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Expert Service and Beautiful Landscape Lighting Design

DesignStriking landscape lighting by Landscape Solutions and Design

For any outdoor environment, landscape lighting is a perfect final touch. Using different forms and placements of lighting adds another layer of elements to your yard. Commercial and residential buildings alike benefit from outdoor landscape lighting. Highlights and low-lights are used to make certain features really pop. If it’s time for you to invest in landscape lighting for your home or place of business, give Landscape Solutions and Design a call.

Work with professionals to bring your property to life

Playing with different styles of lighting in your yard is relatively inexpensive and extremely fun. The different styles of lighting do different things for your yard. Upward facing lighting on a central feature such as a tree creates a dramatic focal point. Experimenting with shadow lighting on shrubs in front of a blank wall creates dreamy, soft shadows. Downward facing lighting creates a lovely, natural moonlit effect when placed on a higher point in your yard. There are so many different styles, colors and techniques to choose from. It’s never too early or too late to take advantage of landscape lighting in your yard.

Not only beautiful, landscape lighting is also functional

Adding path lighting along your driveway or sidewalk adds an element of safety to your home. Well-lit paths keep people from stumbling or tripping in the dark at night. Additionally, having a well-lit yard deters more nefarious activity, such as potential burglaries. Create the outdoor environment you’ve always dreamed of, while also adding a level of protection to your home. When it comes to outdoor lighting, there is nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Commercial businesses benefit from landscape lighting as well

Make your business stand out! After dark, it can be easy for any business to fade into the background. Don’t let this happen. Keep your business prominent through all times of the day with expertly placed outdoor lighting. An upward facing light illuminating the front of your building is guaranteed to catch the eye. Create a softer, but still attention grabbing, facade with down lighting. Illuminate bushes and trees outside your office and add some path lights for extra safety and clarity for your guests after dark. You have already spent so much time creating the perfect atmosphere for your place of business—don’t drop the ball when it comes to illuminating the outside. Work with our expert landscape artists to create the perfect complementary lighting design for your commercial building. We know you and your customers are sure to love it.

Expert technicians create stunning lighting designs

When you call Landscape Solutions and Design, you’re calling one of the best landscape businesses in the Triad. Our goal since we were established in 2006 has been to provide a full variety of landscaping services and build a foundation of trust with our customer base. As our business has grown almost entirely by word of mouth from satisfied customers, we can only strive to continue to deliver expert service and beautiful designs for new and returning customers alike. When you decide it’s time to add that extra level of beauty and illumination to your home or business, contact Landscape Solutions and Designs.