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Amazing Backyard Concrete Ideas For Function And Beauty

backyard concrete ideasTypically, homeowners use concrete to create backyard patios. A versatile hardscape element, the patio is a multifunctional “must-have” for any yard. When searching for great backyard concrete ideas, visit the site of Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.





7 Great Ways To Use Your Concrete Backyard Patio

Generally, historians date the introduction of the American backyard patio to just after WWII. Back then, homes had a simple, poured concrete slab with a grill or picnic table. Today, patios are often an aesthetically pleasing outdoor room. Cushioned seating, lighting, and accessories help you create additional living space.

Below, we offer different ideas on how to use your patio:

1. Entertainment Area

If you do a lot of entertaining, you want a space for your guests to relax and mingle. Comfortable seating with a splash of color invites your friends to sit and stay. Add some ambient lighting and the party can continue after the sun sets.

2. Location For Your Firepit/Fireplace

You need a flat, even, and durable surface for a fire feature. Patios provide the perfect location for a fire pit or fireplace. Moreover, if you like to entertain, a fire feature provides the right ambiance on a chilly night.

3. Dining Area

Virtually everyone loves eating al fresco, especially if you have a view or a beautifully landscaped yard. Setting up a table and chairs on a patio ensures your furniture won’t sink into the soft dirt. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about chair legs tearing up your grass as your guests adjust their seats.

4. A Spot For Your Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen requires a solid base. While you can use a deck, you need to check the amount of weight your deck can handle. On the other hand, a patio offers a strong, solid base for any size outdoor kitchen.

5. Your Private Oasis

Patios are an excellent choice for creating a casual, relaxing area. Of course, comfortable seating is a must. Yet, you might want to consider adding a pergola for shade. Also, adding potted plants like leafy tropicals and colorful flowers bring color, scents, and interesting forms to your area.

6. Create Visual Interest

Gone are the days when your only patio choice was a drab, gray slab. Today, you can stamp and stain concrete for a luxurious eye-catching finish. Both techniques mimic more expensive materials at a lower price point than most other materials.

Alternatively, you can use concrete pavers to build your patio. With different shapes, colors, and textures available, you can create a seemingly endless array of patterns.

7. Build Multiple Patios To Divide Your Yard By Activity

Who says you can only have one patio in your backyard? Not us! Multi-level patios work great in yards with slopes, carving out flat spaces. Additionally, multiple patios segment your space into separate outdoor rooms.

Backyard Patio Materials

Now that you’re excited by the possibilities, you’re ready to begin the construction of your patio. One of the most important decisions you’ll need to make concerning your hardscape is the material.

While some homeowners choose stone, tile, or brick, the most popular option is concrete. This material is economical and durable. Moreover, it’s extremely versatile when you consider stamping or pavers.

Generally, stamped concrete is very adaptable and can mimic stone, tile, brick, and wood. Contractors achieve a beautiful finish by adding a coloring agent and tamping molds into the wet surface. When installed correctly, stamped concrete offers a durable and long-lasting surface.

Another popular patio choice is concrete pavers. Although more expensive than poured concrete, pavers are stronger and less prone to cracking. Plus, pavers offer easier repairs and just as many design options.

Backyard Concrete Ideas FAQs

Embarking on any backyard project can seem intimidating. Thus, we’ve answered a few questions concerning your backyard concrete ideas.

Does Concrete Require Maintenance?

Whatever material you choose for your patio, you’ll need to do some maintenance. Typically, leaves, twigs, and dirt will accumulate on your outdoor space. If you fail to remove debris, it can cause staining.

Additionally, most materials require resealing periodically to keep your patio looking like new. Be sure to check with your installer on the maintenance necessary for your hardscape.

Are My Backyard Concrete Ideas For A New Patio Limited By Shape?

Absolutely not! No matter which material you choose, we can design any shape patio to fit your yard.

Usually, formal or contemporary gardens benefit from a square or rectangular patio. Generally, round patios are free-standing with an eye-catching focal point. Many homeowners choose to place a fire or water feature at the center.

Finally, free-form patios give the yard an organic vibe suited to informal gardens. Usually, free-form patios are asymmetric and can incorporate rounded or angular lines.

How Expensive Is A New Patio?

If you want a new patio, Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. can make it happen. We can work with any size budget and yard. Plus, we offer multiple financing options offered through GreenSky.

Best of all, we can show you how your new patio will look before we begin constructing your project. Our unique 3D software allows you to view your project from different angles and at different times of the day.

In addition, we can help you with any other landscaping issues you need to fix. From hardscapes to softscapes, our team can tackle anything your yard needs.

Book your free no-obligation quote today by calling 336-442-0160. And get ready to have your backyard transformed!