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Commercial Landscaping Companies Near Me That Improve Curb Appeal

commercial landscaping companies near meRunning your own business is hard work and time-consuming. Most small business owners work 50 hours a week or more. With your energy focused on managing your company, you don’t have time to worry about your property’s outdoor appearance. Yet, your curb appeal is critical to the success of your business. You need a commercial landscape company to keep your outdoor space looking attractive and welcoming. When searching for commercial landscaping companies near me with multiple services, choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.

If you have a brand-new business, we can help design the outdoor space. Our services include grading, drainage, irrigation installation, walkways, parking lots, and sod installation. Perhaps you have an existing business that needs an upgrade. We can help you design the bold visual statement your business deserves. Or maybe you just need a reliable company to maintain your existing landscaping. Whatever level of service you need, our landscaping professionals are ready to work with you.

Research indicates your company’s landscaping can be one of your most valuable marketing tools. A majority of consumers have indicated they will not enter a store with a curb appeal they don’t find appealing. We can help your business reach new levels of success by providing commercial landscape service.

Seasonal Landscaping Maintenance for The Business Owner

Seasonal landscaping is important for the business owner. At different times of the year, your property will need maintenance to keep it healthy and beautiful. Having a yearly maintenance program removes the burden of remembering all those important tasks.

For example, now is the time to start removing all those fallen leaves from your property. An accumulation of dead leaves and other debris on walkways looks unattractive. Moreover, wet leaves present a slipping hazard for patrons, leaving you vulnerable to lawsuits.

Furthermore, dead autumn leaves will smother your grass leaving ugly brown patches in your turf. Wet and moldy leaves also make your lawn susceptible to disease. Additionally, piles of leaves attract unwanted insects and rodents. Neglected leaves can also clog drains leaving you susceptible to flooding.

Seasonal Yard Maintenance

Fall is also a good time to apply a layer of pine needles to planting beds. Pine needles will help insulate the soil, suppress weeds, and maintain soil moisture. Plus, they add organic matter to the soil.

Your irrigation system will need winterizing before the first freeze. Water left in your system can severely damage it. Then in the spring, your commercial landscape company will need to inspect and clean every sprinkler head and valve. A well-functioning irrigation system will keep your landscape green through the dry summer months.

During the summer, you’ll need regular lawn mowing to keep your property looking attractive. Additional landscape maintenance depends on the flowers, trees and shrubs that you incorporate into your overall plan.

Colder temperatures are not far off and that may mean snow. Although North Carolina winters can be mild, we can also experience snowfall from 2-7 inches. Leaving the snow can result in ice accumulation and slippery walkways. Is your business equipped to handle snow accumulation?

When you hire Landscape Solutions & Design, you’re employing one of the best commercial landscaping companies near me. We can perform all your commercial landscaping needs including lawn care maintenance, construction of hardscapes, and snow removal service. Our seasonal maintenance plan takes care of all those monthly tasks so you can concentrate on your business.

The Curb Appeal of Your Business Is Incredibly Important

We often talk about curb appeal in reference to residential homes. It’s the perception passersby have when viewing your property. The exterior of your home can indicate what one expects to find on the inside. This expectation is a form of marketing that can help sell your home. And in the commercial world, curb appeal can help sell your products.

An underutilized marketing tool, curb appeal is even more important for commercial property. Some researchers estimate that having an inviting outdoor area accounts for about 70% of first-time sales. From your parking lot to walkways to your front door area, consumers get impressions of your business. Hiring a professional landscaping company will ensure your customers get the right perception, before they even enter.

Professional landscaping can integrate the architectural design of your building for a cohesive look. Whether you have a restaurant or cutting-edge technology company, your landscaping should make a bold visual statement. The use of plants, hardscapes, and landscape lighting can communicate your company’s message.

When consumers visit your business, they want plenty of convenient parking with well-laid-out spots. They also want a well-maintained pathway to your front entrance. Flowers and other shrubs add color and texture to create visual interest. Your landscape design should feel inviting and welcoming.

While cracked or uneven pavement can be a tripping hazard for customers as well as looking unpleasant, weeds sprouting through the cracks may convey a lack of professionalism and attention to detail. Finally, a drab, humdrum landscape design won’t generate any interest.

Is There A Difference Between Commercial and Residential Landscaping Services?

For some of us, outdoor space is all the same whether it’s commercial or residential. There are plants, grass, and trees. Thus, you may think that any landscape contractor can handle both residential and commercial properties.

However, commercial properties have some additional considerations that residential properties don’t. Just the outdoor space usage alone demands a different approach. Homeowners use their outdoor spaces regularly. While commercial spaces don’t always need a functional use and are more for aesthetics.

Additionally, there are other aspects to consider with a commercial property. Typically, the irrigation system will be larger, possibly even multi-zone. Then there’s the American Disabilities Act to consider. This act requires public businesses to provide easy accessibility for disabled people. Easy access may include the installation of specialized walkways and ramps.

At Landscape Solutions & Design, we recognize these differences. We have the ‘3 E list’ for any successful landscape project: Education, Experience, and Equipment. We Educate our customers so that they can make informed decisions about their purchases. Our decades of Experience in North Carolina mean that we understand the soil, climate and plant materials that thrive in this area. Having the right Equipment for every job is critical to a great outcome. At Landscape Solutions, we have the latest equipment so that you receive an efficient and well-executed result on every project. Customer service is our number one priority and our commitment to you is evident in all our interactions.

Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

Most companies operate on a small profit margin, about 7.9%. Generally, the retail sector is even lower at approximately 2.3%. Thus, you need a beautiful landscape with low maintenance costs.

While green turf looks nice, many kinds of grass require a lot of maintenance to keep it looking great. Fertilization, aeration, and constant mowing are just some of the necessary tasks. As a budget-conscious business owner, you may want a landscaping design with less upkeep.

In North Carolina, we often experience very hot, dry summers. Thus, you may want to incorporate some xeriscape elements into your design. Xeriscape is an approach of using elements that require small amounts of water while maintaining a traditional look.

Rock gardens are a form of xeriscape that requires very little maintenance. More than just a pile of stone, rock gardens often incorporate plants and other elements. Sedum, candytuft, and rockcress are just a few flowering perennials typically found in rock gardens.

Incorporating hardscapes into your overall design can also help reduce maintenance. Hardscapes can help reduce erosion, conserve water, limit weed growth, and add visual interest. Moreover, commercial as well as residential properties can benefit from these elements. Perhaps your property slopes and a retaining wall would serve a practical function, as well as add a focal point to your property. Lighted pathways or seating areas can add appeal to any property, while offering safety and comfort features.

Water features, including fountains, waterfalls, and ponds are one of the hottest commercial landscaping trends. Beautiful and relaxing, a water feature will draw people to your business. This type of hardscape also allows you to show off your unique style.

Don’t Forget to Provide Outdoor Lighting for Your Customers

Often, many people forget that landscapers can provide low voltage outdoor lighting. Yet, outdoor lighting is a vital part of landscape architecture. Not only does outdoor lighting enhance your property, but it also provides safety and security.

If your business is open after the sun goes down, you want your customers to feel safe. Dark pathways or shadowy corners can create anxiety among your clients. The right lighting can safely escort your customers to your entrance. Moreover, outdoor lighting can also accent your building and create a welcoming atmosphere.

To create a balanced look, you’ll need to consider using a combination of beam widths. When you use a combination of wide, medium, and narrow widths, you’ll achieve a cohesive, and appealing nighttime landscape. Your business is unique and your outdoor lighting should be too.

Finding the Right Commercial Landscaper for Your Business

Landscapers offer different levels of service. Some may only provide lawn care, such as mowing and trimming. Others may also have certifications for applying fertilizers and herbicides. While the highest level of service provides all these plus design and construction.

The company you hire should be able to handle all your landscaping needs. Keeping track of different companies to handle different landscaping needs can be time-consuming. Thus, the first step is to decide what level of service you require.

Also, the landscaper you hire must have a license as required by the NC Landscape Contractors’ Licensing Board. To obtain a license, the landscape contractor must have successfully passed a rigorous three-part licensing exam. The exam tests the landscaper’s knowledge including design, planting, sod installation, low voltage lighting, and water features.

Additionally, your contractor should have a North Carolina license to apply pesticides and other chemicals. Often, outdoor areas become infested with insects or disease requiring the use of chemicals. These chemicals, such as insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, and rodenticides, all fall under the umbrella of pesticides.

Furthermore, your landscaper must have both workman’s compensation and general liability insurance to protect you. Accidents happen even to the most qualified contractor. Insurance protects you and your business from any liability.

Why Do Landscaping Certifications Matter?

Finally, certifications show proficiency and a high level of knowledge about particular products and techniques. We hold certifications from John Deere Landscapes University, Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting, and Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute. Our continuing education ensures quality and excellence in the installation of innovative products and the use of the latest techniques. As a local contractor, we’re familiar with local building codes and are close by when you need us.

Also, before making a decision, always check reviews left by a company’s customers to determine the quality of their work. Here are some of ours for your reference.

Commercial Landscaping Companies Near Me Inspiring Bold Design

The outdoor area surrounding your business can be a powerful marketing tool. Consumers have shown that your curb appeal determines whether they’ll do business with you. Don’t let valuable customers slip away by having a less-than-appealing landscape. Choose one of the best commercial landscaping companies near me to enhance and maintain your outdoor space. We serve both residential and commercial properties in the Piedmont Triad, Raleigh, Charlotte, Lake Norman, Southern Pines, and their surrounding areas.

Started in 2005, Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. has a dedicated team of experienced technicians. Design, installation, maintenance, large or small project, we can help you with all your landscaping needs. Our highly-advanced software will show you the final project before we begin. Plus, our technology can show you how your landscaping will develop up to 5 years into the future. Thus, we can very easily adjust and manipulate your design to achieve the look you need.

What are you waiting for? Call us today at 336-442-0160 or complete this form, to make an appointment for your free consultation. After reviewing your property, we’ll discuss the best options based on your needs and budget. Your business should not lose customers because you have not maintained the exterior of your business. Enhancing the outdoor space surrounding your building is easy to accomplish by working with the right landscaper. We look forward to hearing from you.