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A Concrete Company Near Me Offering A Variety Of Hardscapes

concrete company near meConcrete is a multifunctional material that landscapers can use for a variety of hardscapes. You can use it for driveways, walkways, retaining walls, steps, water features, inground pools, and patios. When searching for a quality concrete company near me to install your hardscape, call Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc.

The Versatility Of Concrete

Concrete is a mixture of Portland cement, water, sand, and gravel known for its strength and durability. Due to its nature, it’s one of the most commonly used construction materials. Its ability to support heavy loads and withstand the elements makes it an ideal choice for landscaping. Moreover, you can shape and mold it into any shape.

Although it’s very cost-effective, some people find it plain and unattractive. Yet, there are many ways to dress up concrete, especially when using it for a patio. Depending on your choice of furniture, your patio can be a dining area, living room, or cozy nook. Add plants and lay down an outdoor rug to add color and personality. You can also add a pergola or roof for visual interest and shade.

Alternatively, instead of a gray slab, you can choose stamped concrete. With dyes and stamps, contractors mimic more expensive materials at a lower price. Thus, you get the low maintenance and durability of concrete with the visual aesthetics of other materials.

Some Types Of Patio Designs

Fundamentally, the patio is perhaps the most useful hardscape for your backyard. It’s like a blank canvas upon which you add furniture and accessories to create a beautiful, functional outdoor space. Although concrete is a favorite choice, you can also pick gravel, pavers, brick, natural stone, or tiles.

Often, the difficulty of a patio installation depends on the type of material. For example, pea gravel is easy while paver installation is a bit more difficult. In addition, your material choice is a big factor in the cost of your project.

While angular shapes are the most common, you can also choose curved, rounded, or a combination of shapes. Furthermore, you can also have a split level to differentiate your outdoor living spaces. Often, certain factors can guide you in choosing the perfect measurements and contours for your patio. Generally, the style of your garden along with your property’s size and shape can help determine its dimensions.

Finding The Best Concrete Company Near Me

While there are many reputable concrete contractors, you’ll also find a few untrustworthy ones. Unfortunately, any missteps in the installation can lead to diminished durability. For example, adding too much water during the mixing stage can cause cracking when curing.

Additionally, sometimes homeowners aren’t sure of what type of structure will work best for their needs and yard. This is where an experienced landscaper can help guide and advise you on the best materials for the project. In some instances, it may be better to use backyard pavers rather than concrete.

Thus, for the overall satisfaction of your concrete hardscape, it’s important to choose a professional with experience, reputation, and certifications. Moreover, make sure you discuss and include in the contract the materials, payment, and cleanup terms. If everything is in writing, you can ensure that things will run smoothly and turn out the way that you want.

FAQs About Concrete

Are you considering hiring a concrete company near me but unsure if it’s the right material for your hardscape project? Below we answer a few commonly asked questions about using this material.

What Type Of Maintenance Does Concrete Require?

Many natural elements, especially leaves, can cause discoloration and staining if left on your concrete hardscape. Thus, routinely sweep the surface to keep it free from dirt and other debris. Although not required, many experts advise applying a sealer annually to help prevent stains.

Can I Pour Concrete Myself?

Usually, you’ll find many videos and articles about how easy it is to pour your concrete. Yet, pouring concrete is a laborious task that requires careful measurements and patience. Simply making just one mistake can result in an uneven surface or cracking. In the end, you could spend more than you saved by having to redo the project.

Furthermore, creating stamped concrete is a project you should never DIY. Misaligning the pattern to incorrectly coloring the concrete can ruin your entire project. Thus, we strongly advise to hire a professional for this type of project.

How Long Does Concrete Take to Cure?

In order for concrete to harden properly, it must undergo the processes of drying and curing. While the surface may set and harden, the interior continues to undergo a chemical process called curing. The rate of the surface drying time will affect the curing and ultimately the quality of your concrete.

Generally, the drying time ranges from 24 to 48 hours. Once the surface is set and hardened, you can walk upon the surface. Curing time takes longer, about 28 days. However, humidity, temperature, type of cement, and water content will affect drying time and ultimately, curing.

Should I Hire A Concrete Company or Landscaper?

In North Carolina, certification in landscaping covers a knowledge of installing concrete projects. So, a landscaping contractor will have all the necessary skills for creating whatever hardscape you need.  Furthermore, choosing the right professional for your project can impact the enjoyment and durability of your outdoor space.

That’s why when searching for an experienced concrete company near me, you should choose Landscape Solutions & Design, Inc. Since 2005, we’ve been designing and installing hardscapes for homeowners just like you. We offer a free no-obligation consultation to begin the process. Call us today at 336-442-0160 to schedule a meeting.