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Swimming Pool Designers Near Me With Unique Custom Ideas

Swimming pool contractorFor many homeowners, it’s a dream to build a custom swimming pool in their backyards. Whether you like to entertain, relax, or exercise, a pool is the ultimate backyard feature. When searching for unique swimming pool designers near me, choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.

Most Popular Pool Shapes

One of the most important design elements of your swimming pool is the shape. Usually, the size of your backyard, intended use, and landscaping style will help determine the best form. Thus, you can combine function and beauty.

  1. Rectangular

The most popular inground pool shape is the rectangle. With its straight edges, this shape allows for easier cleaning while maximizing swimming space.

  1. Kidney

Another favorite shape pool contractors can create is the kidney shape. This form offers a more natural appearance with its gentle, curving lines.

  1. Circular

Generally, a circular pool doesn’t provide much swimming space but is more suited to lounging. However, it offers a space-efficient option for homeowners with a smaller yard. You’ll also enjoy better water circulation and less maintenance than a larger swimming pool.

  1. Grecian

An elegant and classical variation on the rectangular shape is the Grecian. Pool contractors can curve the corners or cut them at an angle giving this pool shape a more octagonal appearance.

  1. Free Form

This inground pool design has flowing lines without any regular shape. Its design mimics a more organic look of a natural body of water like a lake or pond.

  1. L Shapes

With its wrap-around design, L shaped pools can adapt to your terrain and avoid any existing structures in your yard. Plus, this design gives you multi-zone areas. You can have a shallow area for kids and around the bend, a deep zone for adults.

Other Pool Design Features To Consider

While shape is an important consideration, it’s only one aspect of the total design. You’ll also need to choose your material. Inground pools are available in vinyl, gunite, and fiberglass. Moreover, the type of pool can limit your custom design choices. In particular, manufacturers build fiberglass shells in a factory, limiting your options. Yet, vinyl and gunite pools are completely customizable.

The depth of your swimming pool design is another concern. An inground pool can be a single or multiple depths. Often, the intended usage will help you choose the best measurement. For example, if you like to sunbathe or lounge you probably want a pool about 4 feet deep. However, if you like to dive and jump, you need one end at least 8 feet deep.

Another design consideration is the location of your pool. Usually, you’ll want to keep a portion of your yard available for other activities. Moreover, you’ll want your pool to receive at least 6 hours of sunlight to help warm the water.

Often, homeowners like their pool close to the home to extend their living space. Finally, with proximity to the house, it’s easier to hook up to existing utilities.

Other Desirable Elements

Sometimes, homeowners like to combine other features with their swimming pool design. For example, including a nearby fire pit into your design adds ambiance and illumination. Plus, a fire feature offers a place to warm up after a night swim. Waterfalls, cabanas, and outdoor kitchens are a few other hardscapes that blend well with an inground pool.

Another must-have feature is lighting. While underwater lighting has become standard in inground pools, you don’t have to settle for the simplicity of white light. Vibrant color-changing LED lights can create the perfect ambiance with a flip of a switch. Furthermore, you can incorporate these variable color light bulbs into your landscape lighting for an additional pop of color.

Finally, who wouldn’t want to spend less time on maintenance and more time swimming?  Smart technology tracks the chemical balance, filtration, and temperature of your pool water. It can make adjustments based on the weather and send you reminders to clean filters or add chemicals.

Swimming Pool Designers Near Me – FAQs

Do you want to upgrade your backyard to a resort-like personal getaway? Have you begun to search through all the swimming pool designers near me to find one who understands your needs? Unfortunately, not all pool companies offer the same services to create your swimming paradise. Landscape Solutions is a local, full-service landscaper with the experience, knowledge, and tools to transform your yard. Below we answer a few commonly asked questions about our services.

How Much Will My Pool Cost?

Size, shape, type, and added features will impact the cost of your project. That’s why we offer a free no-obligation consultation for all our projects. When we meet with you, we’ll discuss your ideas, needs, and budget. Then, based on our discussion, we’ll custom design an inground pool unique to your specifications.

Can I Get Financing?

Yes! Why wait for the backyard of your dreams when you can have it now. We offer a quick and paperless application process through Greensky®. Qualified borrowers may be eligible for deferred interest promotions to affordable budget-minded options.

Why Trust Landscape Solutions & Design Inc. With My Pool Design and Installation?

Do you want a swimming pool or a backyard paradise? Of course, many pool installers can indeed build an inground pool adequately. However, not all swimming pool designers near me can create an exquisite, custom, outdoor space.

Since 2005, Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. has exceeded homeowners’ expectations of creating the perfect yard. From hardscapes to softscapes and installation to maintenance, we offer everything for a beautiful landscape.

Call us today at 336-442-0160 to book your free consultation. In the meantime, check out this video of one of our favorite projects!