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​Landscape Lighting Lets Your Home or Business Shine

Most-Outdoor-Lighting-Is-Low-VoltageWhether you purchased an amazing home or it became that way through a lot of hard work on your part, it is definitely something to be proud of. Your home is a reflection of you, and you should want to show it off. While this is probably not difficult to do when the sun is shining, what happens when night falls? Your gorgeous home is now hidden. The good news is that this is an easy problem to fix: you just need to bring in the right landscape lighting system. With lights illuminating your house and yard, everything will be visible no matter the time of day. In addition to showcasing your property, landscape lighting is also a great way to enhance security for both a home and business, as potential burglars will not be able to hide in the shadows. When thinking about the lighting you may want for your home, here are some good suggestions from Landscape Solutions & Design:

Path lighting

If you have an ornate or winding path, you can make it even better when you surround it with lights. Plus, you will be adding a safety component, making it easier to find and navigate regardless of how dark it may be.

Shadow lighting

Shadow lighting is perfect if you want to create a certain ambiance for your home or business. With the right placement of lights, you will be able to have soft shadows all over your property, producing an almost ethereal effect.

Up lighting

If there is something specific you want to feature, up lighting is a great choice. This involves using a light close to the ground and tilting it upwards so it will focus on the object or objects of your choice.

Down lighting

Down lighting has an effect similar to up lighting, but in this case a light is mounted high up – on a wall or pole, for example – and the light is projected downward. This is an excellent option if you are looking to illuminate a large area, such as a pool or a parking lot.

Patio lighting

Tired of having to go inside when the sun goes down? Keep the good times going for as long as you like with lighting for your patio or other outdoor spaces. Patio lighting is particularly good if you run a restaurant and want to keep an outdoor lounge or eating area lit up.

Let Landscape Solutions & Design light up your life with Landscape Lighting

If you want to show off your home or business, add a new security element, or both, landscape lighting is the way to do it. And to make the design and installation process as smooth and easy as possible just contact Landscape Solutions & Design. Our pros are lighting specialists who can create any type of effect you are looking for, whether for your house, other structures, or your landscaping. We use Vista Professional Outdoor lighting, which offers unmatched quality and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Wherever your home or business is located in the Piedmont area, we will send somebody out to give you a free consultation.