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Commercial Hardscapes

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Commercial Hardscapes

Commercial hardscapes are highly functional and also can add to the beauty of a landscape. We offer paver installation as well as retaining walls. For paver installation, we can install anything from walkways to seating areas. Our technicians are highly trained and use cutting edge equipment to get the job done quickly and effectively, causing minimum disruption to your business while construction takes place.

In the area of retaining walls, we offer anything from brick to stone to concrete walls. Retaining walls help secure loose soil, especially on uneven sections of the ground. This can keep dirt from eroding or toppling where you don’t want it, and can also be an attractive addition to your commercial property. No matter what materials you want for a wall on your commercial property, we can build it for you.

If you are located in Greensboro, High Point or Winston-Salem, give us a call today for any of your business’s hardscaping needs! We also service the Lake Norman and Charlotte areas!

commercial hardscapes

Commercial Paver Installation

Nicely laid out road tiles. Tree bark is covered along the edge and thuja are planted

Paver installation adds to the functionality of your commercial property. Whether you need a sidewalk alongside your building or an entirely new parking lot, we are the company for you. Need a new driveway for your business or want it resurfaced? We can do that, too. Keeping paved areas well maintained creates visual appeal and keeps your business accessible. We can get the job done promptly and professionally so that your paving project impacts your daily business as little as possible until completion.

No matter what paver installation project you have in mind for your business we have you covered!

Commercial Retaining Walls

Adding a retaining wall to your business could be just what you need if you have an uneven landscape. Areas with uneven elevation have the potential to become unstable in the future. The main reason for this potential instability is the soil. Unlike the compact soil on flat land, the soil on these gradients is very loose and unstable. Therefore, to prevent destabilization in the future, a retaining wall is needed.

Investing in a retaining wall can avoid costly repairs in the future by securing your landscaping in place and improving soil density. Function aside, this can be an attractive addition to your commercial property that enhances character.

Commercial retaining wall building and design requires a great deal of expertise and experience. The veterans at Landscape Solutions and Design have a great deal of experience in building retaining walls with various materials. We guarantee the efficiency of our retaining walls and will always keep the customer’s wishes in mind.

Call us today if your business has uneven ground that needs to be stabilized!

Commercial Retaining Wall - Winston Salem
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