture, carpet and other flooring. Standing water on your grass can lead to weak root systems and potentially cause death of the grass. It can also cause erosion which can lead to detrimental effects for your grass. It is important to add drainage to your commercial property to keep these potential problems from occurring.

To install drainage systems, the first step is to grade the land away from your business for proper water flow. This will not only prevent erosion, but it will also provide proper water flow to control runoff. We can take care of all your commercial drainage needs so call us today before these potential problems become a reality.


Commercial Sod Installation

sod installer near me

Sod installation is a popular way to add grass to any landscape. If you are building a new business or just looking to re-do your grass, we have the experience to help you get where you want to be.

Before installing your sod, there are a few things you must consider. To begin with, we must make sure that there are no weeds as they can be detrimental to new sod. We must also address drainage problems as sod will have a poor root system if water does not move through the soil rapidly enough. Therefore, it is wise to add a drainage system to your commercial landscape area to move water to places where it will not cause a problem. Finally, it is imperative that we grade the land properly for sod. The land needs to be graded away from your building and any walkways in order for water runoff to flow away from your property. After these problems have been considered and we have come up with solutions it is time to start installing your sod.

Commercial Waterscapes

Water can be a valuable addition to your commercial landscape. Customers are sure to find a small pond with a waterfall or a freestanding waterfall very pleasing (and relaxing). Water landscapes add character and further distinguish your business.

If you have the room a small stream can be attractive, especially if it is a sloped stream with waterfalls. Surrounding the pond or stream with rocks  both serves to edge it and also creates a small path around it. This can really create visual impact and set your water landscapes off against the surrounding plants. We also suggest that you plant colorful flowers as well as evergreens for year-round structure. In order to soften the rocky edges of the pond, it is not a bad idea to add water lilies and other plants to your water structure.

Keeping these tips in mind will make the water area at your commercial site very pleasing to the eye. Want some help designing and installing your water landscaping concepts? We would love to help you create the yard you’ve always wanted.

Commercial Waterscape

Commercial Custom Water Features

Commercial Water Feature

Custom Water Features

Custom water features can add visual appeal to your business, from large sprouting fountains to exquisite waterfalls. They add a pleasant ambiance to your landscaping and give it an additional touch of class and character. We’re here to help you select the perfect water features for your commercial landscaping needs.


We can do anything from large freestanding waterfalls to those connected to a wall of your building — even waterfalls in your pond or stream. These are great for setting off a garden or an area with trees, bringing it together into a striking focal point.

Fountains and Streams

We can also create sprouting fountains in your pond, or freestanding fountains of any design. Fountains are versatile in how they can be used, and can turn an otherwise ordinary space into a crowd pleaser. Streams can also complement a garden area by giving it a more wilderness-like feel without having to be far away from your office.

Building a new water feature is sure to become a conversation starter. These types of visuals set you apart, giving your business a sense of prestige and elegance. If you’d like more information or are ready to add some water features to your commercial landscaping, we would love to help you.

Restaurant Landscaping

Restaurant landscaping can make a big difference, creating a pleasing and inviting atmosphere from the moment a customer enters the parking lot. If things look unruly or outdated it will say all the wrong things about your restaurant, whereas having a fresh, well-maintained look can go a long way to creating the right first impression.

The parking lot’s design, as well as the plants used, can really make an area pop. Restaurant landscaping adds an extra touch of character to your location, setting you apart and creating an inviting look that makes passers by excited to dine with you.

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