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    Are Outdoor Water Features Good for Your Backyard?

    Many homeowners choose to add outdoor water features to their backyard for purely aesthetic reasons. However, did you know there are other benefits to adding a fountain, backyard pond, waterfall, or other water feature? Our team here at Landscape Solutions & Design Inc. has experience installing a variety of different types of water features. Let’s […]

  • landscape waterfall ideas

    Our Top Landscape Waterfall Ideas for Homeowners in NC

    Have you been thinking about ways to improve your backyard? Here at Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc., we love installing beautiful water features, including backyard waterfalls. With our help, you can make even a small backyard feel like a resort. These landscape waterfall ideas will get you started; contact us today to learn even more […]

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    Create A Sensational Sanctuary With A Backyard Waterfall

    Our homes have always been an oasis where we can retreat from the world. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced Americans to be at home more often. Working from home, online classes, and staycations are the new normal. This has spurred homeowners to undertake home improvement projects to create more usable space both indoor and […]

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    Expertly-Crafted Waterfall Designs for Your Landscaping

    There is something about the sound and sight of flowing water. Something about the agile way in which it moves among obstacles and creates a path. Despite the objects in its way, it conquers; it flows. Gracefully, it mingles with nature and pulls you into its peaceful journey. It’s simply mesmerizing. At Landscape Solutions & […]

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    ​Landscaping Greensboro NC – Get Your Business in Shape

    With the cold weather mostly gone for the season, it is time to get ready for spring. This means that your business has to think about your landscaping. Soon, customers will really start to take notice of your grass, trees, and other elements. Instead of waiting for things to get overgrown, you should begin planning […]

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    ​Custom Pondless Waterfall Designs by the Pros who Know

    Dull landscape got you down? Need a new focal point in your yard or on your business property? Look no further than Landscape Solutions and Design from North Carolina. They have several landscaping and waterscape options to help create the atmosphere you are imagining for your home or business. Custom pondless waterfall designs are some of their most popular […]

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    4 Benefits of Installing Backyard Water Features

    When it comes to designing and decorating a property, many homeowners focus on the indoors and neglect to think about what they can do to make their landscape just as attractive. However, this usually ends up being a regret later as they begin to realize the importance of curb appeal and having an outdoor living […]

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    Hardscape Features Increase Your Property Value

    In landscaping, the part of an outdoor area that is manmade and not vegetation is a “hardscape.” These can include walkways, patios, decks and retaining walls, as well as features such as pools, fountains, or gazebos. Hardscape features offer several benefits. They can allow landscaping that would be difficult because of soil erosion on a […]

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    Commercial Landscaping Services to Impress Your Customers

    As a business owner, you want to make a good first impression. Be sure that your lawn and campus gives the right impression to your clients and guests. Lush, green grass, neatly trimmed bushes, and colorful flowerbeds show that you take pride in your business. Landscape Solutions & Design offers commercial landscaping services that create […]

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    How to Turn a Small Yard into a Beautiful Garden

    An owner of a small yard does not have to feel limited with ways in which to make improvements. In fact, some of the most gorgeous gardens are compact and in big, residential cities. It is all about creativity and making use of the space you have. Here are some great ideas that can help […]