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Merits Of A Commercial Landscaping High Point Company

commercial landscaping high pointEvery business owner knows that without sales, your business will fail. Yet, how many companies neglect one of the most important factors? That’s right, we’re talking about curb appeal. With over 70 percent of first-time sales based on curb appeal, you’d better pay attention. Moreover, when you’re searching for a commercial landscaping high point company, choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.


Top 9 Reasons You Need A Commercial Landscaping Company

Generally, most types of industries are highly competitive. Thus, having a great-looking exterior can give you an edge over your competitors.

If you’re not convinced curb appeal is crucial to your company’s success, it’s time to reexamine the benefits. Take a look at our top 9 reasons you need a commercial landscaping company.

1. Increased Sales

Often, when brick and mortar stores seek to increase sales, owners will turn to marketing tactics. While marketing is important, consumers won’t be impressed if your lawn and shrubs can use trimming.

2. Raises Your Property Value

Landscaping any type of property, residential or commercial, increases property values. That’s because professionally landscaped property boosts curb appeal and makes the property more attractive.

3. Save On Heating And Cooling Costs

Undoubtedly, money saved is dollars earned. Thus, strategically planting shade trees can significantly cut your company’s cooling and heating costs. In the summer, trees can lower cooling bills by providing shade. While in the winter, trees serve as a buffer against chilling winds.

4. Reduces Noise

Outside noise can serve as a distraction to your workers, decreasing their productivity. A professional landscaper can plant trees and shrubs to act as natural sound barriers, absorbing disruptive sounds.

5. Conveys Your Brand Image

Sometimes, business owners misunderstand how imagery blends with corporate identity. However, a professional landscaper knows how to blend your brand into your commercial space. Using outdoor lighting, trees, plants, and flowers, your landscaper can grab customers’ attention and convey your message.

6. Accentuates Your Building’s Architectural Features

Certainly, building and landscaping should flow naturally with a cohesive design. Elements should enhance the architectural features of the building by adding drama to particular areas. In doing so, you’ll create commanding spaces passersby can’t ignore.

7. Directs The Flow Of Foot Traffic

Usually, businesses require visitors to follow a certain path from the parking lot to the front door. Unfortunately, many company owners think they must choose functionality over aesthetics. The right professional landscaper can help you design an eye-catching hardscape to guide foot traffic.

8. Saves You Time And Resources By Hiring A Company

Occasionally, businesses will hire a professional for the design and installation process only. Yet, maintaining a commercial property can be a time-consuming process drawing resources from other important projects. An experienced team can do a better job at maintaining your property and do it in less time.

9. Keeps Your Employees Happy

Inherently, natural aesthetic beauty can reduce the stress levels in your employees. By providing relaxing outdoor green spaces for your workers, you can reduce their stress and tension. This in turn increases their productivity and job satisfaction.

FAQs About Hiring A Commercial Landscaping High Point Company

As a business owner, you have to manage many different tasks. Trying to sort through the commercial landscaping High Point company options is something you just don’t have time to do. To see why many commercial businesses rely on us, we’ve answered a few of our most commonly asked questions.

How Do I Know If My Landscape Needs A Renovation?

Sometimes, it can be easy to tell that your landscaping needs a facelift. Perhaps your sidewalk has cracks, and your shrubs are overgrown. Other times, your property can simply have dated elements.

Begin by taking a critical look at your property. Try to view it as your customers would. Are the pathways and parking lot well lit, invoking a feeling of safety? Does your space appear welcoming, enticing people to stop and visit?

Of course, you can also consult the advice of a professional. A professional landscaper can help you achieve a distinctive, modern look.

Is An Irrigation System A Good Investment?

The summer months in North Carolina can be very hot and dry. Usually, long dry periods will stress your lawn causing the grass to wilt and darken. Continued stress can eventually kill your plants. Generally, brown grass and dead flowers won’t attract customers.

We can solve your dilemma by installing an irrigation system. Moreover, we can automate your system saving you time and money. This type of system removes the guesswork at timing and amounts of watering. Our system will deliver water exactly where and when it’s needed resulting in a beautiful, healthy landscape.

How Much Will Your Services Cost?

Fundamentally, this is a common question that we cannot answer simply. Many factors affect the price of your project including design, size of the property, and choice of materials.

Plus, any type of landscaping service, design, installation, or maintenance requires a property evaluation by a professional. The landscaper must evaluate the property for existing property damage, safety hazards, or accessibility issues. All these factors can increase your cost.

That’s why we offer a free no-obligation quote for every project. During our meeting, we’ll discuss all the details incorporated into your price quote. Call us at 336-442-0160 to start a conversation about how we can help improve your company’s curb appeal.

Plus, follow us on Facebook and Instagram for inspirational ideas to upgrade your property. When you’re searching for a commercial landscaping high point company for your business, choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.