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  • retaining wall installation greensboro nc

    Expert Retaining Wall Installation Greensboro NC Offers

    From Mesopotamia to Ireland and Egypt, many ancient people used retaining walls. Although materials have changed over the years, these structures still prevent soil erosion, divert water, and create usable space. When you need the best retaining wall installation Greensboro NC has to offer, choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. The Many Advantages Of Installing […]

  • Design Ideas for Concrete Stamps

    You’ll Love These Design Ideas for Concrete Stamps

    Here at Landscape Solutions & Design Inc., we take pride in helping our customers create the landscape design of their dreams. When most people think about “landscapes” they think about their lawn, trees, shrubs, flowers, and other plants. However, it also includes your hardscapes, which are the non-living elements of your outdoor living space, such […]

  • Outdoor Kitchen With Fireplace

    Back Yard Fire Pit Ideas – Landscape Solutions Shares All!

    Outdoor living is one of the hottest landscaping trends today. This is because there is nothing better than sitting around with family and friends in the comfort of your own back yard. However, evenings are often chilly in North Carolina, which means you need a way to stay warm. This is when a fire pit […]

  • retaining wall ideas and installation

    Retaining Wall Ideas and Installation – Why Choose Us?

    When people think landscaping or hardscapes, they often overlook an important element – the retaining wall. This does not need to be a boring aspect, in fact, with the right retaining wall blocks and design they are quite stunning! Are you looking for retaining wall ideas and installation for your residence or business? Then, this […]

  • commercial landscape companies

    How Can Commercial Landscape Companies Help Your Business?

    The exterior of your business is the first impression a customer has of your establishment. Therefore, it is important to exceed their expectations in that initial impression. How can you do that? An aesthetically pleasing exterior for a business is achieved through high-quality landscaping. Commercial landscape companies like Landscape Solutions & Design have experience in […]

  • Commercial Retaining Wall - Winston Salem

    Landscape with Stones – How to Improve Your Yard

    Stone can be a powerful unifying element having a strong influence on the landscape. As well as adding texture and contrast, stone serves as a durable groundcover and requires little or no maintenance. Walkways, walls, and driveways are all practical ways to use stone. However, finding a landscaper who can bring your vision to reality […]

  • Commercial-Water-Landscapes

    For the Best Landscaping Companies Near Me – Contact Landscape Solutions

    Landscaping is a key part of the curb appeal for any home. Often, the outdoor space goes underutilized. Maybe you’re busy with work or kids or maybe you have no idea where to begin. Whatever the case is, Landscape Solutions can help. If you’re looking for the best landscaping companies near me then look no further. They […]

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    Hardscaping Ideas for Backyards from the Experts – Landscape Solutions

    Many homeowners spend their time and attention improving the inside of their homes. But, the outside is just as important. The outside of a home is the impression it makes on neighbors and passersby. Improving the outdoor appearance can make your home more inviting and appealing and significantly increase its value. Therefore, if you’re looking […]

  • Hardscapes_

    Hardscapes Greensboro NC – Improve Your Home or Business

    Often, when property owners want to improve exteriors, the only thing they address is the landscaping. And, while maintaining lawns, trees, and other green areas is important, there are other ways to make enhancements. For example, hardscapes can immediately enhance both a home and business. They provide a new and interesting visual element and can […]

  • Hardscapes-Are-Important-Elements-In-Your-Landscaping-Design

    Use Hardscape Ideas to Create A Custom Residential Or Commercial Oasis

    Your outdoor space is the finishing touch on your property. Whether your yard is big or small, you’ll want every inch to look good, including your hardscapes. While not objects of nature, hardscapes provide decorative and eye-catching elements in your yard. Things like stone walls, patios, driveways, and walkways are all hardscape ideas perfect to […]