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​Greensboro Landscaping – 5 Ways to Transform Your Yard

Landscape-Lighting-Can-Improve-Your-Home-In-Many-WaysWith the warm weather upon us, you will probably be spending more time outside. But instead of going somewhere, your yard can provide you with your own little paradise. It may just need a little work first. Learn about what a Greensboro landscaping company can offer you:

Something completely new

Are you unhappy with the way your yard looks and want to radically change it? No matter what you want to add or subtract, landscaping pros can help you design your dream yard.

Regular maintenance

Even if do not want to do anything special to your yard, regular maintenance can make it look great. This includes all types of lawn care, including mowing, weeding, trimming, and pruning.


A great way to augment your landscape is to bring in some hardscape pieces, which are manmade elements. Examples include a patio, stone path or walkway, or a retaining wall.

Outdoor living

Want to bring some of the indoors outside? A quality Greensboro landscaping company can create excellent additions for your yard. You can go with a small item like a fire pit or a much more extensive project. Options include outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, or even a water feature like a pond.


With proper lighting, you can stay outside no matter how late it gets. This is something to consider, especially if you do a lot of entertaining. Also, lighting solutions can enhance your home’s perimeter security.

Call the Greensboro landscaping experts at Landscape Solutions & Design

While your house may get most of the attention, your yard is a key part of your property. Not only should it look good but care and attention ensures that it gives you the most enjoyment. Whatever you choose to do to improve your yard, you can count on the pros at Landscape Solutions & Design. You can take a look at our project gallery to see what we can do for you. And for a free quote, just get in touch.