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Hardscapes Greensboro NC – Improve Your Home or Business

Hardscapes_Often, when property owners want to improve exteriors, the only thing they address is the landscaping. And, while maintaining lawns, trees, and other green areas is important, there are other ways to make enhancements. For example, hardscapes can immediately enhance both a home and business. They provide a new and interesting visual element and can also augment functionality. Landscape Solutions & Design is a hardscapes Greensboro NC company that can build you pretty much anything, including:

Hardscapes for a Home

For years, Landscape Solutions & Design has worked with Greensboro homeowners to improve their properties. We offer a variety of different hardscapes, such as:


A walkway leading from the street or driveway to the front door will immediately add some charm to a home. In addition, we can also create one through a garden or really anywhere you like.


patio makes an excellent spot for entertaining or just for enjoying the outdoors. No matter what size constraints you may have, we will build you a perfect patio. We can even outfit it with something special like a fire pit.

Outdoor Kitchen

When you would like more room to entertain, why not add an outdoor kitchen? Depending on the available space, that can mean anything from a pizza oven to a full kitchen, complete with appliances.

Hardscapes for a Business

In order to delight customers, businesses have to create a great first impression. This is why businesses decide to install hardscape elements, including:

Retaining Walls

Many businesses decide to put in retaining walls for a couple of reasons. First, this is an excellent way to prevent soil from eroding. Moreover, buildings on sloped land will especially benefit from a retaining wall. Secondly, their unique visuals really add to the design and style of a business.

Parking Lot

Holes and cracks are an immediately turn off to customers and clients. Plus, they can cause unsafe conditions. Our paver installation services will ensure that your parking lot looks great.

Count on the Hardscapes Greensboro NC Experts

For both residential and commercial properties, special lighting and water features are also very popular. Your landscape will be even more appealing, when enhanced with a hardscape element. So, when looking for a hardscapes Greensboro NC company, you need to choose one that has experience in your area. Landscape Solutions & Design has been in business for over a decade. In addition, our technicians are experts at what they do and have certifications in many specialties. Whatever hardscape you want for your home or business, contact us for a free quote.