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Professional Yard Grading Can Remove Ruts and Low Spots

yard leveling near meSometimes, after living in a home for years, portions of the yard may begin sinking and develop low spots. This may cause water pooling and drainage issues leading to soil erosion, mold and mildew growth. Or, maybe you have a sloping yard with runoff issues. When you need professional yard grading, trust Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.

The Drawbacks Of Uneven Ground

You might think having a few low spots in your yard aren’t a big deal. However, slopes and ruts may present a multitude of problems:

  1. Foundation Issues

In some cases, homes will settle allowing water to accumulate near the foundation. Any time water collects near a foundation, the soil can become saturated. Water-saturated soil exerts pressure upon the foundation causing cracks.

  1. Soil Erosion

Besides exerting pressure on foundations, water can cause erosion. In particular, slopes increase water runoff contributing to soil erosion. Sometimes, soil erosion can negatively affect the structural integrity of your home. Moreover, steep slopes combined with heavy rain is a recipe for a mudslide.

  1. Water Pooling

Low spots in your yard can allow water to collect and pool. Standing water attracts several kinds of pests including ants, mosquitoes, termites, and cockroaches. In addition, a soggy lawn can lead to fungal disease with discoloration, ugly patches, and dead grass. As your grass dies, your home’s curb appeal and property value will decrease.

  1. Tripping Hazard

Uneven ground can be a safety risk. Mowing the lawn becomes much more difficult and tiresome. In addition, running children and older adults are especially susceptible to stumbles and tripping hazards from bumps and low spots.

Some Possible Causes Requiring Yard Leveling

Typically, a new home will need yard grading before beginning construction. Usually, the builder will slope the land away from the home to prevent damage to the structure. Yet, some homes may settle allowing water to accumulate near the foundation.

Furthermore, some rodents like to burrow and create a network of underground tunnels. Mice, rats, chipmunks, moles, and voles can take up residence in your yard by digging an extensive network of tunnels. These underground passageways can undermine the soil leading to erosion and shifting of dirt.

Another cause of uneven ground can be the decomposition of tree roots. After you’ve removed a tree, the roots can take up to 10 years to decay. These roots can extend to an area 2 to 4 times the tree’s crown. As the bigger roots rot, the soil above can sink.

Professional Yard Grading

Usually, filling in a few holes or raking out higher spots in your yard is something you can do yourself. However, extensive yard grading is much more complex and requires the help of a professional.

First, you need to calculate the level grade line by finding both the high and low points of your yard. With any grading project, you need to establish a slope directing water away from your home and any other structures. If you don’t understand your yard’s water flow, you may end up directing it towards your foundation. Worse, reshaping your land so that water flows into your neighbor’s yard could result in a lawsuit.

Once you’ve made your calculations, you’ll need to move dirt, usually a lot of dirt. Of course, a professional will have the necessary construction equipment to get the job done quickly.

Alternatively, you may decide to install a retaining wall instead of yard leveling. A landscaping contractor can help you decide on the best solution for your yard.

FAQs About Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.

With so many landscapers in the area, what makes Landscape Solutions stand out from the other contractors? In addition to our certifications and experience, we give each project individual attention for the best experience with our company. Below, we answer a few questions about our services.

What Services Do You Offer?

We’re a full-service landscaping company offering commercial and residential solutions for the greater Triad area:

Do You Have Financing?

We want you to have the backyard of your dreams! That’s why we offer financing through Greensky®. The application process is quick and paperless. Moreover, qualified borrowers may qualify for deferred interest to affordable budget-minded options.

What Do Customers Say About Your Company?

One unique aspect of our business is that we’ve grown mainly from references from satisfied customers. Here’s what one says about the experience:

I’m a repeat customer with Kostas and the team. I did a fairly simple paver patio with landscaping at our last house which turned out exactly as I had hoped. The Belgard regional rep even commented on the excellent install job that Red and the team did. So when we moved and needed another patio it was an easy choice. This time we added an outdoor kitchen, irrigation, and a fence to go with our landscaping and patio. Kostas was a one stop shop for the entire yard. He and his team worked with us on every step of the way to ensure it turned out exactly how we wanted it. As others have commented the wait list is long but it was worth the wait both times. – Paul Benjamin

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