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    Hardscape Ideas to Improve the Curb Appeal of your House

    We’ve all heard of curb appeal – that cozy feeling you get when you look at a house. Surely, some homeowners have this down perfectly and their house feels very inviting. Yet, how does your house measure up? Maybe, it’s been awhile since you’ve given your outside a critical look. Even more, once you examine […]

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    Hardscapes Greensboro NC – Improve Your Home or Business

    Often, when property owners want to improve exteriors, the only thing they address is the landscaping. And, while maintaining lawns, trees, and other green areas is important, there are other ways to make enhancements. For example, hardscapes can immediately enhance both a home and business. They provide a new and interesting visual element and can […]

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    Use Hardscape Ideas to Create A Custom Residential Or Commercial Oasis

    Your outdoor space is the finishing touch on your property. Whether your yard is big or small, you’ll want every inch to look good, including your hardscapes. While not objects of nature, hardscapes provide decorative and eye-catching elements in your yard. Things like stone walls, patios, driveways, and walkways are all hardscape ideas perfect to […]

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    ​Hardscapes Greensboro NC for Residential and Commercial

    Today, homeowners and business owners are becoming aware of how important hardscapes are to the exterior of their homes or businesses. Hardscapes refer to man-made components used in landscaping, with materials such as concrete, brick, stone, wood, etc. These hardscapes include driveways, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, water features and more. Landscape Solutions & Design is […]

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    ​Hardscape Ideas for Residential and Commercial

    Hardscapes refer to man-made elements that incorporate into a landscape. For example, they include driveways, any paved area, retaining walls, walkways, waterfalls, ponds and more. Materials used tend to be stone, concrete, brick and wood. Landscape Solutions & Design has been designing and building hardscapes for over a decade. Hence, if you need hardscape ideas, […]

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    ​Unique, Stunning Hardscape Ideas for Any Home

    Interested in fresh, unique hardscape ideas to improve your landscape? A hardscape is any part of your landscaping that is man-made. Things such as retaining walls, fountains, and pondless waterfalls, all the way to complete outdoor kitchens, are examples of hardscapes. Have some good hardscape ideas of your own? Work with Landscape Solutions and Design […]

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    ​Hardscape Ideas from Landscape Solutions and Design

    Fresh, unique hardscape ideas from Landscape Solutions and Design Your yard’s landscaping may seem close to perfect. However, is it missing something? A delicate arrangement of shrubs and flowers can be beautifully tied together with a residential hardscape. Hardscaping is a gorgeous way to mix inorganic features seamlessly together with your yard’s organic elements. Imagine […]

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    ​Need some Hardscape Ideas for your Yard?

    If while driving around your neighborhood you have noticed more people outside, this is not an accident. Many folks are beginning to rediscover the great outdoors, which is why things like hiking and bike riding are very popular right now. If you would like to get in on this trend but do not want to […]

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    Explore Innovative Hardscape Ideas​

    Are you or a friend looking for fresh, innovative hardscape ideas? Landscape Solutions and Design is here to help. With an array of eye-catching hardscape ideas, let your yard be the talk of the neighborhood. Whether you’re looking for a residential or commercial hardscape, Landscape Solutions and Design is the place to go for any […]

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    ​Custom Hardscapes Can Enhance your Landscape

    We all know that landscaping investments can bring out the best in your yard. But custom hardscapes can help frame your landscape in just the right way. Even better, they don’t just enhance your landscape. They also provide form and function, creating new spaces to enjoy with your family. Landscape Solutions & Design offers Triad residents all […]