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Landscaping Greensboro NC – Residential and Commercial Solutions

Residential-Sod-InstallationOnce the general chaos of summer subsides, many folks begin considering their landscaping. After all, fall’s cooler weather makes it the perfect time to update or even start from scratch. However, most people have no idea just where to begin. Don’t worry, Landscape Solutions & Design has landscaping Greensboro NC plan ideas as abundant as the leaves floating about!

Residential Landscaping Greensboro NC

Even if you can’t imagine how you want your landscape to look, we can. In fact, not only can we imagine it, we can show it to you before a shovel meets dirt. Utilizing sophisticated software, we build a virtual yard just for you! Within that, you may view various combinations appropriate to enhance your property.

Once you choose your favorite look, our experienced professionals provide you with a free estimate. Additionally, we guide you through the best options that fit your budget, location and property layout.

Better yet, landscaping Greensboro NC options aren’t just about plants. For example, hardscapes and outdoor living areas add visual AND functional appeal to your property. As a practical feature, retaining walls protect your property and attractively set off uneven ground. Furthermore, kitchens add purposeful space. And, fire pits add functional fun! Water features and lighting help highlight all of your lovely outdoor features. During your consultation, we’ll be glad to go over the best ideas for your property.

We Enhance Commercial Landscaping Too!

Just as important as creating a pleasing environment for your home is enhancing the outdoor ambiance of your business. Perhaps, even more so, as customers base their perception of your company on their first impression. Therefore, you need a landscaping plan created by professionals.

Using our cutting-edge software, we will develop the best arrangement of greenery and additional elements for your property. Furthermore, we will select plant life that thrives in your location. But, we don’t stop there. We can create nearly any outdoor space that you can imagine.

A few more of our specialties include:

  • Hardscapes – add beauty and functionality
  • Irrigation – gain peace of mind while your plants thrive
  • Lighting – turn heads at night too with glowing visual appeal. Also, we can use lighting to ensure a safe walking path to your building and to provide security.

Additionally, at Landscape Solutions & Design we don’t just build it, we maintain it. We provide year-round maintenance for our residential and commercial customers that keeps your grounds appealing through all seasons. Included in those services are options for mowing, mulching, trimming and snow removal.

Today, contact us and let us transform your outdoor spaces!