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​Hardscape Ideas for Residential and Commercial

Hardscapes_Hardscapes refer to man-made elements that incorporate into a landscape. For example, they include driveways, any paved area, retaining walls, walkways, waterfalls, ponds and more. Materials used tend to be stone, concrete, brick and wood. Landscape Solutions & Design has been designing and building hardscapes for over a decade. Hence, if you need hardscape ideas, they are the first choice to call.

Residential Hardscape Ideas

Most residential buildings need a proper driveway. There is a benefit to having a paved area leading to your home. This prevents the tracking in of dirt and dust. With hardscapes, you can choose what design and materials you want for building your driveway. The same goes for sidewalks and other walkways around your property. Though often overlooked, these hardscapes are the very thing that directs people to your home.

Retaining walls are another form of hardscape. These walls keep loose soil from falling, in areas of uneven ground. Thus, they protect your property by keeping the area safe from destabilizing. Retaining walls also add to the beauty of your lawn. There are different materials you can choose from to build a retaining wall; stone and brick are two popular options.

Commercial Hardscape Needs

Most commercial buildings and businesses need a paved area. These areas can include driveways, parking lots and a drive-through. Paved areas provide accessibility function and visual appeal to your business. Landscape Solutions & Design also repaves damaged driveways and parking lots. They pride themselves in doing an excellent job while affecting your daily business as little as possible during the work period.

Retaining walls in a commercial setting create safety and protection. They keep loose soil from eroding or washing out. For the best performance, retaining walls demand the design and build-out by professional experts. Along with equipment and materials that will properly stabilize the area, this makes for an ideal solution. In addition, Landscape Solutions & Design creates these needed walls with stylish and aesthetically appealing form and materials.

Why Landscape Solutions & Design

Landscape Solutions & Design has the experienced and creative team for all your hardscape designing and building needs. Their trained technicians are fully licensed and insured. They pride themselves in completing projects in a timely fashion, with an attention to detail. Call Landscape Solutions & Design, if you are looking for hardscape ideas that are both creative and effective.