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​Need some Hardscape Ideas for your Yard?

hardscape ideas If while driving around your neighborhood you have noticed more people outside, this is not an accident. Many folks are beginning to rediscover the great outdoors, which is why things like hiking and bike riding are very popular right now. If you would like to get in on this trend but do not want to leave the comfort of your home, you don’t have to. There are many ways to augment your yard that will allow you to enjoy spending more time there. And this does not just mean unfolding some lawn chairs or bringing out a cooler. The right hardscape can vastly improve your home’s exterior as well as your enjoyment. With these hardscape ideas, you can accomplish three things: Create a better outdoor environment, increase the visual appeal of your home, and raise your home’s value.


If you have an old or small patio, you have probably thought about doing something to improve it, and there are many options. First of all, you should consider expanding it. You may also want to think about a raised patio, which is usually about a foot off the ground with steps included. Finally, you have a lot of choices when it comes to materials, such as brick, stone, or concrete.

Retaining wall

A retaining wall is used for the purpose of stabilizing loose soil, especially on uneven land. However, it is not just a functional item. Because they can be constructed with a variety of materials and built in different styles, a retaining wall is an excellent way to add an interesting visual element to your yard.


Sure, you most likely already have a driveway, but chances are it has seen better days. If yours is like most, it is full of cracks, divots, and stains, which means it is time for an upgrade. You can go with basic asphalt, but that is not your only choice. A paver driveway, for example, is made up of interlocking pavers that can be laid out in different patterns. This will add a new and unique feature to your home.

Other hardscape ideas

The best part of adding hardscapes to your yard is that they give you the chance to have fun new spaces to enjoy. If you want to create a communal area, a fire pit is a great addition. With built-in seating, you now have a place perfect for entertaining, hanging out, or just staying warm on cool night. An outdoor fireplace is another good idea, allowing you to have a nice cozy spot.

Have your own hardscape ideas you would like to see at your home? Contact Landscape Solutions & Design. Hardscapes are our specialty, and no matter what you would like to add to your yard, we can make it happen. To learn what we can do for your, just get in touch. We will gladly send someone out to your home to talk about your hardscape ideas and to offer a free estimate.