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A Pro Sprinkler System Installation Near Me Can Save Water

sprinkler system installation near meAlthough water covers about 71% of the earth’s surface, only about 3% is fresh. Moreover, the average American uses about 320 gallons of water with 30% of this figure used for outdoors. As a limited resource, many homeowners are seeking to cut water usage yet still maintain a healthy lawn.  Thus, you may be considering a sprinkler system installation near me.

A Sprinkler System Can Conserve Water

Irrigation, the process of supplying water to plants, has been around since man has cultivated the land. However, it wasn’t until the invention of suburbia that Americans became passionate about green lawns. Having a green lawn in NC means you’ll have to water during our hot, dry summers. Yet, your choice of irrigation affects water conservation, convenience, and efficiency.

Portable sprinklers have been around since 1871 and today many homeowners still use them. However, moveable sprinklers water unevenly causing you to overwater one area while underwatering others. Plus, you have to watch the clock and periodically move it.

Choosing a professionally installed irrigation system can ensure your yard gets just the right amount of water. First, sprinkler systems have timers to give your lawn the perfect amount of water at the optimal time. No more getting up early to water to avoid losing water to evaporation.

Additionally, by setting up your yard into zones, you can control the amount of water reaching each area. For example, shady regions require less watering than full-sun areas. Furthermore, your flower beds probably also have different watering needs than your grass.

Additional Features Can Save Even More Water

While most homeowners are familiar with pop-up sprinkler heads, it’s only one method of delivering water to plants. You can also choose to install drip irrigation. This watering system supplies plants with water at their roots minimizing water loss by evaporation, runoff, or wind. It’s ideal for flower beds and vegetable gardens.

In addition, manufacturers continue introducing new and innovative ways to keep your lawn green while conserving water. One common piece of equipment is the rain sensor. This part shuts off your watering system during precipitation. Some even connect to the internet to monitor local weather conditions to adjust your system automatically.

Another exciting new technology is digital mapping. Taking your yard’s geographical and spatial information, this system adjusts the sprinkler to deliver water precisely where it’s needed. You’ll no longer be watering hardscapes or overlapping areas resulting in overwatering.

Yet, all this technology is only good if your system is functioning properly. Over time, hardware can break, causing water wastage and high energy costs. Some smart technology options can alert you about these breakdowns so you can address them immediately.

DIY Vs. Professional Sprinkler System Installation Near Me

Current trends continue to show homeowners tackling remodeling projects on their own. While the upfront cost savings are appealing, a professionally installed irrigation system will save you money in the long term:

  1. Mapping And Design

When considering your design, planning is more than just calculating where to place sprinkler heads. Without the correct pressure, you’ll experience a loss in efficiency. For example, too little pressure will prevent some heads from operating resulting in brown patches. Too much pressure mists the water allowing the wind to carry it off. A professional installer will know how to work with your pressure to achieve desired results.

  1. The Necessary Equipment

To lay your pipes, you must dig trenches and move a lot of dirt. Professionals have the necessary equipment to dig through any type of soil. Furthermore, instead of taking weeks, a contractor can have your system installed and running in a day. Plus, outdoor sprinkler installation companies know how to deal with those difficult tree roots.

  1. Experience

Usually, DIYers will make mistakes during installation. While some of these may be minor, others can affect the efficiency of your watering system. For example, you’ll need an understanding of your freeze/thaw cycle to determine the best type of pipe to use.

FAQs About Lawn Sprinkler System Installation Near Me

Are you tired of manually watering your yard? When you need a lawn sprinkler system installation near me, choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. We’re professional irrigation specialists and landscapers. Since 2005, we’ve been improving both commercial and residential properties all over the Triad. Below, we answer a few questions about sprinkler systems.

Is There A Best Time Of The Year To Install A Sprinkler System?

Generally, with our mild NC winters, you can install an irrigation system any time of the year. However, soil conditions and weather are usually more favorable in the autumn. In the fall, your lawn will recover quicker as it’s cooler and there’s less chance of drought conditions.

Will An Irrigation System Increase The Value Of My Home?

One of the most important aspects of selling your home is its curb appeal. Having a home with a lush, green lawn makes your property more attractive when you sell. Moreover, a professionally designed and installed watering system is an added convenience to potential buyers.

How Much Will It Cost To Install?

Typically, an irrigation company will consider several important factors when giving you an estimate:

  • Size of your yard
  • Number of zones
  • Slopes
  • Brand and type of equipment
  • Soil type
  • Additional features
  • Permit requirements

To properly assess the project, the irrigation company will need to view your property. While some installers may charge a fee, Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. never does. For every project, our owner, Kostas, will inspect your yard and discuss your needs and budget at no cost to you. Plus, we’re a full-service landscaping company offering everything from hardscapes to softscapes.

You can have a green lawn and save the planet. It begins when you pick up the phone and call us at 336-442-0160 to schedule your meeting.