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Landscape Design Means More Than a Lush Lawn

DesignWhen it comes to choosing from the many Greensboro landscaping companies, anyone can give you a green lawn. But true landscape design to improve your lifestyle and match your beautiful home in the Piedmont Triad means so much more than just aerate, seed, fertilize, water, mow, repeat.

A number of elements go into landscape design to give you the property of your dreams, and only one of many Greensboro landscaping companies delivers on it all – Landscape Solutions & Design.

Let’s take a look at how our Greensboro landscaping company gives you not just a beautiful lawn, but the perfect place for you and your family to relax, play, and entertain all summer.

1. A Healthy Lawn
From planting the right type of seed for your lawn, or placing sod on those tough spots, to maintaining your lawn with the proper amount of water and fertilizer and mowing to keep it a healthy length, a lot goes into a beautiful lawn. We do it all, giving you the lushest grass in your neighborhood.

A green lawn is what most people think about when they consider Greensboro landscaping companies, but a thick carpet of grass should just be the first step in beautiful, functional landscape design services.

2. Plants, Trees, and Shrubs
The plants, trees, and shrubs in your yard provide shade, attract the best kind of bugs (like ladybugs and butterflies), and even add oxygen to the air for a healthier environment. They also add to the beauty of your yard.

We’ll take care of your trees and shrubs all year round, making sure they are pruned for maximum health, adding mulch or pine needles to hold moisture in, and planting new foliage for a beautiful yard all year long.

3. Hardscaping Design Solutions
From patios to walkways, outdoor kitchens to firepits, hardscaping design solutions give your backyard a unique personality and tailor the space to the way your family lives. Do you enjoy dining al fresco on your patio all summer long? We can build a gorgeous patio with space to cook, dine, and relax.

If you need a retaining wall to prevent flooding, we’ll build one that also adds distinctive beauty and character to your yard. Hardscaping turns your backyard oasis from a lawn to an outdoor living area, an extension of your family room, and a place to play all year long.

4. Lighting
Your beautiful yard can come to life at night with the right lighting. Whether you want sophisticated LED party lights around your patio, solar lamps to lead guests up your driveway to the house, or illumination around water features, we’ll help you select the right lighting to achieve the exact effect you want, and install and maintain your lighting solutions for years of use.

5. Water Features and Firepits
You may not consider ponds, water fountains or firepits as part of landscape design – and neither do some Greensboro landscaping companies. At Landscape Solutions & Design, we bring these elements of a beautiful yard into the Triad to set your property apart from the rest.

Whether you want a bird bath or a fish pond, a waterfall or a stone firepit, we’ll install and maintain these elements so they are a permanent asset for you to enjoy without a worry.

Your #1 Choice in Greensboro Landscaping Companies
When you consider all the services Landscape Solutions & Design offers for your front yard, backyard, and patio, it would be hard to pick any other Greensboro landscaping companies. We look at your property as a cohesive space where you live and play, and we will install and maintain the features that work best for you and your family. It’s about much more than growing a green lawn – it’s about living the life of your dreams on your Greensboro estate.