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Innovative Retaining Wall Ideas For A Sloped Backyard

Retaining wall ideas for a sloped backyardAlthough rolling hills can make a picturesque scene, slopes can be difficult and costly to maintain. In addition to difficulties with mowing, you may also have problems with water runoff and soil erosion. Several solutions exist to manage slopes including installing hardscapes. Let’s discuss some creative retaining wall ideas for a sloped backyard.

Imaginative Retaining Wall Ideas For A Sloped Backyard

Many homeowners choose a retaining wall to manage their sloping yards. Of course, these structures by themselves can be a beautiful focal point. However, a professional landscaper can incorporate other features with your wall to highlight your yard.

1. Water Feature

Typically, a slope naturally lends itself to incorporating a waterfall into your landscaping. Yet, you can also combine your water feature with your retaining wall for a sleek, eye-catching focal point. A wall waterfall adds the calming effects of moving water while taking up very little space.

2. Raised/Sunken Patio

Certainly, a retaining wall can create a raised, level area where you can place a patio. However, you can also use these structures to lower a section of your landscape. For example, you can create a sunken seating area surrounding a fire pit. Snug, wraparound seating gives the area privacy and adds drama to your landscaping.

3. Outdoor Fireplace

Sometimes, a long retaining wall can be monotonous and uninteresting. If you’re considering a concrete or stone wall in your backyard, you may want to consider adding a fireplace. Incorporating this element into your wall creates interest with a cohesive appearance.

4. Living Wall

Another way to create interest with a retaining wall is to make a living wall. This system uses hollow individual blocks to create “planters” along the structure. The blocks hold back the soil while allowing plants to grow out from its face.

Other Ideas On How To Landscape A Sloped Backyard

Although building a retaining wall is a great solution for some homeowners, others may prefer a different remedy. Ground covers and rock gardens also provide stability and eliminate erosion. In addition, you can combine rocks and plants to blend function and beauty.

Of course, when choosing your plants, opt for native ones adapted to your particular environment. These specimens will require less maintenance as they grow in harmony with the soil and local weather. Plus, many offer beautiful flowers or produce fruits and seeds for wildlife.

When choosing your ground cover, you’ll need to check the plant’s requirements for the amount of sun/shade, moisture, and nutrients. Some examples of groundcovers perfect for our area include phlox, pachysandra, and Appalachian barren strawberry.

Likewise, rocks can also help stabilize a sloping area. Stones can trap water behind them and break up the flow of water. For a natural-looking setting, vary the rock sizes and group them into clusters.

Moreover, you can choose to blanket the entire slope with rocks or intersperse some plants among them. For instance, coreopsis, columbine, and coneflower grow nicely in a rock garden.

Retaining Wall Ideas for a Sloped Backyard – FAQs

We hope our retaining wall ideas for a sloped backyard inspired you! If you have any questions about the best design for your yard, call Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. at 336-442-0160. For now, we’ve answered some of our customers’ most common questions.

Can You Create More Usable Areas With Retaining Walls?

Definitely! Strategically building retaining walls can create additional outdoor living space. If you employ terracing, you can stop erosion while creating functional, level areas. You can install a patio on one level and a garden on another. Plus, the height differences add depth and interest.

Which Is The Most Budget Friendly Option For Erosion Control?

Usually, many DIYers oversimplify the ease of fixing any landscaping problem. Follow a few simple steps and your yard will look beautiful. However, many factors influence the best way to address your sloped backyard and the cost:

  • Type of soil
  • Existing drainage/water control
  • Grade of the slope
  • Your intended usage
  • Sun exposure

Even the seemingly simple idea of planting ground cover can have disastrous results if you choose the wrong plants. For example, for your ground cover to thrive, you need to understand how the sun and shade impact the area. Moreover, some non-native species can be invasive and take over your yard.

For best results, hire a professional landscaper like Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. We can take your ideas and design a functional, practical, and beautiful solution.

Can You Suggest Some Landscaping Options That Reduces Maintenance?

Of course! Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. can help you design a yard that will give you more time to enjoy it. We’re specialists in everything related to your yard and can help you choose low-maintenance elements:

Since 2005, we’ve been transforming both commercial and residential properties into breathtaking scenes of beauty. Our experience combined with our licenses and certifications means we can tackle any landscaping project. Moreover, when you are installing hardscapes, especially retaining walls, it’s imperative to hire a professional. We want to keep your yard safe for you, your family and friends!

Yet, we’re more than just your average landscaping company. We take a personal interest in your project from the very beginning with a free consultation with our owner, Kostas Menegakis. Moreover, he oversees all projects to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our goal is to transform your property into an idyllic paradise.

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